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Chapter 26 land title

Of course, they just laughed. After all, this is someone else's grave.

it's not good to laugh too recklessly.

however, after this was confirmed, Wei Yi became even more confused:

'if you say so, sir, this is a good cave once in a lifetime.'

'I don't believe you are a selfless man who can protect your descendants. Can you really hold back such a treasure before your eyes?'

although the words are rough, they are not rough.

in this world, so many people will pursue such a treasure cave, let alone a knowledgeable feng shui master.

that is, the emperor's tomb is guarded.

otherwise, people would have been removed from the town to cut off the dragon vein.

all feng shui masters have professional ethics!

especially when these feng shui masters have extraordinary power and are not too afraid of secular power.

that means stealing a tomb means stealing a tomb.

after digging the grave, I have to dance on your grave and eat your tribute.

hearing Wei Yi's address, he became closer. The old man's eyes also flashed a gentle light:

'don't be a villain, you can't be a gentleman.'

'old man, I have no children or disciples all my life. Why do you want such a grave? Are you waiting for a Taoist friend to dig it up and practice it?'

'what's more, it said that we should manage for several generations.'

'what's more, there is a fire vein at the bottom of the mountain. I heard that someone nearby built a coal kiln here to burn bricks.'

'believe it or not, when the coal mine is opened, the water supply will be exhausted and the green snake will crawl around?'

'do you really think Feng Shui can decide everything?'

'this is a natural disaster, and people are among them. There is no way to avoid it'

Wei Yi hears this and knows that old man Li is beating him from another direction.

there is no way out by taking shortcuts.

if you really walk around, you may end up suffering a natural disaster.

after all, I was really struck by thunder here!

of course, he didn't ask why the master knew but didn't say.

as he said.

it's not your own business. Don't meddle blindly. It's hard to persuade the damned ghost with good advice. Besides, they don't have any position to meddle.

when the two men talked about this, the tomb in the distance had been piled into a big earth bag.

just wait for the final monument.

seeing this scene, Mr. Li waved his hand and walked over with a crutch:

'come and have a look, too.'

'look at the difference between my Yin clan magic and your Xuanmen right path.'

'it's not that we elevate ourselves. You may be better than us in practice, but we are the real leader in the funeral industry.'

'today, I'll show you what the title deed of yinzhai is. When you see it later, you can have an idea in your mind.'

after that, Mr. Li walked to the man over there tremblingly.

then take the cinnabar pen from the side.

'watch it' ~

a soft drink, and the momentum immediately became fierce. Master Li drew strange symbols one after another on the inscription.

wait until the pen edge stops.

you can see the whole inscription, but all the blank places have been soaked by this cinnabar.

'this is the opening of the dark house.'

'only by taking this step can the hell house stop other ghosts from invading.'

as he said this, old man Li took out a piece of yellow paper from his.


a series of sounds.

in the eyes of everyone, Master Li finally stopped writing.

after blowing the wet handwriting, Mr. Li put the document in his hand into Wei Yi's hands:


'without swearing sovereignty, the tomb is prone to property rights disputes.'

'this is the title deed of hell.'


Wei Yi scanned the above text and emphatically noted the above format.

after all, this is also learning.

do you think that the ancient teachers taught disciples by hand, so you have to learn it?

if you can take a look at the documents he has written, you will be a good teacher for you.

Wei Yi didn't go to the tomb until he wrote down a general idea, Proclaim in front of the mountain forest:

'today, according to the disciple Lipu living in Lijia Town, Pingyang County, Qingzhou.

he is a sincere friend of Qingshu and also divines the Diji of mountains and rivers, so he uses the hidden money...

it is now clear that strong spirits and evil spirits are not allowed to invade. If there is a struggle for protection and a good contract application is made, the nine day Xuannv will send the general jiuniu to break the ground to release Fengdu. He will never forgive.

a piece of land lease and the buyer will always be the license.'

after reading, the Yellow watch paper spontaneously ignited without fire, and soon turned into fly ash.

at the same time.

I heard several sounds of birds crying and ghosts crying from the surrounding wild mountains, with profound grievances.

'sobing! Sobing!...'

it makes people feel numb!

the group of filial sons and grandchildren who were just lying down and crying together, their scalp exploded when they heard the sound.

then left the tomb far away.

after so much experience at the moment, even the most courageous middle-aged man can't help feeling a little weak:

'Mr. Li... Mr. Li, do you think the matter is... Is it over?'

'why don't we... Or let's go. The family has to do other things ~

old man Li nodded after hearing his inquiry:

' well, it's time to go. '

hearing what the old man said, if the middle-aged man was granted amnesty, he would go out with relatives and friends who carried the coffin

and the party was vast.

I was embarrassed.

now that the matter is over, there is no need to walk any more.

both of them are laymen.

if you can be comfortable, why walk back like a bitter monk?

so they got into Wei Yi's carriage.

of course, Wei Yi also remembered the location of the old man's home after he sent him home.

after all, this is an elder.

when you are free, you should visit often.

this time, I really returned to the city.

in addition, we will soon return to the small courtyard where Wei Yi lives.

however, Wei Yi felt that this trip was more than a worthwhile one. It was simply a great luck in life:

'first, he got a flame spirit into his hands, then got a powerful magic tool, and even got to know an old master in the spiritual world.'

'what's more wonderful is that the old generation doesn't mean to give advice to the younger generation, although sometimes it may be a little irrelevant.'

'but who is not for himself?'

'the experience of old people is what young people should learn'

while counting their harvest in their hearts, Wei Yi is holding the spirit stone of ChiYan in his hands.

the whole person is very comfortable.

however, it seems that God doesn't make him so comfortable today.

on Pingyang street, his carriage collided with others' carriages.

bang ~

then, a shout came from a distance:

'how did you old man drive?'

'do you have eyes? Don't you see this is the young master's car?'

'get out of my way!'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.