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Chapter 44 To be imprisoned

Wanyan ruojin and Qin Buyu were the first to return to the jewelry store. As soon as they entered the gate, they heard a voice of complaint behind them: 'I'm really tired to death ~'

following Zou Hu was a righteous Shaoyu, who walked across the threshold with elegant style.

Wanyan ruojin happened to put the young man who came against the light into her eyes, which made her fall into a temporary consternation. Who knew that the man's eyes were also projected at him, but he felt a shiver all over and hurried away.

'Yo, you're back too ~' Zou Hu said as he walked to the counter, picked up the teapot and poured himself a cup of warm water that was neither cold nor hot.

'Gu Dong!' Goo Dong! 'After swallowing, I found that weichi Cheng had not come back. After licking his lips, I asked,' ah Cheng hasn't come back yet? Impossible? He's an action group ~ '

' yes, it's this time. It shouldn't be ~ 'Qin Buyu walked outside the gate and looked back and forth in the left and right streets. The crowd was surging, but Wei Chicheng didn't appear.

' yo! Son of God! You are back! 'The shopkeeper ran down from the second floor.

' Qin Buyu pinched his waist with both hands, looked up, and followed the shopkeeper's moving route until he trotted to himself.

'what happened? In such a hurry? 'Qin Bu's words showed a simple, pollution-free look.

the shopkeeper calmed down a little and took a deep breath before he spoke.' young master Wanyan and Da Zhi went out together. Miss Arnold should have gone to find them. She has been out for several hours and hasn't come back yet! It should be in Dongshi! '

the shopkeeper always ordered people to follow his ambition and knew his whereabouts like the back of his hand, but he stopped outside the gambling house.

' what?! 'Wanyan ruojin is the most anxious one.

' Dong! 'Weichicheng kicked the door of the gambling house open. The place where people had been gambling a quarter of an hour ago was empty.

' why is there no one?! 'Yuchi Cheng looked back and forth, left and right. It was really empty.

yanhaoxiang was also surprised.

' it should have gone... Those monsters won't stay any longer when they achieve their goals... 'Dazhi followed them and said this silently.

Yuchi Cheng hurriedly turned around, walked forward angrily, picked up Dazhi's collar, and shouted fiercely,' why did you do that?! That's how you treat the Savior?! '

Dazhi's legs softened when he was scared. He didn't dare to look directly into weichicheng's eyes. His mouth trembled badly. He responded with a cry:

' I'm sorry... I'm really sorry... I'm really afraid that they will hurt my family... '

weichicheng was very angry. He really wanted to crush this useless man, but he was just an ordinary man. What could he do in such a crisis?!

Weichicheng had no choice but to let him go. He tightened his teeth and asked, 'you'd better pray that the orange is safe, or I won't forgive you!'

'it's a signal bomb!' Zou Hu heard a sound outside and rushed out to have a look. Sure enough, it was weichicheng's signal bomb.

'Dongshi! Ah Cheng should be there!' Zou Hu said again.

'maybe Arnold and they are there too!' Shaoyu calmly analyzed.

Wanyan ruojin heard what he said and proved his approval with his actions. Without hesitation, he rushed out of the door and went straight to Dongshi.

Yuchi Cheng turned the gambling house from the inside out, hoping to find some clues.

when I came to the compartment where Tian zhinuo was knocked unconscious, I saw the wooden barrel that had been dropped on the ground. I walked slowly and turned around. When I bent over to look at the ground, I saw an inch shallow mark. I squatted down and looked carefully.

is a small arrow!

it is this small icon that evokes weichicheng's memory.

that was the second new year in Tianci college. Except Zou Hu and Shaoyu, the other three didn't go home that year. The two girls have no home. Weichicheng really doesn't want to go back to that depressed place.

Tian zhinuo and weichicheng sat in the school yard to enjoy the moon. The moon was especially bright that night, as if they could see through people's hearts.

'ah Cheng, I hope we can all be as clear as this bright moon forever. Even if life is hard and tired, we should guard the innocence and beauty in our hearts.'

Wei Chicheng looked at her as beautiful as light and smiled gently.

'OK. I also hope you can be carefree forever. If you can, I want to protect you forever.'

hearing this, Tian zhinuo dropped his head, turned to look at him, blinked, and said proudly: 'I'm also very powerful now. Who can protect who?'

'Oh? Really? Then I'll give my life to you for protection. Let's make a secret sign. No matter who is in danger in the future, we can use this as a sign to tell each other, OK?'

Tian zhinuo was very interested in weichicheng's proposal. He nodded his head and thought about it for a while. His eyes lit up, and he said his idea, 'if I am in danger, I will draw an arrow, just like your bow and arrow. If you are in danger, you can draw a small flower ~'

'I think it's good! Our oranges are really smart ~'

weichicheng rubbed her small head, and the two people's four eyes were opposite, Silly smile.

weichicheng suddenly feels that he is not breathing well. His little orange is really in danger... This is the first time he has seen this sign since the appointment. How he wishes he would never see it!

suddenly stand up, try to hold back the tears in his eyes and rush out of the compartment.

'take me to the monster stronghold now!' Weichicheng pulls up his ambition sitting on the stool. Dazhi is startled by his impulsive appearance.

yanhaoxiang also stood up after finishing, 'don't wait for them, elder sister?!'

'can't wait!' Weichicheng took him out regardless of whether he wanted to. At the moment, he couldn't calm down. He couldn't control his brain. As long as it was still rotating, he could always associate the picture of Tian zhinuo in distress.

as soon as I left the door, I met Wanyan ruojin, who came rushing here.

'ah Cheng! Why are you here?!' Shaoyu followed Wanyan ruojin.

when Yan Haoxiang heard the news, he also ran out of the room. When he saw his elder sister, he ran excitedly and hugged her shoulder for protection.

'what happened? Where's Arnold?' Wanyan ruojin frowned and looked puzzled.

when Qin Buyu saw Wei Chicheng, who was angry and flushed, he hurried forward, stroked his back and said with concern: 'what's the matter with you?'

Yuchi Cheng pushed his ambition out, 'ask him!'

swallow saliva with great ambition and guilty conscience.

'poof' a basin of cold water poured on Tian zhinuo. The coolness immediately covered her whole body, which forced her to wake up. Blinking his heavy eyelids, slowly a burning smell poured into her nasal cavity.

'cough...' coughed uncontrollably.

with the slow recovery of physical strength, the sight gradually became clear. Turning his head, he looked around for a week and guessed that this was a hidden darkroom. There were no windows around. The airtight environment was really suffocating.

when moving his limbs, he found that he was tied to a wooden frame and could not move.

'finally woke up ~ did you sleep well?'

the sound came from Jin. He sat on Tian zhinuo's left hand side, crossed his legs and drank tea. From time to time, he would also like to have a soft, waxy and delicious snack. On his right hand side stood a carbon stove, in which several pieces of iron were burned. There was a table beside the stove, on which were various instruments of torture and some colorful potions.

when Tian zhinuo heard the sound, he took a panoramic view of these furnishings. His heart stopped beating and he swallowed his mouth nervously.

'are you hungry? If you are hungry, eat some first. It may hurt a little later ~' Jin picked up a snack, stood up, walked slowly to Tian zhinuo, and handed the snack to her mouth. What he waited for was a mouthful of her saliva, 'bah!'

Jin licked her gums and threw the dessert on the ground. After patting the dregs in her heart, she raised her feet to crush the dessert that fell on the ground.

Tian zhinuo raised his head from beginning to end.

'well, I like your rebellious strength ~'

Jin raised her mouth and was indifferent to Tian zhinuo's disgusting look. The more she was angry, the more excited she became.

'when do you think your lovely teammates will come to save you? After they come... Can they save you successfully? Do you think I will catch them all and come here to accompany you ~'

Jin walked around Tian zhinuo and deliberately said these words to her.

Tian zhinuo clenched his teeth and tried to control the plants with his feeble fingers. Jin happened to see this subtle action. He calmly walked to the stool and sat down again.

Tian zhinuo found that there was no movement of plants, and he tried back and forth with no results.

'what? Are you confused? Why are there no plants you can control?'

Tian zhinuo lowered his eyes with a guilty conscience, slightly frowned and continued to try until his patience was completely polished.

'what did you do?!' Tian zhinuo gritted his teeth.

'to deal with an unusual little girl like you, we need to use some unusual means ~'

Jin picked up her tea cup when she spoke and took a SIP as soon as her voice fell.

Tian zhinuo glared at him fiercely and tried to break free from his shackles, but he couldn't get rid of it no matter how hard he tried.

Jin looked up proudly. The girl's stubborn appearance was really interesting.

'don't struggle. You can't escape.' Jin put the teacup on the table beside him. 'The bracelets, foot rings and iron chains that bind you are all transported from the Central Plains. You should know the first mechanism master of Yuzhou? You are honored to wear the shackles made by him. Only this key can be opened.'

as soon as he finished speaking, he took out a key from his sleeve and deliberately showed it to Tian zhinuo.

Tian zhinuo's face flushed with anger, but there was no place to be angry.

'Oh, yes. You should also be curious about how you can't summon plants, right?' Jin crossed her legs, 'To tell you the truth, I have been expecting us to meet again since I saw you two years ago. Besides, I have specially prepared such an empty 'Xanadu' for you. You can't see any green outside when you leave this door. As early as a year ago, I flattened all the surrounding flowers and plants ~ within a radius of five kilometers, you won't see a plant ~'

I heard this, Tianzhinuo widened his pupils. This monster is a devil! She is very upset now. She shouldn't be impulsive! But he got into trouble.

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