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Chapter 25 Ability

I can only see that the mountain forest is open, the land is flat, and trees are planted orderly one after another.

one earth bag after another stands upright.

from a distance, it looks like a small village.

at the moment of seeing the tomb, Wei Yi couldn't help thinking of his original scene.

Wei Yi's face turns green at the sight of this familiar grave bag.

'if you don't take revenge, you will swear not to be human.'

'don't let me know where your grave is, or I will nail you to the ground forever.'

'let your anger out the most!'

when Wei Yi thought of the old lady who had bewitched him, he was on fire.

although he doesn't know the rules of the vulva.

but he also knows several tricks that have been popular in the past to deal with a tomb that won't move. It's simply too simple.

the big deal is peach wood nail three feet, eight trigrams sunflower water clothes.

even if he can't do it, find a time in the day to get the grave out. Dingzhen Yinyang will certainly not make him feel better.

but this is strange.

since Lin Feng woke up, he has been looking for mountains and forests around Pingyang County intentionally or unintentionally.

unexpectedly, the mountains and forests in Pingyang County do not seem to be the same as they were when they first met.

'is it a demon fantasy?'

'if so, the matter will be more complicated.'

it can hide a whole mountain. It is conceivable that the terror of the real monster behind it.

although Wei Yi wants to go back to find a venue, he won't give his head away if he fails.

the attendant shouted:


four young people, quickly put the coffin into the dug pit.


there was a dull noise. Now it's really safe to fall into the coffin. At this stage, you just need to bury the soil.

as a result, the middle-aged man could not help showing a happy look:

'raising the soil'

'filial sons and grandchildren return'

with these two shouts, the voices of the group of filial sons and grandchildren who had just supported each other rose.

'sobing! Boo...'

'Oh, dear father'

'why did you die so early...

'... '

the sound of crying again and again, coupled with the sound of young people around you adding soil, for a time, the scene was very lively.

see this kind of scene.

Mr. Li didn't have the slightest expression on his face, let alone cry now, even if he was prone to geigei smiling.

these are just pediatrics.

it's just to help some young people fulfill their filial piety.

when these people were crying, Wei Yi could not help but wonder:

'Mr. Li, have you ever seen this moth just falling off the coffin?'

'it's already here. I've seen everything about feng shui. What else do we need to do? Let's stand here first and scare the wandering souls?'

'don't tell me yet. I'm really curious.'

hearing what the young man Wei Yi said, Mr. Li couldn't help shaking his head.

the young man is good at everything.

sometimes when chatting, knowledge is easy to be broken.

you say he can't do anything. He has already entered the Tao and his level is not low.

I also talked about some high-end spells. All of them were talking about Tao. Some of my ideas made me surprised.

but sometimes, he doesn't even know some common basic knowledge.

this is really strange.

it's so strange!

however, he still appreciates Wei Yi, so he glances at the busy people in the distance and quietly says:

'there are so many such things.'

'I remember once I followed someone to the grave. As soon as the coffin landed, there was a baby crying.'

'according to my idea, I should open it and have a look. After all, the dead man gave birth to a baby, but it is not all a matter of yin and evil.'

'guess what?'

'when the family heard the cry, they didn't even care, so they buried the grave.'

'tut! Tut! Tut!...'

said while Mr. Li tut! tut! There was a loud exclamation:

'later, the family was called a miserable ~'

'none of the people who had added soil fell well. It was really cruel to experience that a newborn baby was suffocated alive.'

'but what can I do?'

'it's hard to persuade the damned ghost with good advice. How can we manage so many grievances in the world one by one?'

'it's true to be yourself. You're still too young, and the heat in your heart hasn't subsided. You've experienced it, and you know it's an old saying...'

in the end, the old man's voice is a little distant, and he seems to have experienced some terrible past.

after a while, the old man came to his senses again, then looked at the tomb and said with a smile:

'don't underestimate this tomb.'

'that's a big learning.'

'look at the terrain in the mountain. Does it look like the Jiaolong pond, which is high around and low in the middle?'

'it's the Longyou Bureau. If it can run well for several generations, there may be someone in the family who will be called Hou Baixiang.'

Wei Yi looks in the direction of Mr. Li's finger and finds that it is really similar.

but can you explain that?

it seems that I saw Wei Yi's doubts, and the old man laughed ha! Ha! Yes, I used my crutch to stand on the ground.


'if you dig down three feet, there must be water.'

'if there is no water in the place where the dragon lurks, how can the real dragon get out of the water?'

looked at the place where Mr. Li knocked.

a stream of Dharma water appeared in Wei Yi's hand, and he flicked it at the place where the stick was standing: 'whoosh!'

the air breaking sound sounds.

then, a small pit appeared on the ground.

it looks very deep.

at this time, Wei Yi pinched the side of the pit gently. It was unexpectedly wet.

not much breathing.

water slowly emerges from the ground.

not too big, but snore! Gollum, it's very nice to see:

'is there really water?'

'I didn't expect that the old man had such attainments in Feng Shui.'

'it really makes the younger generation ashamed.'

he is really an old man who can live forever. It surprised Wei Yi to show his skill.

I have to say.

there is a truth in this saying that people become fine when they are old, and ghosts become spirits when they are old.

seeing the Dharma water in Wei Yi's hands, even if Mr. Li is well-informed, he can't help shrinking his pupils at the moment.

then he couldn't help exclaiming:

'good skills!'

'with this method of protecting the Tao, as long as you don't act recklessly, the world is so big that you can gallop.'

'little friends are also hidden ~

while boasting to each other, the two people couldn't help laughing.

'ha ha! Ha ha!...'

both the old and the young showed their own abilities, just like the warm spring breeze and the sunny spring snow.

some people's friendship is so simple.

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