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Chapter 303 try to find a solution

Wei Yi, sitting cross legged in the Yin Yang Tai Chi Diagram, looked at the purple figure sitting opposite him and said:

'Why do you think of coming here?'

'I can't compare with Taoist friend's Qingqiu Holy Mountain here, but there are not so many beautiful little worlds.'

'I'm very shallow here~'

With his voice falling, the purple figure in front of him suddenly showed its true face.

Surprisingly, there is a red lotus sky fox with a red lotus between the eyebrows.


Looking at the look in front of us and the quaint rooms in all directions, Honglian Tianhu can't help smiling:

'If the Taoist friends have a shallow foundation, there will be few places with deep foundation.'

'After so many years of development, we are envious of this Taoist temple.'

Qingqiu Holy Mountain is extraordinary though.

But she was not alone after all.

In addition, there are many ethnic groups, many supernatural beings and Tianhu.

Even there are three supreme masters of heaven and earth at the level of great powers.

To be honest, the Red Lotus and the Heavenly Fox in Qingqiu are not even comparable to Weiyi here!

Say more.

After so many years of development.

And Wei Yi has done so many things to help others.

It can be said that there are only a few places on the whole ancient land that can match his Taoist temple.

Of course, the few places mentioned do not include the places where the great supernatural powers are located, as well as the ethnic areas of many races.

After all, it is enough to say that there is a great god passing through someone else's place.

As for the land of those large ethnic groups.

Which large ethnic group has not operated in it for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years?

It is not Wei Yi who did this little thing, which can be comparable in a short time. The correct reality should be recognized.

'What's more, there are all things in this room, but none of them are the things of this mortal.'

At this point, Honglian Tianhu looked at several incense burners in this room.

Then she smiled and said:

'The incense burning in this room can be of benefit to us.'

'It's not obvious, Taoist friend, that you are the real rich among all of us.'

So many years.

They who have fought together also know what Wei Yi has done.

After all, everyone dares not guess how much profit can be made from the Dragon Tiger Pill.

But I believe there will be no shortage.

Since ancient times, he has mastered a craft, especially the patent of selling medicinal materials.

It's really enviable.

After looking at the fox spirit in front of him that he has never seen through, Wei Yi shakes his head, and then Dan Dan says:

'If you come here and just say these words, I will not entertain you.'

'I have to take advantage of this time to study some pills to keep the vitality in this world.'

This is an important subject.

Most of the energy he has spent so long is for this.

Now it is really effective, just waiting for a few experiments to achieve results.

At that time.

He must have another pill in his hand besides the Dragon and Tiger Pill.

Who doesn't get lost to the lake for such a good thing?

Hearing Wei Yi's unkind statement, Red Lotus Tianhu didn't want to be angry at all.

The whole person smiled and talked as if he had come.

Just the extraordinary charm of a clear movement is enough to make people fall in love.

You are indeed a fox spirit!

After a little meditation, Honglian Tianhu tentatively said:

'You must have known the truth, right?'

'This essence cannot be retained for the time being.'

'Now there are many demons outside, and they know the secrets.'

'It's very lively outside~'

Wei Yi has never been so concerned about such things.

Just know.

Anyway, such a thing is not really a big secret.

After decades and nearly a hundred years of experience, even if there are few friends of the devil, we should know the secrets contained in it.

So what?

Wei Yidan looks at Honglian Tianhu and then says:

'What does that have to do with me?'

He doesn't listen to things outside the window all day long, and he is bent on reading only the books of sages and sages.

No one dares to act wildly in this one mu of land in Wanshou Mountain.

Otherwise, do you really think that his supernatural powers that can tear up the devil are joking?

It is precisely because of such a ferocious name that the nearby Longevity Hill looks like a paradise.

Hearing what Wei Yi said, Honglian Tianhu couldn't help chuckling:

'It's meaningless for Taoist friends to say so.'

'What's more, there is really a big problem outside. Can you really practice in the forest safely?'

'Those crazy guys may not really sell the face of their friends.'

At this point, the whole face of Honglian Tianhu has an extraordinary confidence.

It seems that Wei Yi will definitely agree.

Hearing this place, Wei Yi, who was originally very calm, could not help but change his face a little:

'What do you mean?'

He really did not know that such changes had taken place in the outside world.

He used to have full confidence.

He really would not believe that these generation of arrogant people would do such a tasteless thing.

People really change.

But will it really change so much?

Looking at Wei Yi's face, there is finally a slight change. Honglian Tianhu smiles more happily:


'You finally care about this?'

Looking at the fox spirit in front of him, who seems to be a bit neurotic, Wei Yi can't help but wince at the corners of his mouth.

He likes to deal with those heroes who are arrogant, rather than the neurotic female foxes in front of him.

Especially a fox spirit!

He took a swipe at the corner of his mouth. Wei Yi sighed helplessly and then waved his hand gently.


Only a pale purple pill fell from his hands in front of the red lotus fox.

'This is the Tianxiang Pill that I refined in my spare time.'

'As long as you wear it on your body, even if the gods and demons exist, it can also be nourished and the fragrance will last for a long time.'

'I believe you should like it.'

The fox spirits, especially those beautiful ones, care more about their faces.

'Do you think it's time to tell me what the plan is?'

Looking at the Taoist in front of her, Honglian Tianhu knew that she could not continue to tease.

Otherwise, this time will not end well.

After receiving the purple pill, the whole person of Honglian Tianhu seems to feel very interesting:

'Taoist friends, the skill of alchemy is becoming more and more exquisite. I admire you.'

Every thing refined has more or less effect on the existence of the devil.

This is absolutely the top of the Demon Gods.

And definitely a dog family!

It can be seen from the pill he gave himself so casually.

After smelling the flavor of the fragrant pill, Red Lotus Tianhu said:

'Although I don't know the existence of Taoist friends who have been practicing in the mountains, how can I know the secret of this essence?'

'It must be said that friends should have their own unique methods, or that friends are earlier than we know.'

At this point, Red Lotus Tianhu took a deep look at Wei Yi in front of her.

However, Wei Yi, who heard him say so, did not show any outward appearance, and the whole man was still sitting there with God.

I'm joking. How can I tell you this?

Seeing that Wei Yi did not follow up, Red Lotus Tianhu continued to say:

'Only by truly experiencing death can we know the preciousness of life.'

'The reason why Taoist friends are so confident is that most of the demons and gods today have fought side by side with Taoist friends.'

'But there's something wrong with you.'

'Those young devils may still have this friendship in mind.'

'But in the end, those old monsters who wake up from their deep sleep will not keep this friendship in their hearts.'

'I wonder if Taoist friends thought of this place?'

'These old fellows, who have lived for many years and have been dormant from deep sleep, thought they were going to die.'

'But who would have thought that during this period, the essence of heaven and earth burst out, and hard to extend their life for many years.'

Speaking of this, the whole person of Honglian Tianhu laughed more wantonly:

'This old guy, who was originally determined to die, but finally lived a lifetime, has gone through this change.'

'Taoist friends, guess what they are thinking of?'

Hearing this, Wei Yi's face suddenly became a little ugly.

He finally understood.

Those old monsters, who were originally muddleheaded, suddenly came to life from death after experiencing all kinds of things.

At this time, they are not the heroes who once had great power on the battlefield.

There is a saying that heroes are dying.

Those real heroes can't get rid of this fear of death.

It's like the Qin Emperor and Han Wu wanted to find immortals before their lives ended.

I'm afraid the old monsters left over from ancient times have changed.

No one can imagine what they will become.

Once they really know the truth of the essence of the whole world, they will certainly take action.

Because these two hundred years are their only two hundred years.

They want to live and die!

Now, the only one who can really be targeted by them is Wei Yi sitting in the Longevity Hill.

After all, he is now a target level figure.

He is strong enough, has enough prestige, and most importantly, is very rich.

Whether it is to form an alliance or to have other plans, Wei Yi is a barrier they will never cross.

Seeing Wei Yi's face getting more and more ugly, Red Lotus Tianhu smiled more happily:

'You must have figured it out.'

'In that case, how about we cooperate?'

Look at the fox spirits in front of me, and think about the old monsters outside who are stirring the wind and rain.

For a moment, Wei Yi couldn't help sighing:


'I just want to have a stable cultivation environment. Why is it so difficult?'

Speaking of this, his eyes could not help flashing a trace of ferocity.

In that moment.

Sitting beside him, Honglian Tianhu could not help feeling a shock in his mind for a moment.

This is Lingguang warning!

At this time, Wei Yi looked at the fox spirit in front of him and couldn't help saying:

'If you have any Taoist friends, just tell them clearly.'

'Since we used to be allies, our friendship over the years must not be too bad.'

'At least we should be able to talk.'

At any rate, I have been a friend.

At this time, the two sides talked with each other and considered some friendship.

At this time, when I mentioned this topic, the whole person of Honglian Tianhu could not help but be a little solemn:

'In that case, I will make it clear.'

'Just like the alliance between Qingqiu and the Terran before, now I want to talk about a business with you.'

When talking about this, Honglian Tianhu points out the outside, and then says to Wei Yi:

'We Qingqiu want the approval of Taoist friends.'

'We, the gods of Qingqiu, also want to share such a large cake of the human race.'

'If you are willing to do so, you only need to issue a decree, and then we will solve all the following problems.'

'At that time, we will never disturb the peace of Taoist friends. We will take what we need and achieve mutual benefit.'

When hearing this, Wei Yi looks at the fox spirit in front of him, and he cannot help but become a little deep:

'It's really a good plan!'

It's just a decree.

But he represents a part of the good fortune of the human race.

What's more, he is one of the few surviving deities in the human race except for the great supernatural power, of which the weight is naturally predictable.

In the past, many fires of the Terran were attached to many evil gods, and even their blood gifts changed.

But that is still a problem within the human race.

The meat is rotten in the pot.

These heavenly foxes from Qingqiu come to play a hand at this time. What it represents is something that makes people think deeply.

When talking about this, Wei Yi can't help opening his mouth to Honglian Tianhu and saying:

'Is that what those people mean, or do you mean?'

'If something goes wrong then, I won't take any responsibility.'

Hearing what Wei Yi said, Honglian Tianhu smiled gently and then confidently played with the pill in his hand:

'This seat is responsible for all causes and effects, so you can rest assured.'

Hearing this, Wei Yi subconsciously looked at the sky, and then thought of something. Suddenly, the whole person showed a funny smile:

'It's just a law. Since you are so determined, why don't I do it?'

'I'd like to see where this thing is going to go~'

The next moment when the words fell, only a golden light burst out from Wei Yi's sleeve robe!

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