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Chapter 48 The method of feeding medicine

Tian zhinuo held her breath. She was not sure if she could deal with several demons behind her.

'why don't you talk? Are you a slave who wants to escape?'

Tian zhinuo tightened the iron chain in his hand. No matter whether he could beat it or not, he had to try it.

while turning around, throw the chain in your hand and directly hook the man's neck.

'I'll go! Arnold!' Qin Buyu was wrapped around her neck and pulled the chain tightly to stop her from making further efforts.

Tian zhinuo looked at it carefully and found that it was a familiar face. He immediately withdrew his strength and took back the chain.

'Why are you here?!' Tian zhinuo walked over and asked in a low voice.

'orange!' Weichicheng ran out from behind the rockery, held Tian zhinuo's shoulder excitedly, looked up, down, left and right, and noticed that her expression suddenly changed when her wrist was injured.

'are you hurt?!'

Tian zhinuo looked behind him, held weichicheng in his backhand and said:

'let's leave here first.'

Tian zhinuo pulled one of his left and right hands to escape from this dangerous place as quickly as possible.

Qin Buyu and weichicheng are relieved to see Tian zhinuo and sneak out according to the original route.

because of this, the whole demon land is in a mess. One wave after another, they search for Tian zhinuo and another for the people who attack the camp.

the exit is right in front of us, but we can't go out directly. There are twice as many monsters guarding the back door.

'so many demons?!' Tian zhinuo's eyes widened.

'don't worry, we are prepared to come here. Since we can come in, we can certainly go out.' Qin Buyu said proudly.

Yuchi Cheng took an arrow from his back, aimed it at the door, and found a suitable position to shoot arrows.

'ah Cheng! You will be exposed like this!' Tian zhinuo wants to stop yuchicheng, but at the moment she opens her mouth, the bow and arrow are launched.

with the speed of the wind, they shuttle away from the demon group.

Tian zhinuo's pupils are slightly dilated, and his heart mentions his voice.

the demons were startled by the suddenly flying arrows. They looked back at the direction of the arrows. When they were about to go here together to check, an unknown sphere suddenly threw in from the door. It was this unknown thing that stopped them.

'what is that?' Tian zhinuo dimly sees a ball.

'I'll know later ~' Qin Buyu is looking forward to it.

the monsters gathered together and slowly bent down to look. One of them was about to reach for it when suddenly, several more came and fell around, almost surrounded.

when the monster heard the news, he looked back and became more curious. He frowned and picked up the sphere. He took it in his hand and looked carefully. There was no clue.

'I'll go outside and see who is playing tricks there!' When the demon took one step, he saw two people appear at the door and immediately became vigilant. 'Someone!'

the companions came one after another when they heard the sound.

'who are you?!' The leading demon raised his voice and asked.

when I looked carefully, I found that it was a man and a woman standing in a regular way, as if they were waiting for something.

'Zou Hu!' Wanyan ruojin is a little impatient.

'coming, coming!' Zou Hu hurried over with four torches in his hands. 'Sorry, there was something wrong with that firecracker just now ~' I took a little breath and turned to look at the gate. Then I found that there were two rows of monsters standing there. My heart beat suddenly. 'Well, all the brothers are here ~'

'who are you?! what do you want to do?!' The monster shouted, and the handle of his knife was drawn out, ready to attack.

Zou Hu took a step forward with the four torches, and then he was happy! Ha! 'You said that in the middle of the night, I don't sleep in the house. I have to stand in the cold wind. What else can I do?' He laughed again. 'Of course, I came to play with you!' As soon as the words fall, throw out the four torches in turn.

when the last one left his hand, he deliberately increased the volume and said:

'family members, let's withdraw first, you also hold on, pay attention to safety!'

the hot torch flew straight at the monsters, not to burn them, but to trigger those smoke bombs with temperature. The good thing that Zou hugang has developed is just for practice today.

when Yuchi Cheng heard Zou Hu's voice, he held Tian zhinuo in his left hand and Qin Buyu in his right hand. He said in a low voice, 'don't loosen me!'

taking advantage of the confusion there, the three escaped through the deep smoke with their memories.

meet at Dongshi street as agreed.

Zou Hu and his companions arrived first and looked into the distance. They did not return for a moment, so they felt uneasy for a moment.

'coming, coming!' Zou Hu saw three people running here in the distance.

Wanyan ruojin and Shaoyu immediately stepped forward to see that Tian zhinuo was safe and sound. They were relieved.

Tian zhinuo came running all the way. His ankle was red and swollen. It was obvious that he had not treated the wound for a long time, resulting in serious blood accumulation.

the last few steps are staggering.

after ensuring complete safety, Tian zhinuo finally released the fear hanging in his heart.

her legs are so weak that she kneels on the ground. Unless weichi Cheng holds her fast, she will lie on the ground.

'orange!' Weichi Cheng was burning with anxiety. 'Ah Hu, the orange is hurt. Show it to her quickly!'

Zou Hu immediately leaned over and looked at Tian zhinuo's wound. It was serious. 'Take her back quickly. The wound will fester!'

hearing this, weichicheng immediately picked up Tian zhinuo and ran to the jewelry store.

Tian zhinuo has a high fever. The whole person is in a very bad state and has been sleeping.

Zou Hu bandaged her wound and cooked soup medicine for her.

the crowd gathered around Tian zhinuo's bed and looked at the girl's haggard and colorless face. They were all distressed.

Yuchi Cheng tries to give her medicine. However, Tian zhinuo is in a deep sleep, and she can't receive anything from the outside world.

the soup can't be fed at all.

Qin Buyu watched anxiously. He took a bowl from weichi Cheng and said, 'I'll feed you!'

before everyone knew it, Qin Buyu was about to pour the soup into his mouth. Fortunately, weichicheng quickly stopped him and asked, 'what are you doing?'

'what else can I do?! mouth to mouth feeding! This method is very popular among the people. I won't give my first time unless I have to!' There are words in Qin Bu language.

his words made those people nearby blush.

'Your Highness is really bold and unconstrained!' Zou Hu gave a thumbs up.

weichicheng won't let that guy stain the orange. He immediately rejected his proposal.

Wanyan ruojin volunteered, 'why don't I come? I'm a woman. It's more convenient.'

yuchicheng sipped his lips. This is the only way to do it now.

'cough...' Tian zhinuo suddenly woke up, blinking her heavy eyelids.

'wake up!' Qin Buyu pointed at the girl and said excitedly.

weichicheng quickly helped her up, and Wen Sheng asked, 'is she better?'

Tian zhinuo nodded lightly.

'take the medicine first.' Weichicheng hands the bowl to her mouth.

Tian zhinuo raised his feeble hands and drank the bitter medicine.

'I'm sorry to have made you worry about me...' Tian zhinuo is deeply sorry. How could they be in danger for themselves without their negligence?

'Arnold, you are like this again! We are a family and should share weal and woe and share weal and woe!' The last thing Wanyan ruojin wants to hear is Tian zhinuo's remorse.

'Arnold, don't think too much. It's good to recover.' Shaoyu takes out his elder brother's gesture to appease the little girl.

Tian zhinuo smiled slightly and looked down at his wrist. It still hurt when he moved a little.

'by the way, why did the monster pull a knife on your hands and feet?' Qin Bu Yu couldn't figure it out, so he asked.

'because they want to study my blood and use my power for them...'

hearing this, the people around them are not calm, especially Wan yanruojin, 'wishful thinking! I think they are living a very good life! It's time for them to know our strength!'

'I've also transferred the whole demon camp today, and I know the general situation. I think it's time for us to go to the imperial palace...' Tian zhinuo made a decision after calm thinking.

'yes, we have almost surveyed the general situation of the empty bones. Now only the imperial palace is left.' Zou Hu responded with his hands pinching his waist.

'but the imperial palace is heavily guarded. It doesn't mean you can go in.' Qin Bu touched his chin gently.

weichicheng watched Tian zhinuo all the way, for fear that she would feel uncomfortable again.

at such a difficult time, Tian zhinuo always wants to listen to weichicheng's opinions first. When he turns to him, he finds that his eyes are full of worry.

'Cheng... Do you have any ideas?' Tian zhinuo was carefully tempted by his wings.

Yuchi Cheng came to his senses, took the bowl that Tian zhinuo held in his hand and put it aside. Then he said, 'the only thing you need to do now is to recuperate. Don't think about anything else.'

'ah Cheng is right. Arnold, you'd better have a rest first.' Shaoyu followed and affirmed.

Qin Buyu gently rubbed his eyes and yawned, 'that's what I said. It's very tiring to go back and forth today. We'd better go back to rest first. I'll send a message to my father tomorrow morning. Then I'll go to other insiders and discuss how to enter the palace ~'

as soon as the voice fell, Qin Buyu first went out of Tian zhinuo's room and walked to his bedroom.

the others also left. Weichicheng was a little worried, but he closed the door and left after all.

Qin Buyu lies on the bed, waiting for weichicheng to come in.

Wei Chi walked into the door, looking up, he saw Qin Bu Yu lying on the side of the bed. He was stunned. Then he gave him a white eye and went to the table to pour himself a glass of water.

'say it ~' Qin Bu's endless words stunned weichi Cheng, 'what are you talking about?'

Qin Buyu suddenly sat up, sat cross legged there, and asked righteously, 'Why are you so kind to that girl? Those affectionate eyes, that anxious state ~tut! Tut! Tut! Truthfully!'

weichicheng subconsciously swallowed his saliva. He just raised his hand and drank the warm water in the cup, but did not answer his question.

'don't pretend you can't hear! If you don't talk to me today, you won't want to sleep!' Qin Buyu showed great spirit.

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