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Chapter 28 Special identity

The other side.

wangshoude, who had already left, came to a very hidden yard.

here, at the moment, he has already waited early. There are several young people who are almost the same age as him.

'brother Wang is here?'

'hurry, please invite brother Wang.'

'brother Wang, come here quickly. My brother has got something good today.'


when a person comes, he holds Wang Shoude high and speaks very well.

one time.

wangshoude feels very happy.

sitting on the head of the other side, wangshoude was a little surprised and said to the person who had just spoken:

'you have got something good again. Bring it to me quickly.'

'don't be a fake again.'

'last time you made me very disappointed, which made me happy for nothing.'

hearing this, several other young people couldn't help laughing.


'don't let us down ~

'... '

after all, this guy is not very reliable.

however, looking at other people's ridicule, the young man who opened his mouth was still very confident:

'just watch.'

'it's absolutely true this time.'

'if brother Wang can really make it, he may be able to return to the capital without the help of his father.'

as soon as this remark was made, others brushed their eyes together.

wangshoude was also very surprised at the moment:

'show me what you got.'

'I want to see what kind of confidence you have to make me comparable to my father.'

'you should know that he is the former Prince's sacrificial servant, and he is also the most valued sacrificial servant of the former prince. He is really first-class in the capital.'

'with you?'

wangshoude obviously doesn't believe it.

although he said that he had been trying to get his father back to the capital, and then let him feel the feeling of being a local overlord.

but he also knows his father's ability, and he doesn't think he can compare with his father.

hearing that he was looked down upon, the young man seemed very unconvinced and quickly unfolded the animal skin in his hand:

'come and have a look.'

'this is a magic handed down from Penglai Island in the East China Sea.'

'this is the real immortal inheritance.'

'even if you don't have the ability to inherit these, you can at least enter the Imperial Palace in the capital.'

when he said this, he seemed to be provocative and said:

'brother Wang, you must have a deep feeling in this regard.'

'after all, your father is at home, but he worships a Taoist of your age.'

hear this.

Wang Shoude's face also flashed a shadow, but he soon covered it up:

'I have to see what this is.'

as he spoke, he reached out and picked up the animal book cover.


when he saw the content, the whole person couldn't help opening his eyes:

'this... This...'

'is this true?'

although he was not sure whether it was true or not, he couldn't help believing that it was so rigorous.

then he was a little urgent:

'I'll go back and verify it first.'

'if it's really useful, I must thank you very much.'

after that, wangshoude hurriedly left. It seemed that he was going to verify the authenticity of this thing.


the moment he stepped out of the door.

a few young people who were just sarcastic to each other and didn't seem to be in tune looked at each other strangely.

then he walked towards the backyard.

when they entered the backyard, several of them bowed their heads to the dark place:

'Sir, the matter has been done.'

'the prince has taken away what adults gave us. He must be preparing to experiment now.'

hearing this, a few hoarse laughter suddenly came out of the darkness.


an oil lamp illuminates the whole backyard.

I only saw that it was a mysterious man in black robes with a green oil lamp in his hand.

his voice seemed very hoarse, as if two iron blocks were rubbing against each other:

'he ~ he...'

'you did a very good job.'

'the former crown prince gave up his life, but now he is an important force in seizing the throne.'

'it's a pity that such a smart man has such a stupid son. It's really a tiger father and a dog son.'

when talking about this, he seems to despise wangshoude.

but then, the mysterious man's voice became more cautious and hoarse:

'don't relax too much.'

'Wang is not an easy person to deal with. Otherwise, he can't withdraw safely in the original storm.'

'this time, no matter how much you want to involve him, no one can run away'

when talking about this, it seems that two scarlet lights flash under the dark robe.

if the smell of wild animals blooms in the whole backyard.

make these young people tremble:

'understand, understand.'

'we must act cautiously.'

just as the black robed man nodded for a few words of appreciation, he suddenly heard a strange noise.


his face suddenly changed.

suddenly turned into a shadow, and wanted to go to the dark place in the courtyard.

however, it was too late when he found out.

countless feather arrows were shot from the sky.

then, in the distant houses, there were many figures dressed in black robes and holding swords.

each of them has a good constitution.

cold eyes.

it seems to be a legendary martyr.

'the owner of the house has orders, and none of them will stay!'



these figures are extremely light.

Moreover, before they arrived, they had already shot a round of feather arrows.

several young people who have just been discussing have already been shot as hedgehogs.

the man in black with an oil lamp was also shot by several arrows. Before he could enter the darkness, he was surrounded by people.

these people in black don't talk much.

there was no nonsense at all. He took the steel knife in his hand and gave the black robed man no chance at all.

'Damn it!'

'how did you find out!'

the black robed people are very angry. Their action this time is so secretive. How can they expose their children so quickly by setting up a special set up by young people.


no one replied to him.

and the knife is fatal.

if not for his skill, I'm afraid he has become a corpse at the moment.

but in this way, I have been stabbed several times.

after all, he is still a physical being.

if it goes on like this, I'm afraid it's really here.

thinking of this, the black robed man's face became fierce. Then he lifted the green light in his hand and blew it to the public:

'Hoo ~

countless green flames appeared.

ignite the whole house in an instant.

at the moment, the people who were close to him turned black and turned into a mass of rotten meat.

look again.

except for a pool of blood on the ground, there was no figure of the mysterious man in the courtyard.

just then, housekeeper Wang came late. He looked at the pool of blood on the ground and snorted:

'you are fast!'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.