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Chapter 3 Young man, do you think I look like a God?

Wei Yi Ran to the distance.

don't sit down until you feel weak.

'Hoo... Hoo...'

'really... Really exciting.'

'I've lived... For so many years... And... It's my first time to meet a ghost... It's really... It's really a great insight.'

Wei Yi's breath is uneven, but he can't stop talking at this time.

he is not too talkative.

only in this way can his fear be suppressed.

because there are too many trees in the whole mountain, there are too many overcast winds, and many Wei Yi are afraid.

walking alone in such an environment at night.

if he doesn't find a way to vent, he feels that he can collapse directly.

after a short rest, he began to identify the direction.

such a deep mountain.

although he cannot know the East, West, North and south, he can run away with his back to the mass grave.

as long as you run in one direction, you will be able to run out of this strange mountain.

'this mountain is too dangerous.'

'it's good to have you, otherwise I would be lost.'

Wei Yi looks at the scarecrow happily.

although you don't know how to use the scarecrow, the scarecrow saved his life.

for him now, that's enough.

however, as soon as he finished speaking, he felt his stomach rumbling.


'this is too inappropriate.'

who said that it was normal for him to be tired and hungry after running for so long, but the problem was that he didn't run out of the mountain.

where can I find food at this time?

for a while, he could only observe the scarecrow with a very common shape in his hand.

if this distracts me, I won't be hungry.


Wei Yi, walking along the road, suddenly heard a rustling sound on the roadside.


the moment you hear this sound.

Wei Yi's face changed.


can't I recite my idea like this?

when he prayed that he would be a small animal, not a monster.

the grass nearby moved.


a large mass of grass is pushed away from the middle.

there is a large stone inside, and a figure with his back to him.

'young boy'

'do you think I look like a God'

the voice is like two frosted stones rolling, rough and sharp. Although it has a trace of vicissitudes, it gives people a strange feeling.


one set of eyes for Wei Yi.

at this time, he had seen the figure on the big stone.

I can only see that it is a small figure crouching on a stone block, which should not be more than one meter.

with a small broken felt hat on his head.

two pieces of hay are inserted from above. It looks like a dust servant.

wear something like a coir raincoat.

it's a dress made of marigold.

there is also a braid made of marigold.

looks like an old man.

'young boy'

'do you think I look like a God'

when asked for the second time, his voice became more sharp. The dark wind and night set off each other, making the whole night more gloomy.

at the same time.

he raised his head slightly.

at night, Wei Yi could not see the face under the broken felt hat, but he could see the green eyes.

the iconic vertical pupil.

that cruel look.

Wei Yi recognized what it was in an instant.


his body is shaking.

Wong Tai Sin!

this is Wong Tai Sin who begged for a seal!

in an instant, he thought of the Jianghu story that his father told him.

according to the master.

there is usually Wong Tai Sin to ask for the seal. That is the fate of both sides, which is good for both sides.


everything is based on the premise that Wong Tai Sin follows the right path and practices the right Dharma.

the criterion for judging all this is very simple.

that's what he asked for.

if you are asked: 'fellow countryman, do you think I look like a human ~

I bow to you when I speak at the same time.

then you just need to say to him, 'like a person.'

at this time, he will roll on the ground and become a human.

both parties are happy at this time.


if someone doesn't follow the right path, he will ask different questions.

especially when you are asked whether you are like a God or an immortal, it is a proper evil way.

after all, this discussion is based on the personality and Qi of both sides. You are an ordinary person. If you seal one person, the other person's practice can give back to you.


where can ordinary people become immortals?

it is the exclusive property of the emperor.

if yes, your family and grandparents will be implicated from now on.

Yin is unstable and Yang suffers.

at last, he has to empty your internal organs and control you to build a temple.


Huang Daxian, who looks like a little old man, is a standard evil.

Wei Yi is thinking.

however, Huang Daxian across the street became impatient when he saw that he had asked twice and the other side had not responded.

'later generation...'

'do you think I look like a God?'

the voice was bleak and sharp. The half crouching figure stood up, and the claws even burst into blue light in the shadow. The green eyes became even colder.


Wei Yi was shocked.

Wong Tai Sin is impatient.

if we delay further, I'm afraid things may develop in an unpredictable direction.

'I see you...'

'I see you like a cow shit!'

Wei Yi burst into a rage, and the whole person showed his fierce light. He rushed to Huang Daxian in three steps.

if the tiger doesn't get angry, you think I'm a sick cat.

the ghost has no body. Just bully me. You dare to threaten me.

I'm afraid you haven't seen the iron fist of the proletariat.


hold his coir raincoat made of horse and grass with his right hand, hold the scarecrow with his left hand, and smash his iron fist at the forehead of the yellow skin.

the coir raincoat, which was originally disguised as an adult, has now become his imprisonment, and he can't get rid of it for a while.

'young man, you have made a big mistake.'

'you can...'

before the sharp voice was finished, Wei Yi's old boxing was welcomed.

'wrong mother!'


Wei Yi is also ruthless.

the whole person is like a madman, holding the Scarecrow and hammering Huang Daxian.

every time he hammers down, the grass man is getting hot, but he is too excited to feel it.

all grievances, all anger are fiercely vented under this old fist, fist, fist, fist!

the yellow skin was still fighting, but in the end, he could only convulse.

Wei Yi's hands are dripping with blood. Even the scarecrow is covered with blood. He doesn't even know that the yellow skin has already died.


with great joy and great sorrow, Wei Yi only felt that his body was soft. The scarecrow in his hand actually got out of his hands and cut through the darkness in his confused eyes.

then, he was just in a trance. Vaguely, he felt that he had come out of the barren mountain because he saw the moon.

at the next moment, he felt as if he had fallen heavily on the ground. Without breathing, he fainted.

only the scarecrow continues to get hot.

suddenly a carriage passed by on the main road. The driver of the carriage found Wei Yi on the ground and suddenly exclaimed:

'master, there is an injured Taoist priest here.'

a gentle voice suddenly sounded in the car and said to the groom:

'bring him up.'


Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.