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Chapter 47 Accurate prediction

Tian zhinuo stepped out of the threshold and came to the door with an iron chain in her hand. Even if there were no plants to manipulate, she could freely use the iron chain to protect herself. After all, she had been training how to use a whip in the college.

when Jin saw Tian zhinuo's evil eyes, she couldn't help but feel cold behind her. However, she was a demon commander at least. She wouldn't be scared. She looked up at the girl in front of her.

'you can't escape! I tell you, your lovely teammates have come to save you, and I have already set up a trap for them to come. In a short time, you will be reunited ~'

Tian zhinuo was worried. Although she was worried, she believed that they must have thought of a solution and won't fall into Jin's trick.

with a cold hum, he lifted his eyes slightly, tightened the iron chain in his hand and said, 'today I have to escape!'

with a wave of force, the iron chain was directly thrown to Jin's face. It reacted quickly and easily avoided a disaster by siding.

'you're such a girl!' Jin didn't bring her handy long knife this time. She only had the dagger that she didn't use to protect herself all the year round.

Tian zhinuo missed the strike and then threw it away. The heavy iron chain was really difficult to control. At the moment, she was tired physically and mentally. If she moved Zhenge, she was really not Jin's opponent.

if it is hard, it will be cloudy.

Tian zhinuo uses the iron chain as a cover, but actually wants to sprinkle the powder hidden in his cuffs on Jin.

seeing that the girl was not strong enough, Jin became complacent.

when Tian zhinuo was unprepared, he threw away a handful of powder.

'cough!' Jin didn't know what she smelled, but she felt as if she had been burned by fire. It was unbearable.

when he looked up again, Tian zhinuo had disappeared.

'what about people?!' Jin turned around and looked at the subordinates in the room again. 'Don't pretend to be dead! Go after me quickly! Don't let her run away!'

at the same time, weichicheng and Qin Buyu had already arrived outside the camp. Instead of going in, they found a secret place to wait for the opportunity.

Yuchi Cheng took a thing from his pocket that Qin Buyu had never seen before. Out of curiosity, he asked, 'what is this?'

'telescope.' Weichicheng picked up the object and put it in front of him to look into the distance.

'did your uncle do it again?' Qin Buyu looked at the object carefully. Two holes can be aligned to see the scenery in the distance?! So magical?!

'I made it, but my uncle instructed me. It was convenient to observe the terrain. The previous one was lost. Later, I made another one. I finished it two days ago.' Weichicheng stared at the movement in the distance as he explained.

Qin Buyu immediately showed his admiration and praised: 'it's really you! I admire you!'

'there are really monsters!' Weichicheng was staring at the best shooting position relative to the demon camp. It was supposed that he should be there now, but they saw through Jin's plot in advance, so they had changed their conventional thinking long ago.

'really?! fortunately, I didn't let you go there alone!'

Qin Bu couldn't see the situation, so he had to rely on association to answer weichicheng's words back and forth.

'one... Two... Three... Four in all. Fortunately, there are not many. Ah Yu and ruojin should be able to cope.'

just as weichicheng said, Wanyan ruojin and Shaoyu are hiding in the grass and waiting for monsters to appear.

'see clearly?' Shaoyu pressed his voice.

'four.' Wanyan ruojin raised his hand to hold the handle on his back.

'run away if you are hurt. Don't waste time.' Shaoyu always remembers what weichicheng said to him.

'I try my best.' Wanyan ruojin doesn't intend to let them live.

'be careful not to get hurt.' Shaoyu gave a worried order, but Wanyan ruojin didn't hear it. She had already rushed to the grass opposite according to the plan, crouched in front of the trap set in advance, drew a knife to prepare, and watched the four monsters approaching this side bit by bit.

'why is there no one? I thought it was already here.'

the leading monster frowned and looked left and right.

the three people who followed him stared at all the treetops they could reach without finding anyone.

'let's look ahead.'

Wanyan ruojin carefully watched the demon's steps and silently counted down: three, two, one... Go to hell!

it's hard to see what's ahead of the monster in the darkness. When you see a stone coming, you can't hide. The demon standing in front is directly hit with blood all over his face.

'ambush!' The remaining three hurriedly pulled out their knives and stood back to back.

'the situation doesn't seem right. Let's go back and report it!'

one monster put forward this opinion, and the other two nodded in agreement.

just before turning around, I heard a man's voice, 'is it a little late to go now?'

the sword is exposed in the forest.

it is the man in blue who carries the sword back to them.

it is the cold wind that blows everywhere. Their hearts are cold.

'there was only one person!' The demon suddenly became confident.

just when he focused all his attention on the man ahead, he just ignored the danger behind him.

'Puyi' the blood sprayed from nowhere directly poured on the faces of the two monsters like rain.

'sand' wind blows branches and sways them shallowly. See the fog through the clouds, and the moon reappears.

'who's next?'

the cold tone echoed in the ears of the two monsters. They suddenly felt a chill behind them. They turned away in fear. A woman was staring at them with her dark eyes. Looking down again, the companion who had just followed them had already fallen to the ground.

perfect face like brocade day sharpens, wipes and protects the knife.

sharper, harder and more ruthless day by day.

today, I cut off the monster's head with this single knife.

these two monsters know that they can't escape. They just fight to the death. Maybe there is still a way to live.

when he was about to attack Wanyan ruojin together, Shaoyu came with his sword in the wind. He found the key of the monster by the cool moonlight and ran through it quickly, accurately and ruthlessly.

at the same time, Wanyan ruojin also waved his double sabres and went straight to the heart of the monster. Unfortunately, his body was too hard and did not die.

Shaoyu saw that the demon was trying to resist Yan ruojin, and immediately killed him with a sword after handling it. Red blood splashed everywhere.

'Putong' two monsters fell to the ground left and right.

Wanyan ruojin and Shaoyu took back their swords at the same time and looked at each other through the moonlight.

'your Sabre technique has improved.' Shaoyu suddenly praised.

'you are not bad either.' Wanyan ruojin seldom appreciates others. Once he appreciates others, he must be sincere.

weichicheng witnessed the hunting moment of the two men.

'they succeeded.' Weichicheng put down his telescope, took up his bow and arrow and said to Qin Buyu, 'it's our turn to play.'

Qin Buyu nodded.

two people set off to walk to the back door of the camp, with a soft voice and feet all the way, and be careful of the wings.

when there was still a distance of 200 meters, they stopped.

'there are so many people at the back door?!' Qin Buyu looked at the teams of monsters patrolling around. He could see more than 20 of them.

Yuchi Cheng pursed his lips. 'It seems that this mountain demon is more powerful than his mind!' Afraid that Qin Bu couldn't understand his language, he explained: 'we also broke through the demon camp in pengcang village city. The right governor is a good one. He doesn't have a large number of troops. But now it's difficult to deal with him.'

Qin Buyu nodded and asked in a low voice, 'what should we do now?'

'it's impossible to break through...' weichicheng predicted Jin's prediction again. He took out a signal bomb from his pocket and turned around and fired at the southwest behind him.

Qin Buyu turned his head to look over there and immediately understood weichicheng's intention. That direction was Zou Hu's hiding place.

in order not to startle the snake, the signal bomb was not fired into the sky, but passed through the woods, and only Zou Hu could see it.

Zou Hu was sitting on the ground bored. Seeing a strong light coming here, he immediately stood up and hid nearby. The signal bomb flew past him.

Zou Hu rolled up his sleeve and said proudly, 'my Lord is coming to the stage ~'

he went to the mechanism set up in advance. This is an ejection mechanism, which he learned from Mo Ji in the college. I wonder if he can successfully help weichicheng and them.

'come on, baby!' Zou Hu can't wait to pick up the poison gas bomb he has carefully developed.

gently put it on the carrier and compare the direction of the back door of the demon land.

'three, two, one... Go!' Zou Hu tried to turn the button to trigger the ejection, but in a flash, the poison gas bomb flew out.

weichicheng and Qin Buyu watched a ball fly over their heads and fell to the back door after a perfect arc.

the moment the poison gas bomb landed, it sent out colorful powder, not only the pungent smell, but also the sound of 'crackling', just like firecrackers.

even if those monsters take the poison pill, they can't stand the powder splashing.

Zou Hu felt that one was not enough, and then launched another. It's not appropriate to bring three of them here, but to leave one for home. They simply project all of them into the past.

after three shots in a row, those monsters were completely covered and ran around with their noses covered.

unexpectedly, it was a poison gas bomb. I thought it was just poison powder.

weichicheng and Qin Buyu cover their mouths and noses and are ready to rush in.

'go!' Weichicheng's voice was so easy for Qin Buyu to run back and forth.

it is easy to avoid the sight of monsters in the miasma.

at the same time that weichicheng and Qin Buyu stepped into the gate, Tian zhinuo also discredited that she was wandering around the camp. She had no basis in any direction, so she could only grope by her own feelings.

follow the light and come to a house. After such a round, Tian zhinuo probably learned that this camp is more luxurious than the place where Nian lives. All the places where monsters live are gorgeous buildings, which look solid and weather proof.

Tian zhinuo hid behind the wall, peeped out his head and saw that there were many people on the path leading to the unknown land not far away. They were all wearing shackles and ragged clothes.

it can be seen that those people are slaves.

Tian zhinuo can only wait and see. Now she can't even protect herself, let alone save those innocent people.

those people were so tired that they didn't even have the strength to walk. They had to rely on their consciousness.

the monsters who drive them away will whip and scold them from time to time, regardless of whether they feel pain or not, as long as they feel good.

Tian zhinuo clenched his fist and was angry. He smashed his fist on the wall. She suddenly felt that the pain on her body was really insignificant.

'who is there?!'

Tian zhinuo suddenly heard a sound behind her, which made her heart tighten.

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