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Chapter 29 A day's work

Go back to your own yard.

Wei Yi sits on the bed, and his whole body emits a kind of glittering light.

look at the blue.

it seems to be the firefly of that night. It is very gentle and eye-catching.


Wei Yi suddenly opened his eyes, which immediately burst into two flashes of light.

empty room!

there was no candle lit in the whole room, but it was as dazzling as thunder at that moment.

the whole room is illuminated.

Wei Yi opened his mouth and spat out two words:

'exorcise evil spirits.'

then something magical happened.

I only saw that a blue light curtain suddenly appeared three inches in front of Wei Yi.

then you can see one golden silk thread after another, swimming rapidly on the blue light curtain.

after a few moments.

on the blue light curtain, a very dazzling exorcism symbol appeared.

blue light curtain, golden rune.

it makes the whole exorcism symbol very dazzling and noble.

wait until the exorcism symbol appears completely.

in Wei Yi's thought, he drifted slowly three inches above his forehead.

up and down.

make the whole room blue.

this time is not over yet. After his first spell was completed, a little surprise flashed in Wei Yi's eyes.

then he quickly collected his mind and became very focused.

originally, he was holding the Ziwu formula with both hands.

but at the moment when his expression became focused, his hands changed rapidly.

'five yin method water, out!'

with a soft drink, one pure blue bead after another began to emerge beside Wei Yi.

as fine as raindrops, it completely fills the whole room and floats in the void.

but with the blue light shining on him, those drops of water began to merge strangely.

although the size has not changed.

but there are some more dots on the water drops, mysterious and profound.

it looks like a legendary treasure!

when all the water drops are melted together, Wei Yi finds that the water drops that should have been three layers have become six layers.

just spin on his forehead.

every drop of water emits a chill, which makes him feel very fresh even in the hot summer.

Wei Yi bends his fingers a little.

one of the water drops floating in the air flew to the ground under the guidance of his fingers.

click! Click! Cha ~

on the originally very clean land, there were layers of white frost.

there is even cold air.

seeing this scene, the joy in Wei Yi's eyes became more obvious.

'the exorcism talisman has become a success. Although it is not a talisman, it can hit 100 goals. Compared with the beginning, this is a qualitative leap.'

'the five Yin Dharma water has also reached a small level. Although only six Dharma water can be used, the cold has become deeper.'

'sure enough, even if you don't kill all the demons, you can gain merit by subduing them to another degree.'

if so.

that means he doesn't have to fight everywhere as he imagined.

the turning point becomes larger.

as he sorted out his thoughts, whether it was the five yin method water or the exorcism talisman. Floating three inches above his forehead.

the whole room becomes more secluded.

but this is just the beginning, confused and in a trance.

the light in the whole room seems to be distorted, and the room that should have been illuminated becomes a little deeper.

in the distorted light.

stand like a person.

if someone can observe carefully, he will find that there seems to be a very tall figure behind Wei Yi.

wait until the light fades.

only a scarecrow with mysterious lines all over his body and blue light appeared behind Wei Yi.

the most obvious one is his two dark golden legs.

in such a dark environment.

the one who looked at the mysterious straw seemed to have a mysterious face and observed the four directions.

deep eyes hidden in the dark.

it makes people feel chilly!

'two fifths of the first level has been completed.'

'just fill in the remaining three points, and the whole Scarecrow will turn blue completely. I'm afraid it will enter a constant state at that time.'

'you should be able to use more mana in the second level than in the first level.'

'entering the Tao and three passes are fundamental. This is something we should do persistently. The road to longevity all depends on him.'

thinking of this, Wei Yi could not help sighing:

'after doing so many things, only 20% of the first level has been completed.'

'in the second realm, the third realm needs more and more merits and virtues. It's hard to imagine what kind of outstanding people can achieve stillbirth.'

'threehundred years of longevity is really enviable and awe inspiring'

after a while, Wei Yi focused his whole spirit on the next thing.

just see that he stretched out a hand.


a flash of light.

a ghost clock that looked very petite and illusory suddenly appeared on his palm.

not on his hand.

but floating three inches above his palm.

observe carefully.

the small mourning clock actually depicts mountains, plants, insects and fish, and is engraved with ancient texts one after another.

showing a very violent beauty!

it is a real heavy weapon for cutting, and it is also the reliance of Weiyi even for a long time in the future.

children who hold money in downtown will be robbed, but if children carry rockets or howitzers.

that is naturally different.

carefully observe the mysterious lines on the mourning bell.

Wei Yi infuses his own mana into it, communicates with it slowly, and activates the hidden power bit by bit.

'Dong! ~ Dong! ~ Dong! ~

'... '

under the stimulation of magic power, the mysterious bell rings gently in people's consciousness for a lifetime.

Wei Yi, who is communicating with the mourning bell, can gradually integrate with this heavy weapon due to his weak fluctuation.

the night is getting darker.

wait until the sun rises gradually in the mountains.

Wei Yi also ended his day of practice.

facing the sunrise in the East, under the golden light, Wei Yi slowly spits out the turbid Qi that has been circulating in his body all night:


the exorcism talisman suspended on the Lingtai, the five Yin Dharma water, including the mourning clock that was refined in front of him, disappears in an instant.

this is a day's work!

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