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Chapter 306 Everything is ready

Don't mention how happy it is.

With this guarantee, this guy has no chance of losing at all.

How can a flying dragon ride a face lose?

Even if I play this card for you, you may not dare to follow me.

When talking about this, Wei Yi suddenly smiled at Huang Quan and then said:

'Since the Six Yang Gods may be dormant, we will not get involved in this matter.'

'So as not to hurt God's plan.'

'However, since Taoist friends have made such achievements, I can add to the icing on the cake now.'

When he arrived here, Wei Yi waved and put the gourd of purple and gold pills on the table in the hall.

The jade tray holds a small gourd.

The tray was like jade.

It looks like a very beautiful and extraordinary work of art.

'This is the second turn gold pill refined by me.'

'Once upon a time, the Dragon Tiger Golden Pill could only be selected to help Taoist friends improve their magical power.'

'But now, these two golden pills are different.'

'Whether it is a supernatural power or a great devil, as long as it swallows a two turn gold pill, it will rise for 30 years.'

When talking about this, Wei Yi smiled, then continued to joke, and generally said to Ancestor Huang Quan:

'It is hoped that you will not dislike me. This gift is light.'

Seeing the purple and gold calabash, Huang Quan felt a little surprised.

He has heard about the Dragon Tiger Golden Pill.

In particular, the Marquis of Zishan even made some kind of transaction with Weiyi.

This must be quality assurance.

He had heard that the Dragon and Tiger Golden Elixir, which was refined before, had various limitations and could not be swallowed by anyone who was not unique.

Gene Age

Now a two turn gold pill can increase its magical power for 30 years indiscriminately.

This is really a bit against the weather!

However, when I think of it here, I am also very happy to accept it:

'In that case, it would be a shame to take this seat, which is really a cost to the Taoist friends.'

No one can lack this magical power.

Even if the great magic power is achieved, the cultivation of the magic power will not be less.

After all, as far as he knew, only when his magic power reached a certain level of perfection can he move up step by step.

This time, it was really his wish.

But that's normal.

After all, who can bear the temptation to enhance the power of the supernatural power under the great supernatural power?

Wei Yi smiled even more happily when he saw that the Ancestor Huang Quan had accepted his own golden pill.

It has taken so long to transform the Dragon and Tiger Golden Elixir and upgrade it to the second turning state. What's the purpose?

This is coming!

Although he has paid a lot of price, why is it that the patent materials are not open and shut?

It seems that the conversation between the two sides is getting deeper and deeper, and Wei Yi also smiles and says:

'Speaking of this, I have to trouble you.'

'As the saying goes,' Don't go to the Three Treasures Hall without anything. Now that I'm in trouble, I have to ask my old friends to help me. '

'I hope there will be a problem then, and Huang Quan Taoist friends can support the venue for me~'

Of course, their relationship doesn't have to be like this.

The three irons in life, they also experienced life and death, and carried guns together.

Is this kind of old friend's feeling ordinary?

In fact, as soon as I heard Wei Yi talking about this, the face of Ancestor Huang Quan became gloomy:

'Who should have such courage?'

'I wait... but I haven't died yet!'

The only few old friends who have survived are bullied by others at this time?

It's too bold.

The ancient war has just ended. Someone dares to touch the great demon god of the Terran. Who is he hitting in the face?

Who do you touch?

Hearing the question from the old ancestor Huangquan, Wei Yi could not help sighing.

Then, I told the whole story of the incident bit by bit.

Among them, he did not show partiality or embellishment, but spoke from a very fair point of view.

But that's why he's innocent.

After all, he is just a poor, weak and innocent little monk who only likes to practice alchemy on his own mountain.

Why are so many bad people these days?

Those Taoist friends like him who don't listen to things outside the window and are really devoted to Taoism are bullied by others. This is hitting their faces.

If we don't help the market, if we don't go out and stand out, people really think they are easy to bully.

'Aren't they just some coffin boards from the old days?'

'Now, we are all being slapped on the beach by the waves. How dare they be so arrogant even though they have lived for many years?'

Huang Quan was very unconvinced. After all, he practiced sword, and naturally had a straight temper:

'Don't worry, Taoist friend.'

'At that time, we will have to help the court.'

'The rest of our old friends can't be bullied by outsiders like this, especially when it's still such a big bully.'

With the age of those old monsters, it is no longer a problem to be the grandfather of Huangquan.

It's true that they bully the small with the big.

After this matter is settled, Wei Yi expresses his thanks:

'Thank you so much, Taoist friend~'

'The mountain is high and the road is far. You should walk slowly on the road ahead, and then you will arrive.'

'We will eventually meet at the summit, and we will not let the Taoist friends walk alone so lonely.'

Looking at Wei Yi, who is full of confidence, Ancestor Huang Quan couldn't help laughing:

'Ha ha...'


'In that case, that seat is waiting in front, and we will meet at the summit!'

This sentence can be said in his heart.

Most of the practitioners who have reached a certain level in these years will not make friends with others.

It is not that they look down upon others.

But in their long life, once they pour some emotion into it, then when the other party slowly withers and dies.

At this time, they must be suffering.

Even if the long life experience is full of holes, I'm afraid that the soul will also leave a variety of flaws.

This is also the reason why the relationship between the Six Yang Gods and the Ancestor Huangquan is so good.

Now, there seems to be one more.

Although Wei Yi seems to have not reached such a state of mind.

However, it has reached the limit of 800 years of supernatural power in just a few hundred years, which is absolutely the existence of talent.

Even if it is difficult to prove the magic power at that time, he believes that hundreds of years will be enough.

Isn't that pleasant?

Since then, there has been another friend on the road.

'I'm not alone, I'm not alone, ha ha...'

The existence of the same level can always prevent them from paying a lot of effort.

Some words are also helpful for them to get through the heart robbery in the three realms of nature.

Whether they win or lose in the fight, they will always feel excited, so there will be no confusion in the world.

Under such conditions, no matter whether they win or lose, they will not lose.

Who wouldn't welcome fellow practitioners?

In the great power, more people are more variables, and it also becomes more fun.

This is also the reason why many great powers did not block the way to promotion.

Play together for a long time~

After saying goodbye to the Ancestor Huang Quan, Wei Yi's whole mood suddenly became clearer.

It was heavy when I came.

But at the moment, there is a guarantee, so the next step is to make a net profit.

This is not casual play?

Even Wei Yi, who walked out of the Jiuyou Huangquan, could not help singing loudly.

Fortunately, no one is peeping around, otherwise, it may become one of his dark history in the future.

Walking on the sky, Wei Yi stepped on the white clouds while thinking:

'If the Six Yang Gods didn't die, where would he most likely be at this time?'

'If he can prove it like this, will we have two great powers before the problem occurs?'

However, after thinking about it, he did not think of where the Six Yang Gods might be.

After all, even Ancestor Huang Quan didn't know it, so he couldn't possibly know it.

'Forget it. Don't think much about it.'

'Take advantage of this time to find more old friends!'

When I thought of this, the white cloud carrying Wei Yi suddenly flew away towards the distance.

The speed is not too fast.

I have experienced thousands of mountains and rivers.

I don't know how long it took, but Wei Yi came to the place of his second old friend at this time.

The mountains are high and the water is far.

I only saw long rivers running in one of them.

The mountains here are not very tall.

But it is like a sharp blade. One peak is next to another, which seems to be a place of confusion.

The ground also seems to be swampy.

There are also various kinds of smoke all the time, hovering around and evolving different tracks.

It looks strange.

No matter how you look at it, such a place should not have a character at the level of devil.

After all, it would be good to have a supernatural being in such an environment.

But to our surprise, in such an environment, there is a big man alive.

He is also a real old friend of Wei Yi.

Stepping on the boundless marsh, Wei Yi takes a step forward and sees the fog retreating.

It seems that there is an independent ladder between walks, which leads him in slowly. Even in the fog, there is an occasional butterfly flying by.

In this confusion, it seems that there is a killing chance, which makes people dare not underestimate.

In such a strange place, everyone is relaxed, and it is possible that they will unconsciously close their eyes forever.

Looking at the butterflies flying around one after another, Wei Yi could not help but speak to the deep marsh in the distance:

'Old friends come to visit, Taoist friends, this is not welcome~'

The voices overlapped and spread far away.

It even seems to be the voice of an empty valley, which has never stopped. It seems that thousands of voice lines have been formed vaguely.

At this very moment.

I heard a very powerful voice in the fog:

'I don't have any good things on me. You have gone for nothing now.'

With this tone of voice, I only saw a figure that seemed to be real or unreal, appearing in the fog.

Obviously, this is not the Holy Demon. Who is it?

However, at the first sight of the holy and true devil, Wei Yi couldn't help narrowing his eyes:

'Taoist friends, this is a great feeling~'

'I didn't expect to end the first war. Not entering did not destroy the morale of Taoist friends, but made Taoist friends break through the barrier and make progress.'

'This is really gratifying!'

Remarkably, the holy and true demons had already understood the realm of reality and emptiness, and more importantly, the opening and death.

He has broken the shackles of nine hundred years of magic power, and achieved the status of a shortcut.

Say what, this is also a celebration!

Hearing Wei Yi's praise, the face of the holy and true devil did not show too many smiles:

'It's just a coincidence.'

'Without her... I would never have achieved anything like this.'

Speaking of that one, the Holy Demon God could not help but become silent.

Open up and die.

That war was terrible.

Ten don't save one. I don't know how many people become Tao in it.

Watching the saint and true devil suddenly fall into some kind of memory, Wei Yi can't help but keep silent for a moment.

Finally, the two sides seemed to be very tacitly avoiding this topic.

At this time, Weiyi opened his mouth to the Holy Demon God and said:

'The virtual and real world will not enter.'

'I can avoid the trace of this road, which has affected the change of truth and falsehood.'

'Let's be frank here~'

Hearing what Wei Yi said, the Holy Demon God still agreed happily.

After all, this is the real and imaginary world that he and that one created together, and he will continue to follow this path.

It's best that Wei Yi can understand him.

Although the current situation seems a bit insulting, they are all old friends and can understand each other.

At this point, the saint and true devil suddenly opened his mouth and said:

'You are a busy man. If you have nothing to do, can you come out and take the initiative to reminisce with my old friends?'

'Tell me about it. What happened suddenly?'

As he spoke, the saint and true devil even could not help showing a smile on his mouth. That was when he was happy.

After all, he was harvested as leeks one after another, and he had nothing good left.

Looking at his old friend's gloating, Weiyi was also somewhat helpless and also took out a small gourd:

'I'm going to ask my friends to help me, after all, I'm going to be bullied by others.'


With his words and deeds, Wei Yi directly explained the whole thing.

Although this matter seems to be a problem for Wei Yi, it is essentially a contest between the older generation and their existence.

It is impossible for them not to understand the truth that lips are dead and teeth are cold.

So the holy and true devil promised, naturally, it was very refreshing, and the fist in his hand was also thumping thumping thumping:

'I have been unhappy with them for a long time.'

'Aren't they just a bunch of old people? Now they are dragging one by one like two hundred fifty eighty thousand.'

'Beat their teeth off this time!'

In these years, his misty place was also earlier than those old monsters' snooping outside.

Now it's easy to have a chance to revenge. Can he not seize it?

Farewell again, this old friend.

Then, Wei Yi should take the map to find the location and start driving the clouds, one direction at a time.

These two are the most powerful friends he knows, and they have the most iron relationship. Naturally, they are not stingy about giving out good things.

But next, he had to find friends who owed him favors.

Although what he brought out this time is no longer the Second Turn Golden Elixir, it is also the first level Dragon Tiger Golden Elixir:

'Dear Taoist friends, I am...'

'Taoist friends...'

'Taoist friends~, Taoist friends...'

'... I was bullied~'


For a moment, the Demon Gods who had been cultivating in various places met such an old friend at their own doorstep.

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