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Chapter 304 Green hills emerge

Reach out and grasp the golden light.

Then, Honglian Tianhuo rowed her hands in two directions and saw a golden edict coagulated in it.

Looking at the fonts that change all the time, at this moment, this fox spirit's face can not help showing a satisfied smile:

'In that case, thank you, Taoist friend.'

'I won't bother you here any more.'

When we got here, Red Lotus and Sky Fox got up and walked out with a graceful step.

However, just when she got up, she seemed to think of something in general:

'Oh, yes~'

'Although we and some of our compatriots can hold back most people, they are not perfect after all.'

'You should think about this matter in your heart and be prepared for it.'

Although they are very good at Qingqiu.

However, the Terran can achieve such success, and it is not a matter of doing nothing.

Although in terms of high-end combat power, they can also invite old monsters to play games with other characters of the Terran.

But I'm afraid of being horizontal.

Those old guys who really have plans, one by one, are really dying.

The old monsters in Qingqiu can't fight with them because they are here. If they kill themselves, it will be a big loss.

With a nod, Wei Yi looks at the fox spirit in front of him, which is full of attraction and exotic customs.

Still didn't get up, just waved to the distance and said:

'Just ask yourself to leave, Taoist friend.'

'I am satisfied to be able to maintain the overall stability.'

'After all, there is nothing perfect in the world.'

'I am naturally considerate.'

Looking at the Taoist in front of him, he was so confident that Red Lotus Tianhu nodded casually and walked out unconcerned.

With this edict in hand, she has completed most of the purposes of her trip.

From the moment this golden light fell into his hands, she had already felt the power of the great trend that belonged to the nether world.

This is the real power.

Before the table is overturned, everyone has to walk slowly in this rule.

This move is very good.

What's more, through this test, she saw how confident this Taoist friend was.

The pale fragrance drifted away from the whole Longevity Hill Cave.

However, the Red Lotus Tianhu, who has been walking in the void, could not help but open his mouth and say softly:

'If we can really move forward, it's not impossible for us to...'

At this point, all the sounds have been slowly swallowed by the air.

I can no longer hear anything.

Cut through the sky.

We didn't let the many families who have been waiting in the distance wait long.

In a short time, I could see the face of Honglian Tianhu, which was so beautiful.

Seeing that the Red Lotus and the Heavenly Fox have come out, many of the Heavenly Fox Demons can't help but move forward with excitement.

One of them, who was dressed in black and looked cold, took a step forward, and then asked anxiously:

'Sister, is this a success?'

Hearing this sentence, the three or five Tianfoxes around them could not help but become more spiritual.

They are also expecting this result.

Seeing the expectations of many peers, Red Lotus Tianhu couldn't help nodding:

'It's done.'

After saying that, a ray of golden light appeared in her hand.

Take a closer look.

Then where is a decree?

It was clearly a divine dragon with a golden rune on its body.

Although this small divine dragon is only the size of a small thumb, it is the most beautiful in the eyes of many evil gods at the moment.

Seeing this scene, Moxue Tianhu couldn't help laughing:


'That's great!'

By this time, he could not hold his breath any longer.

But where does he still have the cold, where does he still have the cold?

This is a real millennium plan.

Seeing this golden dragon, Mo Xue can't help but gently:

'At this moment, we have got the most important things, and things have become more than half.'

'Although our family has great supernatural powers, it is not enough to plan for a while without planning for a lifetime.'

'Even if the current one is one of the highest human beings, it will not necessarily happen in the long run future.'

'Our Qingqiu people have been stable for many years, and it is impossible to take any risk.'

'In that case, the Terran finally needs us Qingqiu Fox to help him.'

'After all, this is mutual benefit.'

The other demons around nodded their heads as well.

After all, this kind of thing has to be calculated slowly and made up little by little, so that we can walk more steadily.

However, when it came to this, that Mo Xue Tian Fox, who looked cold and stern, could not help but resume a simple look:

'How did the clan elder sister get this edict from that one?'

'As far as I know, that one seems to be a good talker, but after all, he pays more attention to his own interests.'

'How could he so easily hand over the edict representing power to the clan elder sister?'

Moxue is a young man from Qingqiu.

It is also this time, the leader of the Qingqiu Tianhu Plan.

Write small.

So Moxue Tianhu is just a good demon.

It is precisely because they are young people and have participated in several disputes from the edge of the battlefield.

Only then can he understand more clearly how terrible it is to be able to fight in the core of the battlefield.

Some people.

He seems to be an alchemist, but behind his back is a decisive Mengren.

What's more?

After years of investigation and obscure exploration from various channels.

This indescribable being may also have a little bit of self.

After all, it can be seen from the fact that he has been walking in his own territory for so many years.

It's not easy to judge at will.

After looking at the ethnic land in front of him that is hundreds of years behind him, the Red Lotus Tianhu couldn't help smiling, then shook his head and said:

'Since this Taoist friend has a request, I will solve it for him.'

'What's more, what we do in Qingqiu will eventually collide with other demons.'

'It's also a favor.'

At this point, Honglian Tianhu had a slight meal, and then continued to speak:

'What's more, maybe this Taoist friend will give us some surprises later.'

'After all, he is really rich!'

At this point, the Honglian Heavenly Lake could not help holding the purple fragrant pill that was emitting Dan Dan fragrance at that moment.

Listen to what my family sister said, Moxue Tianhu also knew that they should not have paid too much this time:

'That's good, that's good~'

They came here for the sake of race and generations to come.

Although it is normal to pay a certain price in the early stage, it is uncomfortable to pay a sad price.

This is also a good start!

Speaking of this, Honglian Tianhu squeezed the fragrant pill in her hand, and then opened her mouth to several brothers and sisters around with a straight face:

'Now that the things have been obtained, you can solve this problem.'

'During this trip, you may be hindered. At this time, it depends on your mediation ability.'

'The combination of vertical and horizontal among the human race, as well as all kinds of previous reasons and intrigues, are also good things that have gathered wisdom.'

'Even if you have achieved the Devil God, you should learn. Go and do it.'

At this point, the Red Lotus Heavenly Fox bounced the golden dragon in his hand around it.


Moxue Tianhu catches the dragon.

This is a big baby. Can you hurt it casually.

After getting this Bruce Lee, Moxue Tianhu naturally has great self-confidence:

'Don't worry, sister. My brother knows.'

'Now, the conditions are just right.'

'The Terrans now have so many kindlings, and the number of demons is not enough to solve everything.'

'At this time, it is reasonable for the Qingqiu people as allies to help them.'

When talking about this, Moxue Tianhu's cold face could not help showing a smile called sly.

See this scene.

The other Tianhu around, also very confident, nodded.

This is the famous wise man from all over the country. As the wise man of the fox family, they believe in Mo Xue's ability.

Words fall.

Seeing only the dark snow, the fox flew up and fell from the top of the clouds above the sky to the earth below.

All the way is bright.

Even the myriad clouds above the nine heavens reflect the light like glass.

A few Tianhu arrived in a short time, one of which has a special environment.

Look down.

Only one layer after another of the mountains, rolling, although tall, but not so tall.

This is not a holy mountain.

So naturally, there is no vertical and horizontal posture of the holy mountain.

There is no such vast land.

All of them are hills.

It is really like a holy mountain, which is just a gathering place of one small slope after another.

However, it is still a vast land. If the Terrans do not occupy it, there will be problems behind.

no way out.

Therefore, there are several kindlings of the human race in the numerous hills.

Altogether, there should be tens of millions of people living in it.

Compared with other sacred mountain lands, here is really a bit of rural flavor.

The living environment is a little poor.

And this is your favorite.

Standing on a hill and seeing one farmer after another working under it, Moxue Tianhu smiled more pleasantly:

'This is where we choose.'

'The voice of our Qingqiu people among the people will be established from here.'

When talking about this, many Tianhu had such a quiet discussion, and then they heard Moxue Tianhu say:

'Since this is the destination chosen by the Qingqiu people, it should also have a proper name.'

'Then call it Qingqiu Ancient Country!'

In such a remote place, this is a place suitable for building high walls and accumulating grain to become king.

Although the purpose is different.

But after all, there is a plan.

Hearing what Moxue Tianhu said, the other Tianhu nodded and smiled:

'That's a wonderful remark!'

'Wonderful! Wonderful!'


When the words fell, only to see the little dragon originally in the hands of Moxue Tianhu, they unconsciously merged into the vast hills.

Now for a moment.

In one of these moments.

It seems that the numerous people in front of us have a very inexplicable and fragile connection with the Qingqiu people.

Seeing that this scene has really achieved something, all the Tianhu who participated in this plan showed a relieved smile.

Finally, it became~

The next thing, just need to develop slowly, slowly promoted by the times, can perfectly solve this problem.

The other side.

The red lotus Tianhu who watched many Tianhu leave seemed to have some special light shining in his eyes.

I haven't waited long.

At the moment of your success, Honglian Tianhu seemed to have a sense of recovery.


I only saw the red lotus and the fox looking at the distance.

Feel the connection between you and the world.

For a moment, this famous Tianhu was also confused:

'Qingqiu has a vein in the Terrans.'

'It also occupies an important position among them.'

'If there is no major change in the current situation, then the Terran will eventually be the main body of the world.'

'Just as the dragon family pursues, everything in the world can turn into a dragon.'

'This is, after all, the unification of heaven and earth.'

'In this era, with a trace of incense, Qingqiu will be safe under the alternation of cause and effect.'

At this point, the smell of the Red Lotus and the Heavenly Fox seemed to become more mysterious.

'But where is the Tao?'

'Space is king, time is honored.'

'However, regardless of time or space, it is only a great power, just one of the manifestations of the Great Way.'

'Why can you feel that there is a more profound connection between you and the human race?'

'Is it just because I joined the war at that time?'

'If not, why do you have this strange and inexplicable feeling?'

'The spirit of the devil is telepathic. Is there really a problem?'

'Or is this certificate in the direction of the main road, really in this line of people?'


The silent voice was drowned by the wind.

But at that moment, a large number of stars in the sky seemed to disappear from the sky as if they had been uncovered.

Everything is very dull.

Quiet and natural~

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