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Chapter 45 The way of self-help

'Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ~ha ha! Ha ha!!' Jin suddenly burst into a wild laugh, which was particularly harsh. It was as ugly as it could be.

smiling, he suddenly stretched out his fingers and motioned to the subordinates who were guarding the side to step forward.

Tian zhinuo looks at those monsters approaching him with daggers.

'what are you doing?!' Tian zhinuo roared.

the demon lifted Tian zhinuo's trouser legs, cut his ankle without warning, and caught the slowly dripping blood with a bowl. The other demon opened his wrist and took out Tian zhinuo's blood with the same action.

for a moment, the pain spread all over her body. Tian zhinuo was in great pain, but she didn't shout it out. She just endured it and stared at Jin viciously.

'what?! ambition! How dare you do this?!'

after hearing the whole story of today's event, Zou Hu angrily grasped the collar of Da Zhi and waved his fist.

'the shopkeeper is right. I shouldn't trust others at will!' Qin Buyu was very upset.

'I'm going to save Arnold!' Wanyan ruojin is still so impulsive.

this time, Qin Buyu stopped Yan ruojin before Shaoyu, and said, 'don't be impulsive, nvxia. We need to agree on a reasonable plan, or we will be wiped out.'

when Qin Buyu said this, weichicheng paid special attention to the expression of ambition and felt guilty.

'let's go back first. It's not suitable to discuss things here.' Shaoyu added.

'yes, let's go back first!' Yan Haoxiang nodded in agreement.

they can only temporarily put aside their worries and return to the jewelry store to gather in the room of Qin Buyu and weichicheng to discuss countermeasures.

it is the time for lunch. All the monsters have gone to have lunch. Leave Tian zhinuo alone in this airtight place. If there was not a vent on the door, I'm afraid it would be suffocating.

she faintly heard a voice coming from the door. It should be that a demon had come to deliver her food. She immediately closed her eyes and pretended to faint.

the monster opened the door and walked in, threw the food box in front of Tian zhinuo at random, and said with disgust: 'don't pretend to be dead! Eat quickly!'

Tian zhinuo opened his eyes slowly and pretended to be weak. He asked, 'what do you do with my blood?'

the demon took out his handkerchief and wiped the oil stains on his palm. He raised his eyebrows and replied lazily: 'don't ask if you shouldn't! You just need to make sure you're still alive!'

Tian zhinuo swallowed his saliva and looked down at the overturned food box. The food was exposed, and half of it had fallen to the ground and was contaminated with dust.

'how can I eat if you don't untie my handcuffs?' Tian zhinuo's voice was a little hoarse, and his face was ugly and distressing.

the monster twitched a corner of his mouth, 'you want me to untie it for you? It's impossible!' He bent over to bring out the rice in the box, grabbed a handful and stuffed it directly into Tian zhinuo's mouth. His expression was enjoyable. He liked the feeling of abusing her.

Tian zhinuo saw that the demon was so bold and reckless. When he was unprepared, he bit his fingers hard. No matter how he resisted, he couldn't get rid of it. Minghuang's blood came out along Tian zhinuo's chin.

the monster screamed in pain. Seeing that Tian zhinuo was biting himself like a mad dog, he immediately threw away the bowl in the other hand, raised his hand and slapped him in the face. Tian zhinuo subconsciously loosened his mouth.

the monster looked at his finger, which was almost bitten off. He was in great pain. He looked up at the woman in front of him and slapped his backhand.

Tian zhinuo seems not to know the pain, does not cry or shout, and always looks at the monster fiercely.

'be hungry! I shouldn't have come! Dead woman!'

the monster's finger hurts badly. Now he just wants to go back and bandage the wound. After scolding a few words, he left angrily.

the door was closed again. When the door was opened and closed, Tian zhinuo quickly caught the situation outside. Only two monsters guarded him. Then he vomited out the residual blood in his mouth.

now she is very tired and uncomfortable. Both her wrists and ankles are painful, making her scalp numb. But the present situation does not give her a cushion. She must find a way to escape.

she looked down at the shackles, which looked familiar. I recalled it carefully, as if I had seen it in the book and heard it mentioned by ah Cheng.

around the Mid Autumn Festival in the second year of Tianci college, she was sitting in the library reading a book about mechanism.

I happened to turn to a page full of exquisite shackle drawings. When I was amazed, a voice came from my ear:

'I didn't expect you were also interested in mechanism skills'

weichicheng sat down beside her and handed her the orange in his hand. He immediately said: 'this kind of shackle is very firm. It will become tighter whether it is smashed or burned. Only the corresponding key can be used to open it ~'

Tian zhinuo frowned, He asked curiously, 'in this way, it is really powerful.'

'however, even the most exquisite thing has its flaws. Fortunately, you met me, and I told you about the defects of the object ~' then he took back the orange, tore out a hole, and motioned: 'in fact, there is a hidden small machine in the key hole of the shackle. Use any sharp object to insert it for a little groping, press it, and the lock will naturally open ~'

Tian zhinuo showed his worship eyes, Stunned, he said, 'this should be a convenience left by the manufacturer for himself. However, how do you know?'

'er... Secret!'

Tian zhinuo suddenly realized, 'now I finally know why ah Cheng knows the usage of this thing so well... Because the person who developed it is his uncle...'

before he could think about anything else, Tian zhinuo took a silver needle out of his sleeve. It was given to her by Zou Hu to test the poison. Now it can be regarded as useful.

fumbled with a few fingers, looked for the key hole with feeling and imagination, tried again and again after inserting it, and finally achieved the goal after unremitting efforts.

'click', the lock is opened!

Tian zhinuo held back his joy and calmly took off the handcuffs.

then he bent down to untie the handcuffs, put all the extra chains aside carefully, and then walked to the table gently, picked up the kettle on the table, opened the lid and tested the poison with a silver needle, and drank a few mouthfuls after ensuring safety.

while wiping the water marks on the corners of my mouth, I went to the carbon stove and looked around. They are really good objects for abusing people. Then he looked aside. There were colorful potions on the table. He frowned and took them in his hands in turn. He looked and smelled them.

the color is strange, and the taste is very bad.

when I was about to turn around again, I suddenly heard the voice of the two monsters outside the door. I leaned carefully in front of the door and listened.

'do you think it's unnecessary for you du to go to great trouble for such a little girl?'

'you don't know how powerful this girl is. I went to pengcang to destroy Chang'an village with the right governor and witnessed the girl's miraculous skills. That's really frightening! How dare you imagine that a person can manipulate plants with his fingers?'

'is it really so mysterious? If so, it's no wonder that the right governor took her blood out and studied it. If this divine power can be used for me, this land will be in our bag sooner or later'

'isn't it ~ha ha! Ha ha! ~'

'the right governor is drinking with the brothers at the moment, and I also want to have two drinks ~'

'let's stand guard, the benefits are behind ~'

the two monsters began to fantasize, That crazy laugh made people shudder.

Tian zhinuo clenched his fist and said in secret: wishful thinking!

she turned around and turned the whole room like a cell again. She gently knocked on the wall. It was not made of ordinary wood. It must be that Na Jin also escaped to prevent Tian zhinuo from sneaking away.

Tian zhinuo pursed her lips. The wound on her hands and feet was blown by the wind, and she felt painful. From time to time, pus and blood would appear. She pulled a corner from her inner coat and temporarily bandaged the wound.

Tian zhinuo faced such a difficult problem alone for the first time. She slowly settled down and analyzed the situation.

'three miles away from the kongjian Palace City, it is a monster stronghold. Over there is the border between Yiguo and Dongmo. There are cliffs between the two countries. In order to facilitate transportation, a stone bridge has been built. The monster chose a good place to enter the kongjian palace and retreat to the open land of Dongmo. Even the way to escape has been reserved.'

Yuchi Cheng put the empty terrain map on the table and told his teammates about the location of the monster.

the crowd gathered around the table to discuss how to rescue Tian zhinuo.

'there is one more thing to tell you.' Qin Buyu suddenly thought, 'yesterday, when the shopkeeper told me about the national conditions of Konggu, he mentioned to me that in the past year, there was no plant within five kilometers of where the monster lived. It can also be said that the monster took the initiative to eradicate all the green, and the Imperial Palace was also within the scope.'

'no plants?!' Zou Hu was shocked. What was the operation?

'yes, in order to look good, some fake flowers and grasses made of paper are used.' Qin Bu added.

after this, weichicheng seemed to have an epiphany.

'wait a minute... The mountain demon saw oranges manipulating plants...' weichicheng dared not think about it.

'no...' Shaoyu looked up and looked at weichi Cheng. He probably guessed.

'could it be that... It has planned for a long time? When we come to Yiguo, we will catch them all! Why should it start with oranges first?!' Wei Chicheng's face became frightened.

'I'll go! Can this monster be so smart?!' Zou Hu didn't dare believe it.

'Shhh...' Qin Buyu motioned to everyone to stop the discussion. He walked slowly to the door and glanced out through the gap. There was a man eavesdropping outside the door. That man was ambitious.

Qin Buyu pursed his lips, naturally stepped back two steps, and deliberately increased the volume, 'since ambition has told us where the monster is! What are we waiting for?! go to save Miss Arnold!'

as soon as the voice fell, she turned and winked at Wanyan ruojin. Now she understood his intention and immediately cooperated:

'I can't wait! What's the use of your analysis?! it's better to kill him directly!'

'yes, yes! I don't care. I must rescue Arnold tonight!' Zou Hu echoed.

just trying to hear what would happen outside the door, he heard Yan Haoxiang's voice. The boy brought his lunch. When he saw Dazhi sneaking in front of the door, he shouted: 'what are you doing here?'

Dazhi is startled and turns around to laugh ha! Ha! Said:

'I passed by...'

'passed by? Your bedroom is on the first floor. How could you pass by here? Elder sister, stop discussing! Someone eavesdropping outside!'

several people in the house look at each other after hearing the news. The crowd entrusted Qin Buyu with the performance of the show.

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