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Chapter 11 All beings are equal

After acquiring some basic cultivation knowledge, Wei Yi also has a specific understanding of himself.

the magical powers and methods are quite different.

the so-called 'three realms of entering the Tao' is just to see who can connect with the spirit between heaven and earth deeply and borrow more mana.

but there is a limit to any number.

even if you are an overhauling practitioner of the constant realm, you can't oppress a newcomer just with your own mana.

that is to say.

on the other hand, people in the three realms are on the same very fair track.

although the road is high, it has advantages.

however, once you really collide with other people's spells, you will end up dead if your magic power is not as good as days and your Taoism is not as good as magic.

think of it here.

Wei Yi somehow thought of the struggle on the list of gods.

in the apotheosis, there are still a few people who follow the same path of Taoism and magic.

the road height represents progress.

as long as the Taoist priest is high, he will have the confidence to advance at a higher level.

however, there is no way to show a too obvious gap between Taoism and practice, so there are those who specialize in magic.

the most obvious of them is the practitioners who have stopped teaching.

even if it is not enough.

if you only cultivate your magical powers and spells to the peak, you will be able to kill countless Taoists who are higher than him.

of course.

magic is not so easy to practice.

it also needs countless time to practice.

for some people with mediocre talents, it is indeed a very cost-effective behavior to only temper their magic powers to a very high level.

after all, as long as you can't reach the state of stillbirth, you have to rely on magic to compete.


when the struggle reaches the state of stillbirth.

things are naturally very different.

just about the life span.

entering the Tao, the three realms are just ordinary people. They can gain a meager life by magic.

those with stronger magic power may still be able to maintain strong combat effectiveness before dying.

but life is hard to find.

it is only 70-80 years at most.

only those who do not like fighting and keep in good health all day can break the 100 year limit.

but this is the limit.

even if your magical powers and spells are invincible in the three realms of the Tao.

but it's just a dead bone in the world of mortals.

without a constant path, it is impossible to see through the possibility of the road ahead.

and reached the state of stillbirth.

they are the legendary land immortals. They are the most heroes of immortals.

five Jiazi, 300 years of life.

it is almost a dynasty's survival period.

almost sit and watch the ups and downs of the imperial court.

as long as you reach that level of cultivation, you can really enter and leave the capital and become a guest of princes and nobles.

if you don't want to be eroded by red dust.

you can also enter the deep mountains to practice, and further explore the higher realm.

but seriously.

the state of stillbirth is the highest state that Wei Yi can know.

now he can only look up to such a person, and even has no qualification to meet him.

the Dragon sees the first but not the last.

refers to such people.

by analogy with himself, Wei Yi feels that he has just embarked on this path.

there is still a long way to go!

the next day.

the sun still rises as usual.

now I get up early, go out from the small gate, walk in the downtown, and experience the thousands of customs.

he walks in the street not only to satisfy his curiosity, but also to cultivate himself.

it's a very profound Qi.

he is only able to see the external image of Qi and then guess.


what he likes most is to sit on the street and observe an official scholar with a peddler walking on the street.

only in this way can he have a deeper understanding of Qi.

it can also develop the Qi gazing technique better.

magical powers and spells that can be spied are precious no matter in what realm.

although he is a rookie.

but he can record these cases one by one. Maybe he can go further once he realizes the Tao in the future.

who can know?

when they came to the Liu family teahouse in Pingyang street, the Liu family treated it as a VIP.

I want to bring him the best tea. I am grateful.

but Wei Yi refused.

'I didn't come here to covet my appetite.'

'what's more, the liujushi family happens to be in this busy market. People come and go in great demand for tea. How can I delay your time?'

'a cup of tea and a stool for a day are enough.'

if he had no money, he would not come here to beg for a cup of tea.

looking at Wei Yi's persistence, Mr. Liu didn't do anything difficult.

let alone.

as Wei Yi said, it is good for both parties.

however, it is impossible for Mr. Liu to repay his grandson for saving his family's three generations of single heirs.

choose the most clean position for him.

tea is always available.

in such a complicated teahouse, there is a feeling of standing out from the crowd.

while drinking tea, Wei Yi pays attention to the people on the street and corresponds to his own knowledge.

of course.

from time to time, his eyes will also look towards the other side of the street.

'it is said that a great scholar came to Yuntai academy yesterday and is preaching in the academy now.'

'and it happened that the blessing skill was performed yesterday. Last night, the old man had a dream.'

'the time is just right.'

he sat here and never saw the idea of the old man who instructed him yesterday.

'Yuntai academy is in another street, so it is difficult to allow non academy people to enter, and this is the only way.'

'if the great scholar comes out, you can see it at a glance here. Last night, the old man gave some advice and had to go to see him and thank him to make the best of the etiquette.'


before he stopped the great scholar here, he was found by Lao Zhang who bought peaches.

'Taoist priest, you are here.'

'I walked around the street and almost didn't find you.'

from outside the teahouse, Lao Zhang saw the outstanding figure in the corner, whispered a few words, and then walked over.

Wei Yi was also surprised to see Lao Zhang coming so soon.

take another look at his forehead.

I found that the golden light was about to be completely shrouded by the black light.

this is a sign of dark eyebrows and death!

'what happened?'

'what happened last night?'

'why did you lose sight of Lao Zhang for only one night? Your forehead and hair are dark and you have a sign of death?'

'and tell me carefully.'

Wei Yi really didn't expect to die in just one night.

what is the reason why Lao Zhang is so simple and honest?

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