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Chapter 305 Shake a person

The other side.

Before Honglian Tianhu left, Wei Yi sat on the ground honestly, looking very calm.

The moment when Red Lotus Tianhu left, his face changed:

'Things are a little tricky!'

Where are the little problems?

This is clearly a big problem!

Although what Hong Lian said in the mouth of the fox spirit is quite like drawing a big cake.

But now that she can say it, it's still a bit of a story.

At least the demons at the bottom and some at the middle can resist.

But that's where the problem arises.

The one below was a devil or something, and he didn't see it at all.

But the old monsters who survived the final battle did not have so much knowledge in his mind.

Although he is awesome.

Although his generation is stronger than his generation.

But as the old saying goes, ginger is still old and hot.

You can't believe that the younger generation has been advancing, while the older generation has been standing still or even retreating, right?

That's a bit of bullshit!

It is unknown when and when the old monsters were sealed up. Their minds are all confused.

Now live another life.

Wei Yi believes that the power of those old monsters who don't know how many years they have lived will be terrible.

After all, even a pig will have some great achievements after all these years.

What's more, they are not pigs!

Maybe those old monsters came from a more ancient era.

The most absurd thing is that Wei Yi is afraid that some of the old monsters are the original ones.

If so, they have the power to break the boundary.

He felt it when he was on the battlefield.

After all, the old monsters finally appeared, but they caught one divine beast after another and played with it in their hands.

It looks like a savage in ancient times!

At that time they were heroes.

But at this time, things have changed.

no kidding.

Wei Yi really doesn't want to face the old monsters alive in that era.

On the one hand, it is out of respect.

On the other hand, it is because they are really difficult to handle.

Originally, his original goal was to burn all these old guys to death with his young vitality.

It's different now.

In the end, the two sides can only leave behind one group.

Then at this time, we must really tear the skin to see who can live to the end.

See who can really become the winner!

Say something impolite.

He is also a hero of the human race.

At this time, it can only be regarded as an internal struggle.

It's not a problem.

The meat finally rotted in the pot.

I'm afraid that something else will happen suddenly.

That's a big problem.

When I thought of this, Wei Yi couldn't sit still any longer.

He just stood up suddenly.

Then he walked back two steps, walked to the door, opened his mouth to several little boys in the alchemy room in the distance and said:

'White Crane~Red Flame~, you two boys, please take out those gourd two turn gold pills that I just refined.'

'I want to go out to visit friends~'

The words fell, only to see two clouds of smoke suddenly floating in the distance.

The next moment, the two little boys came to Wei Yi respectfully with a few gourds.


Wave the big sleeve and take everything.

Then Wei Yi opened his mouth to many children and said:

'I will go out for a while.'

'You don't have to worry too much during this period of time. Just do what you need to do.'

'All storms have their own way~'

At the end of the day, he only saw a piece of colorful cloud, which suddenly rose from his feet.

The next moment.

Wei Yi, who was wearing a broad robe, flew toward the sky against the background of the colorful clouds.

'I will go too'

Watching Wei Yi leave, a little boy should also close the door. It's time to clean up the room.

They are orderly one by one.

There are also many flames burning in the alchemy room.

The children who were originally admitted to the door were also breathing the aura of the morning glow in the blessed land of the cave.

Everything is developing for the better.

The other side.

After leaving Weiyi of Longevity Hill Cave, he quickly turned into a light hiding and went to the deeper part of the world.

He walked down with ease.

In a short time, I found the destination of this trip.

It was a tributary of a river with all kinds of sinister darkness and all kinds of evil smells.

Although this river is so special.

But looking at the past, I can feel that it is more pure than more clear rivers.

This gives a feeling of contradiction.

However, when he saw this scene, Wei Yi, who had been walking under Jiuyou, nodded happily:

'This should be a tributary of the Huangquan River.'

'In this direction, I must be able to take care of the people I want to find.'

Thinking of this, Wei Yi walked along this small tributary towards its birthplace.

All the way forward.

Finally, after a stick of incense, he came to a wider place.

There is a little water rising here.

Everywhere you can see extreme looking men and women bathing in the river.

The number is very considerable.

In addition, one palace after another is under construction in the deep river.

Every piece of wood and stone is shining with blood red light.

It seems that these stones and woods are all left with their own unique marks by some horrible existence.

At this very moment.

Just when Wei Yi appeared, many Ashura had seen him:

'Who are you?'

In a flash, all people, men, women, young and old, were alert.

They had knives and forks in their hands and were all soldiers.

It seems very difficult to be provoked!

At this time, Wei Yi's whole person showed a pale smile:

'Please tell me.'

'Tell the Taoist friends in Huangquan that an old friend has come to visit them~'

Just as his words fell, he saw a beautiful woman coming out with a bloody fan in her hand.

Look at her breath.

Feel the bright light on her.

This is clearly one of the powers of Ashura!

This Asura looked at Wei Yi and showed a kind smile. Then he opened his mouth to many of his peers and said:

'This one is indeed a friend of our ancestors.'

'You needn't be so vigilant.'

Speaking of this, she came to Wei Yi in her bold and hot clothes.

Then I saw that she bent down respectfully and said to Wei Yi:

'Please follow me, my grandpa is now in the deep of the Huangquan River.'

After saying that, I saw that she was walking away with her long legs.

Obviously, he is leading Wei Yi to go deeper into the Huangquan River.

Wei Yi did not care about the awe around him. He followed Asura step by step and walked toward the depths of the Huangquan River.

It is indeed the home of the ancestors of Huangquan.

If he had not followed a tributary of the Huangquan River to come here, I'm afraid the whole person would not have been able to touch it.

Originally, he thought that he had built the nest very well.

Unexpectedly, the ancestor of Huangquan has developed a different way of playing according to local conditions.

This Huangquan River is extraordinary.

Huangquan Ancestor just added some small changes in the situation, which made the nine dark places more dangerous and treacherous.

Walking in the Huangquan River.

The two of them seem to have taken a special passage.

After a short time of hard work, they walked through many dangerous passes. At this time, they really reached a palace deep in the Huangquan River.

Looking at this huge group of gloomy and majestic palaces, which Asura said to the palace:

'Grandfather, there is a visitor~'

At the next moment.

I only saw the closed doors of the original huge palace and opened them one by one.




Then, I saw that the old man Huang Quan was still indifferent and walked towards Wei Yi.


Compared with the former Huangquan Ancestor, the current Huangquan Ancestor does not carry his own sword behind his back.

Because that magic sword was broken in that war!

After seeing Wei Yi, Huang Quan's indifferent expression finally changed a little:

'The visit of Taoist friends is really a way to make our Huangquan River more beautiful.'

'Please take your seat quickly, Taoist friends.'

Because he didn't laugh often, he said that Huang Quan's face was stiff at the moment.

To meet our ancestors.

Wei Yi also walked slowly towards the huge palace.

While Wei Yi was walking towards the palace, the woman behind him was slowly retreating.

After all, this palace in the Yellow Spring River is a taboo for the whole Ashura people.

When Lao Zu came to visit, it was certainly not the ordinary little guys like them who could come out to entertain him at will.

Walk into the palace.

Only the interior of the palace was completely blood red.

Even there are some veins of blood flowing in it, just like a strange blood jade.

Walking in the palace.

I only felt a pure breath coming to my face.

Compared with the muddy Huangquan River outside, the whole palace is completely at two extremes.

It feels very strange.

The most important thing is that the magic mechanism in this palace has obviously come to a very special place.

It seems that the whole hall is completely composed of one spiritual vein.

This is the essence of the old devil.

To compare these details, Weiyi's Longevity Hill is still a little worse.

Both sides sat in the palace.

You look at me and I look at you, as if falling into a very silent peace.

When we met old friends, we didn't know what to say.

After all, all the old friends who were joking with them at the beginning have fallen.

Among the three shortcut people, only Ancestor Huang Quan forced his sword to open an era.

Suddenly, Huang Quan started talking.

But what he said directly shocked Wei Yi.

'The six line god may not be dead~'

'We know him. Since we are not dead, it is even more unlikely that he will fall.'

When he said this, Mr. Huang Quan had an inexplicable confidence, which was very strong.

It's like knowing that the six gods are not dead!

At this time, after hearing the words of Ancestor Huang Quan, Wei Yi could not help but become a little silent:

'Is this... really possible?'

'Taowu, gluttonous, rare...'

Every time he said a name, it seemed that he could feel a magical force.

This is what the Six Yang Gods faced at that time.

In the face of such a terrible camp, can anyone really survive?

At that time, he saw that the real Tao of the Six Yang Gods was transformed into heaven and earth, which really confirmed this fact.

Looking at Wei Yi who was suspicious, Huang Quan said firmly:

'He will not die!'

Although he didn't give any reasons, at the moment, he really made people feel a very strong trust.

After seeing what Huang Quan said, Wei Yi also felt a little confused:

'The Lord of Six Yang... didn't die?'

'If so, did the Purple Mountain Marquis survive?'

If he seemed to ask and answer himself, Huang Quan's answer was really very straightforward, as if it was a subconscious answer:

'The Purple Mountain Marquis must have died, and he died miserably. I saw him die, so there will be no other problems.'

Wei Yi: '...'

Hearing what the paralyzed gentleman said in front of him, Wei Yi could not help feeling a moment of silence.

How to put it?

I just don't know what to say.

However, Lu Yang and Huang Quan have been friends for hundreds of years, and they must be determined by themselves.

'But since Liuyang didn't die, why didn't he come to his senses first?'

'Are there any scruples?'

If the Six Yang Gods didn't die, then the Purple Mountain Marquis would be the most unlucky one.

After all, there were only three close friends among my old friends, and only he died.

This is really...

Looking at Wei Yi's expression, Ancestor Huang Quan also opened his mouth in explanation and said:

'He is dormant!'

'If I am not mistaken, he should want to take this opportunity to complete his transformation at one time.'

'Maybe after a while, after we meet again, he will have achieved great magic!'

Looking at Huang Quan's infatuated confidence, Wei Yi wants to ask, why?

However, before he could ask, he saw the old man Huang Quan's face open and said:

'Because this seat has already felt the bottleneck of the three natural disasters. If you don't come, this seat will have tried to overcome the disasters.'

Wei Yi: '!


The surprise came a little too suddenly.

In that case, he will soon have a friend at the level of Great Avatar?

This is really a pleasure!

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