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Chapter 21 Mourning bell

Just when Wei Yi felt very embarrassed.

a sudden sound of walking in the distance slowly resolved his embarrassment.

'it should be the left commander back.'

Wei Yi breathed a sigh of relief.

he really didn't expect that these commanders would behave like this because he was only keen on killing demons and demons.

seeing that Wei Yi changed the topic, lintongling naturally took over the topic:

'ha ha! Ha ha!...'

'I'm afraid commander Zuo has brought his own things. I believe the Taoist priest will be surprised.'

hearing that he was so confident, Wei Yi couldn't help smiling, revealing his white teeth:

'I'm looking forward to it.'

finally, the left commander opened the door of the camp in the spotlight.

look around.

it seems that he is holding a box made of bronze with various cloud patterns.

it seems very mysterious!

at the moment when he saw the box, Wei Yi felt a little light in the box.

'this is...

just as Wei Yi was guessing, commander Lin opened the box and handed it to Wei Yi.

'please look, Taoist priest.'

'this is the commander's capture on the battlefield that year. I wonder if the commander thinks such sincerity is enough?'

look at the box in front.

Wei Yi finally saw what was inside.

it is like a bell, but there are various decorations on it.

if you really enlarge it, it's like a big bell.

'imperial bell?'

'is this a magic weapon?'

Wei Yi looks at Lin Tongling in front of him with some shock.

Wei Yi really knows the rarity of magic tools only after he really practices Taoism.

it's like a peach wood sword or a Bagua mirror. It's just an ordinary geomantic exorcism tool.

it's amazing. It's made of century old peach wood.

however, they are still very fragile. They can only do some remote practices. Although they are indispensable to practice, they are not precious.

almost every practitioner can get several.

but this is not the case.

this thing needs to be refined by practitioners with precious materials, and it also needs a long time of refining.

it can be said that a magic instrument can suppress a magic pulse.

its value is self-evident!

even in a real battle, there is a difference between the power of magic tools and that of non magic tools.

in this respect.

Wei Yi thinks that the performance of this in the three levels of entering Tao is very similar to that in the romance of gods.

you can say so.

if a novice cultivator holds a very powerful magic instrument, he will even be defeated on the 'three passes' festival.

this is the importance of magic tools!

therefore, Wei Yi is naturally very jealous of the magic tools mentioned by ChiYan.

so that.

the appearance of each non master magic instrument will cause local vibration in the spiritual world.

Wei Yi really didn't expect that he could get such a treasure in the barracks!

seeing that Wei Yi knows so much about goods, Lin Tongling is also ha ha! Laughing, his voice was full of complacency:

'this treasure is called mourning bell.'

'I captured them from the high priest when I killed a big tribe in the war of Beidi.'

'the commander hopes that this, as Taoist priest, will become a gift offered by the Taoist Dharma of our black evil army.'

'what do you think of the leader's sincerity?'

hearing this, Wei Yi, who had just started to move, had already tilted the balance in his mind.

he gave too much.

if he holds a magic instrument, he will not be afraid even if some old-fashioned practitioners come.

this gift was really sent to his heart!


'I have already felt Lin Tongling's sincerity.'

when talking about this, Wei Yi couldn't help showing a wry smile:

'the commander really grasped the lifeblood of the poor man. He is really a master of the art of war.'

'I admit that I am greedy.'

'in that case, I will take the position of Taoist priest. From then on, I will kill demons and demons to protect one side.'

'I am willing to defend the path for all living beings.'

after that, Wei Yi performed the Ziwu Jue with both hands and bowed slowly to commander Lin.

from now on, we also have a staff!

eat imperial food and get a golden rice bowl!

seeing Wei Yi's performance, commander Lin's heart finally fell heavily.

he is really afraid that Wei Yi is a hard and soft person. In that case, things will be troublesome.

after all, it is very important to find a colleague who has a good temper.

'ha ha! Ha ha!...'

'in that case, we will all be colleagues from now on.'

'such a great joy must be celebrated.'

Lin Tongling ha ha! Laugh, wave your hand and you will have a banquet:

'send orders to the three armed forces.'

'today, remove the guard of the regiment, and others will feast on the three armies to celebrate the sacrifice!'

'let the brothers eat and drink!'

as soon as he said this, several commanders in the camp showed a smile on their faces.

they haven't had a good drink or meat for a long time. They are greedy!

the banquet went on for a long time.

even the coachman who had been waiting outside was welcomed in by the people inside the camp, and then sent a tent.

it can be said that the three armed forces are celebrating.

in these days, commander Lin explained to him what he should know.

let him really understand his obligations.


as commander Lin said, this event almost completely conforms to his wishes.

there are only advantages but no disadvantages.

finally, Wei Yi, who had been in the barracks for three days and understood the general matters, said goodbye to commander Lin:

'commander, please stay first.'

'I've been out for a long time. Now it's time to go back to Pingyang city.'

'if the commander has any instructions, you can write to me and tell me where there are demons. After a while, I will start to travel far away.'

'just fulfilled the obligation of offering this dharma.'

Wei Yi is very resolute in his words and deeds, which makes people understand at a glance. This is his heart.

Lin Tongling is also ha ha! Laugh:

'in that case, the commander will not send it far away. Taoist priest, have a good trip.'


when Wei Yi's carriage left the camp slowly, the left commander who had been at his side came up:

'commander, do we really want to put all our treasures on him?'

'he is too young. If something big happens to him, he may have an accident.'

'moreover, the mourning bell is the treasure of the high priest of the dead tribe of Beidi. At the beginning, we paid a high price to get it.'

'who can't be hired with him? Why do you have to hire a young man?'

'it will not be regarded as worth it.'

hearing his words, the generals around him also pricked up their ears.

after all, this gift is really heavy. Even those so-called hermits will probably lose their heads because of this.

so they also want to know what the boss thinks.

after hearing commander Zuo's doubt, commander Lin smiled helplessly:

'it doesn't matter who you invite.'

'all we want is a comrade in arms with the same ideals.'

'besides, do you think I am strong enough?'

at last, commander Lin pointed to himself.

hearing his question, commander Zuo said again in a tone of no doubt:

'the great commander has been a powerful person in the army. I'm afraid his skin is as old as an ox, and his bones are as fine as gold.'

'if the commander didn't need to collect resources to forge Cangyuan Xuanjia, I'm afraid he would be the top person in the army by now.'

'how can we not be strong?'

after hearing what he said, several leaders around him also focused on it.

hearing his words, Lin Tongling was shocked, his muscles and bones were stirring, and a surge of blood appeared.

blood is like lead and mercury!

the blood gas soared three feet high, and the surrounding temperature seemed to rise in an instant. Several commanders could not stand the temperature and retreated.

at this time, commander Lin slowly sighed:

'yes, as long as I cast the Xuan armour, I can be proud of all the heroes, even the Xuanmen Dharma body.'

'however, twenty years ago, the living armours of the major commanders were all made from materials given by the imperial court'

'we should have made preparations earlier.'

'only like-minded people can really be united with us'

in the end, Lin Tongling's voice is a little vague.

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