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Chapter 19 Enter the barracks


the carriage seems to be familiar with the road. After a while, it came to an open area.

look at the magnificent camp in the distance.

even if you are far away from each other, you can hear the very loud slogans shouted inside.

there is even a surge of blood.

'Taoist priest, this is it.'

'the important place for military aircraft in front is no longer a place where villains can go.'

'just wait here.'

the coachman stopped the carriage and stood aside, waiting for Wei Yi's orders.

Wei Yi also knew that it was useless to call him in, so he nodded and said to him:

'in that case, you can stay outside for a while.'

'it shouldn't be too long.'

after that, Wei Yi took out the token from his pocket.

go to the gate of the barracks.

two very burly warriors, with steel knives in their hands, are quietly guarding the camp gate.

Wei Yi showed the token in his hand without delay:

'please inform me.'

'let's say that old friends from Pingyang County came here at invitation.'

'this is Lin Tongling's waist token.'

when they saw the waist token in their hands, their faces changed.

one of them stood up, took the token in his hand and observed it for a while, then returned it:

'Taoist priest, please wait a moment.'

'let me report.'

after that, he asked a man to look after Wei Yi here, and a man quickly ran to the camp.

look at someone who has gone to report.

Wei Yi can't help observing the environment of the whole camp.

at this time.

the little boy's red flame voice was whispered into Wei Yi's ears:

'boss, you can be careful.'

'I think the whole camp is extraordinary. If it's a Hongmen banquet, we'll be finished.'

upon hearing this, Wei Yi suddenly became interested and whispered to the red flame:

'do you still know how to arrange the troops?'

'what is the secret of this camp?'

hearing the inquiry, ChiYan seemed to raise his voice proudly:

'although I don't know how to do it, I only know that he is very powerful.'

'this is what the fire inside told me.'

when talking about this, red flame seems to keep his voice down like a thief:

'be careful when you go in, boss.'

'in the whole camp, it seems that every ignition position is very mysterious. It seems that it can arouse the evil spirit of the whole camp all the time.'

'for a military camp of this strength, let alone the boss, even the Dharma expert dare not break into it.'

'what exactly is your friend from?'

'he doesn't want to lure you into the camp and then chop you to death?'

Wei Yi shakes his head. Lin Tongling, you want to deal with him. You can't lead him to the barracks.

what's more, he is not worth the calculation.

suddenly, Wei Yi seemed to react. He squeezed the flint in his sleeve and asked with a smile:

'Dharma expert?'

'you know a lot of things. Think carefully. Are there still many things you haven't told me...

hearing Wei Yi's inquiry, ChiYan found that he seemed to have missed the point.

hidden in Wei Yi's sleeve, he subconsciously covers his mouth.

'boss, you cheat me!'

'you are so bad...'

but when he found that Wei Yi was still holding his own spiritual stone, he couldn't help feeling a little depressed:

'OK, OK, I know something else.'

'but there is only a little, not more.'

hearing the little guy admit it, Wei Yi couldn't help laughing, and then put the spirit stone in his pocket:

'be honest, you little guy.'

'now outside the barracks, I have to go in and do something later. You'd better think about what else to tell me.'

'you'd better figure out how to tell me before tonight, otherwise you will be used to cook tomorrow morning.'

it's really interesting to keep a small pet.

however, before he continued to tease the little guy, a large number of people came out of the camp.

the last Lin Tongling was listed here and ranked first!

then a laugh burst out:

'ha ha! Ha ha!...'

'I heard two magpies barking at the gate of the camp this morning. I didn't know what was going on.'

'unexpectedly, it was the arrival of Taoist priest.'

'please, please'

under Lin Tongling's enthusiasm, this is the big account that followed him to the whole military camp.

the whole account is huge.

at the moment, there are Futon after Futon. Obviously, this group of soldiers should be discussing military aircraft affairs.

sitting on one of the futons, Wei Yi took out his token and said to commander Lin:

'I have arrived today.'

'now please take back this waist token.'

seeing that Wei Yi took out his things, commander Lin winked at the soldiers beside him, and then the soldier came up.

take it away and send it to lintongling.


the moment he got it.

in a corner where no one else could see, Qi and blood were injected into the token from his hand.

then his ears moved, as if he understood something.

but the action has not changed at all.

let outsiders not see what happened.

I only saw that I waved to the soldiers nearby:

'several commanders stayed.'

'everyone else should step down.'

with his command, only five people, including Wei Yi, stayed in the camp.

see this scene.

Wei Yi's face became dignified.

he knows that the real business is coming!

sure enough, after seeing the others leave, Lin Tongling said to Wei Yi:

'there are no outsiders here.'

'Taoist priest must also want to know why our commander asked Taoist priest to come to the camp for a talk.'

'tell the Taoist priest the truth. In fact, the commander asked for something to invite the Taoist priest to come.'

hearing this, Wei Yi's face changed slightly, and then asked:

'what do you want from the commander?'

'I will not refuse if I am within my ability.'

the subconscious already knows this.

ask if it is within my ability. If it is not, you'd better not talk.

when hearing Wei Yi's words, commander Lin smiled slightly and didn't have any other thoughts because of Wei Yi's words:

'it's not something difficult to accept.'

'the commander wants to invite him to be the Taoist priest of our black evil army.'

'this is a great good thing...'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.