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Chapter 27 Detect abnormality

Hearing the arrogant young voice, Wei Yi couldn't help opening the window and looking out.

'who is so arrogant?'

when he opened the door curtain, he found that it was a carriage of the same style as his carriage.

I don't know if it is a coincidence.

at the moment he opened the curtain, the curtain was also opened on the car opposite.

that is a young childe.

the two people looked at each other for a moment.

but before Wei Yi could say anything, the man opposite had already put down the curtain, and then he said:

'don't quarrel with him any more.'

'let's continue to go outside. It's not enough time to linger for a while. Other people won't agree to go late.'

hearing the eldest young master's orders, the coachman was not aggressive.

just stared at the coachman who was driving Wei Yi's car, and then uttered a fierce hum:


then he drove his carriage to the distance.

seeing that Wei Yi was disturbed, the coachman apologized and expressed his own apology:

'it's the villain who is not good at driving...

however, Wei Yi interrupted him before he finished speaking.

then Wei Yi, with a little surprise, asked the coachman:

'the young man inside is your eldest son, that is to say, he is the only descendant of Wang Jushi?'

hearing Wei Yi's inquiry, the coachman answered:


'this is our eldest son.'

'actually, the eldest young master didn't grow up in Pingyang City, so he acted arrogantly.'

'I hope Taoist priest doesn't keep it in mind.'

for his servant, the master is everything to them.

therefore, even if he has just been reprimanded by others, his heart is naturally devoted to the public.

after all, as Wei Yi's coachman, he vaguely knows what kind of person Wei Yi is.

even the owner should respect him.

naturally, he doesn't want to cause disaster for his family.

hearing the coachman's words, Wei Yi shook his head, and the expression on his face was quite thoughtful.

finally put down the curtain of the carriage.

in the car, Wei Yi seems to look through the window at the carriage that has left in the distance.

then, a thought flashed in his eyes:

'the eldest young master of the Wang family has evil Qi. It seems that he has caught it recently.'

'it's really strange.'

'I don't know what to do in a hurry at this time. I hope I won't do anything that makes it difficult for me to do ~

Wei Yi actually doesn't want to do anything against Wang Mingli's legitimate son.

after all, no matter how you say it, people are also good to eat and drink for themselves. This kindness can not be forgotten.


this does not mean that he gives in blindly.

that's why Wei Yi looks at the carriage that has left with deep meaning on his face.

'I hope it's just an accident.'

'the smell on my body is not too deep, and it is not necessarily an evil way. It may just be an inexplicable contact.'

shakes his head. Wei Yi doesn't care about the childe anymore.

it will be over after a while.

it's someone else's family business, and it's not easy for him to take over. Otherwise, no one will look good.

finally, Wei Yi returned to the palace.

when he first stepped into the gate, wangmingli had already met him from afar:

'thanks to Taoist priest, otherwise, the Phoenix Mountain Villa could only be abandoned.'

'Taoist priest has been busy all the way. I have prepared some thin wine. I hope I can enjoy it in the morning.'

sugar coated shells corrode people.

however, it must be said that the last such person was really the same as the Emperor Qianlong's encounter with Hetao.

does he really not know that he is a corrupt official?

Yes, all of them.

but money is hard to buy. I am willing to. It can make him happy. Why did he cut off the harmony?

sit at the banquet.

after eating and drinking, Wei Yi naturally did not forget what he had just thought:

'the king must pay attention.'

'I observed that the eldest young master seemed to have some evil Qi. If he didn't go to a special place, he would only have human life.'

'whatever it is, Wang must pay more attention to it.'

'that's enough. I'll go down first. I'm just tired all day today. I'll go back to have a rest.'

after that, Wei Yi walks away.

what should be said has been said. If something really happened at that time, it can't be blamed for his ruthlessness.

it's a big deal to save his life.

but now everything has not started, and there is no substantive evidence, and he will not start now.

although he has a pair of magic eyes that can observe Qi and fortune, he has seen something wrong.

but he is not afraid.

because the goal that the eldest young master thinks is not him, but wangmingli.

'father leaves son laughing?'

'I knew there must be big problems in this big family.'

it's a joke. Did he read countless novels for nothing before he passed through?

if something really goes wrong.

the first suspect must be the prince.

next to you is the person next to you.

however, he has temporarily possessed the power to suppress intrigues, so he doesn't care at all.

just want to go back to practice.

he really wants a good rest.

after he left, Wang Mingli, who was just smiling, immediately became serious.

at the moment, he looked at his housekeeper with an ugly face, as if there was ice on his face:

'housekeeper Wang, is that how you take care of the young master?'

'if the Taoist priest didn't remind me, I don't know that Shoude has already hooked up with that group of people.'

'it's not that you don't know the danger. If you take a wrong step, it must be the destruction of the nine families.'

'he is still too young, and it is easy to be blinded by some immediate interests. At this time, you need to act as a housekeeper.'

when talking about this, Wang Mingli's face was covered with ice:

'tell me, what have you done?'

'do you still want me to praise you for your good work in allowing those people in the capital to infiltrate here?'

'if this happens again, you will have no need to continue to exist.'

at the moment, how could he be as kind as Wei Yi?

in a trance, he seems to have become a general who controls the power of life and death. He can decide the lives of countless people by understatement.

hearing the master's anger, housekeeper Wang immediately knelt down with fear on his face:

'master, forgive me.'

'it's not that the villain is incompetent, but that the eldest young master has grown up. The villain doesn't dare to interfere excessively with the eldest young master.'

'please give me a lesson!'

hearing this, wangmingli also understood the housekeeper's anxiety, and gently pushed his thumb on the table.

bang ~

finally, he said slowly:

'pay more attention to the young master's affairs, and I will discipline him.'

'as for the hyenas chased from the capital, since they are here, we will treat them well.'

'lest they continue to jump around'

'they still don't know whose Pingyang city this is. If it weren't for...

finally, the voice gradually weakened, leaving only the sound of fingers hitting the desktop.

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