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Chapter 5 Cause and effect report

The woman rushed to Shaoyu like a wind, rolled up her double blades and cut at him. Shaoyu evaded left and right, and was able to escape unharmed.

'girl, what are you doing?' Shaoyu thought, even if you die, you have to die to understand.

the woman didn't plan to stop attacking. She cut off his head with a sharp blade. Shaoyu turned sideways and just cut off two hairs.

'your father Shaojin is a city thief! Since I can't see him, I'll kill you and let him feel the pain of separation!'

the shadow of the sword has been flashing in front of Shaoyu's body, but he doesn't fight back, just avoids.

he understood the girl's meaning. It was only because his father signed a so-called peace agreement with the demon and transferred the management power of the city to the demon, which aroused public anger.

the people all despised his father as a city master without a bottom line and called him a city thief.

only their family knew that his father could make this decision as a last resort.

'why don't you fight back?!'

the woman kept attacking, her eyes flushed with anger, and even her hands trembled slightly.

Shaoyu suddenly stopped hiding, stopped there and said:

'if you want to kill me to vent your anger, I will be satisfied.'

immediately, the blade flashed to Shaoyu's neck. The woman was shocked and could not stop now.

I saw a bow and arrow coming, and it directly bounced off the knife.

Shaoyu thought he was going to die here today. Unexpectedly, weichicheng saved his life.

there are many people around.

weichicheng runs over and picks up his arrow. At the same time, he blocks the arrow in front of Shaoyu and questions the woman: 'what are you doing

Zou Hu was afraid of making things worse, so he quickly evacuated the busy students.

Tian zhinuo ran to pick up the knife, handed it to the woman with both hands, and said: 'ruojin...

Wanyan ruojin took back his knife, inserted the two knives back into the scabbard, stared at Shaoyu fiercely, and his eyes flashed with tears.

'Qiaodong town is a remote town in the village. Blood flowed overnight! If I hadn't come here for the exam, I would have been a corpse! I hate those monsters! I went to the city alone to ask for help, but I saw your father sell the city to protect my life! Disgusting! I asked you, what's the difference between your father and those monsters?! I hate you!'

Wanyan ruojin, gnashing his teeth, confided his anger and then turned away. How much courage should a girl who has lost her family and home have to continue to live? Now she lives entirely on hatred.

for Shaoyu, these words were like a knife, which pierced his heart.

weichicheng doesn't believe what Yan ruojin said. He wants to hear Shaoyu explain himself.

however, Shaoyu sighed and said lightly, 'cause and effect should be reported to each other. Just ask for a clear conscience.'

when Zou Hu came, Shaoyu had already left, leaving only weichicheng and tianzhinuo with a puzzled look.

'what is this?'

Zou Hu also wants to hear the whole story.

'cause and effect report...' weichicheng blurted out, 'just ask for a clear conscience.' The latter half of the sentence was connected by Tian zhinuo.

Zou Hu was confused by this endless sentence.

when Zou Hu reacts, the two men also leave.

weichicheng wanted to go around with Tian zhinuo, but Tian zhinuo found a prevaricating reason to separate from him.

Tian zhinuo wants to go to the Dean before comforting Yan ruojin.

Shangguan Yao has been waiting for her in room 1 of the teaching department for a long time.

after knocking on the door, 'Dean, it's me, tianzhinuo.'

'come in.'

open the door and go in and see Shangguan Zhengzheng standing in front of the window looking out at the scenery.

'I didn't think you really came.' Shangguanzhen said this to Tian zhinuo, 'fifteen years ago, your mother came to see me. She said that if I wanted to reopen the college, I must pay attention to a little girl and let me take good care of her. It must be you.'

Tian zhinuo took another two steps and asked, 'what kind of person is my aunt?'

Shangguan Zhen sighed lightly, 'she was smart and wise. She really expected that I would reopen the college.'

she finally turned around, looked at Tian zhinuo, who was full of childish and brilliant, and said seriously: 'now you are not qualified to know your mother's past. I have seen your achievements, and the theory is very solid, but you should know that an excellent demon hunter depends not only on theory! Therefore, if you want to know everything about your mother, you should strive to become a real demon hunter.'

all this was expected by Tian zhinuo. Her mother wrote in her diary that this Shangguan is domineering and doesn't like the beauty of success. If she wants to convince her to tell the truth, she must come up with real materials and do it.

'I will not indulge you just because you are the daughter of an old friend. Instead, I will pay special attention to you. Remember, your mother is a very powerful demon hunter. Don't disgrace her.'

Tian zhinuo pursed his lips and said, 'thank you for your guidance. I will keep it in mind.'

Shangguan Zhen was very tough in his mouth, but honest in his body. He went to Tian zhinuo and helped her tidy up her bangs. His tone was softer. 'Arnold, since you have taken this step, you can only move forward in the future.'

Tian zhinuo looked up at Shangguan Zhen's eyes, with tears flashing. Her heart gave a sharp pumping.

'OK, go back.'

Shangguan Lin turns to the window again. She looks at the children outside who are enjoying the sunshine and thinks of them.

'I'll go first. Goodbye, Dean.'

Tian zhinuo closes the door and leaves.

she walks alone on the shady path in the college and flirts lightly when she meets flowers and plants. Looking around the strange place, I felt empty and timid.

Wanyan ruojin just came back from the outside when the door was closed and the candle was extinguished. She fell asleep without saying anything.

Tian zhinuo wanted to appease her, but he had no chance to speak.

Tian zhinuo blew the candle only after the gong sounded. Lying on her bed, looking at Wanyan ruojin lying on her back, she thought for a moment. She thought that when she was unhappy, she liked to be held by her grandmother to sleep. That would make her feel at ease.

rubbed and rubbed, came to Wanyan ruojin's back and hugged her without saying a word.

Wanyan ruojin didn't fall asleep and was overwhelmed by this sudden hug.


'good night, ruojin.'

Wanyan ruojin was warmed by the little girl's lovely behavior, and Wen Sheng responded with two words: 'good night.'

in the morning of the next day, the students got up one after another to wash and change their uniforms.

today is the first day of the class. Everyone is highly motivated.

there are many children coming to school this year. They are divided into several classes and come to classes at different times.

Tian zhinuo looked at his course list and learned that he was one of the first to take theory courses. Wanyan ruojin was in her class and went to school with her early in the morning.

as soon as I entered the door, I found that Mr. Mo Ren had already arrived. He sat on the platform, frowning and drooping, staring at the door fiercely.

Tian zhinuo was a little timid, but he kept Wanyan ruojin behind him. Looking around, he found that no other students had come.

'what are you looking at? Take your seat quickly!'

Mo Ren opens his mouth, and Tian zhinuo quickly pulls Yan ruojin to find the best place to sit down.

Wanyan ruojin carries a knife on his back and looks at Mo Ren with an air of fearlessness.

'what are you looking at?' Don't open your mouth to reprimand.

Wanyan ruojin has been disgusted with this bluff teacher since yesterday. He was about to draw his knife, but was interrupted by a voice.

from the door, three boys came into the room. They were carrying bows, holding swords and hiding poison.

'it's unreasonable to have class so early!'

this was the cry of the man who hid the poison. When he saw the teacher sitting there with his eyes wide open, he immediately stopped the volume, bowed down and said with a smile:

'good morning, teacher Ren.'

when Yuchi Cheng saw Tian zhinuo, he immediately sat behind her and stirred her hair to make her happy. Shaoyu was about to follow him when he found that Wan Yan ruojin was there. He immediately found a place farthest from them and sat down.

Zou Hu ran to weichicheng and sat down while Mo Ren was not angry.

'eh? Why did brother Yu sit so far?' Zou Hu was about to call Shaoyu when Wei Chicheng stopped him and winked at him.

Zou Hu understood the secret of it for a second, and slowly approached Wanyan ruojin's ear and asked, 'Miss, why did you beat brother Yu yesterday?'

Wanyan ruojin loosened the handle of the knife that had not been pulled up, 'it's none of your business.'

how could Zou Hu tolerate such humiliation? He stole a bottle of poison powder from his pocket and quietly poured it on the handle of the knife.

the students came in one after another. Zhaoting, mengxiaojie and the younger brother Zhao Wei were also in this class. It can be said that the enemy's road is narrow.

the class starts on time as soon as the time arrives.

Mo Ren glanced around and remembered their faces as much as possible.

'I have already introduced myself yesterday. Without much nonsense, I will start today's course directly.'

sound fell. He picked up a pile of paper on the desktop, on which many pictures were drawn.

'next, let me test your basic knowledge. I will randomly take out a picture. When you think of it, raise your hand and answer. It may be a demon or a place. Just tell us its characteristics.'

hearing this, everyone's expression is different.

self confidence, nervousness, anxiety...

the first piece of paper has been picked up.

everyone frowned and watched carefully.

Tian zhinuo just looked at it and raised his hand.


got up and answered: 'there are two horns above an inch of Meifeng. The horns are two inches long. It is the land demon. The land demon is the weakest among the monsters, but it still has an iron body and explosive fighting power.'

don't let this teacher boast easily. He just asked Tian zhinuo to sit down and then picked up the next picture.

the monster in this picture is very similar to the one in the previous one. Mengxiaojie immediately raised her hand, got up and said confidently, 'master Ren, are you confused? Isn't it still Lu demon?'

Mo Ren frowned and said, 'you're confused. Sit down!'

Tian zhinuo raised his hand again, got up and answered, 'this is a mountain demon. The difference between it and the land demon is the length of its horn, which is three inches long. In addition, his explosive power and defensive power are above the land demon.'

Mo Ren couldn't wait to take out the next one, and Tian zhinuo raised his hand again, 'siren, this thing looks very similar to the shark. The difference is that they have scales on their foreheads. The shark is kind-hearted and doesn't know how to kill, but they have superior combat power and don't blink.'

one picture after another was quickly answered by Tian zhinuo.

Mo Ren finally nodded with appreciation.

Tian zhinuo's excellence makes the villains hate him.

after the first class, I went to the school field for practice immediately.

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