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Chapter 318 Time is a good thing

This preparation is very important.

If two people have made such a decision, they must also make preparations.

After all, this is a big project.

This is not a casual joke.

If none of the four figures at the level of great supernatural power can do anything important, let's not talk about taking food from the tiger's mouth in the future.

That's a big joke.

It is estimated that those Taoist friends who have great powers will laugh for several generations.

But then again.

All four of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. How can they do this well.

So before that, the two leaders had to deal with more than half of the problem.

At least everyone should be invited.

In this way, when there are many people, it will be really easy to handle affairs in the future.

The friends of the same level of the two gods are very easy to invite. They don't need to do anything at all, just do it casually.

Then I saw Wei Yi suddenly smiling at the two shadows in the river of time.

The next moment.

A finger points on the two figures and directly turns the two tributaries into a cloud of dust.

At the moment when these two small rivers disappeared, an inexplicable air engine spread slowly from the long river of time.

That is one ten thousandth of a moment.

Just at the moment when the two figures disappeared, the air on the river changed all the time.

In the long river of time, they are boiling one by one and come out one by one.

Silently, I only saw many figures looking up at them at that moment.

It's really scary.

After all, it is all about the past, the present and the future.

Even on the original source of the long river of time, there are two eyes looking from there.

However, this feeling only lasted for a moment, and then the two eyes gradually darkened.

What followed was that the long river of time that had just boiled down gradually became dull.

When the river of time is completely flat, only two different figures come out from the source of time.

One is yellow and the other is black. It is Huang Zhonggong and Huang Quan's ancestor.

As soon as they appeared, they understood what had happened. Huang Quan also came out with a smile:

'I know you are a scourge, and I have not died.'

As soon as several people met, they showed the same smile.

This is an epic level collision.

After all, at the beginning, one by one was still stuck in the length of life.

But now it is different.

They are no longer the little friars of the past, nor need they worry about their fate being rewritten by others from now on.

They are themselves.

A real person who is the only one in the road.

This is a different meaning.

However, this guy, the Six Yang Gods, is famous, and is a famous social flower. The two of them, Huang Quan and Huang Zhonggong, think that it is normal for him to achieve great powers.

After all, they are old friends, and he is also a veteran.


When they saw the figure of Wei Yi, their faces were surprised.

Among them, Huang Zhonggong is the most famous:

'At the beginning, there was only one of the four of us, and we were the first to take that step.'

'We originally thought that it would take at least hundreds of years for Taoist friends to walk with us.'

'In my opinion, among all of us, only Taoist friends have the most talent.'

'However, we have stepped into the realm of great power in just a few hundred years. How can you let us old guys live?'

This is really a shame.

Originally, when the four of them were cleaning up the earth veins, he had already taken the first step.

At that time, his style was still very high.

After all, it was the first time that the world was created. Who could be more powerful than him?

At this moment, when he saw Wei Yi, he knew that he was still too confident, that is to say, the whole person was a little inflated.

Each mountain is higher than the other.

The world is far from normal. He should keep a low profile for his achievements.

Yes, of course.

Huang Quan himself is not bad, and he is no better than Huang Zhonggong.

After all, when he first stepped into the realm of great supernatural powers, the friend in front of him was just a demon realm.

Now the family has already gone through three natural disasters, but they are still on the way to procrastinate, which is really striking.

After a few people exchanged greetings, Wei Yi directly led the whole topic to another direction:

'You Taoist friends, don't talk.'

'Now it's time for us to get down to business.'

When talking about this, I only saw Wei Yi turn his head and say to the two old friends in front of him:

'The two Taoist friends must have known.'

'What do you think?'

He didn't directly explain the process of the two people's discussion, just asked for the results.

After all, since these two people have been mentioned when they were chatting, they will not be prevented.

So, from the moment they appeared, they had just come to the time when they were chatting.

Look up.

In one of the time mists, it seems that there are two human figures looming beside the two great wizards chatting.

Remarkably, it was the two of Huang Quan's ancestors and Huang Zhonggong!

This is the power of the great powers.

Time is not unattainable in front of them, but something that can be changed at will.

Under the entanglement of cause and effect, the transformation between cause and effect can be said to be extremely comfortable.

So when they heard Wei Yi's inquiry, they had already understood the whole process.

He even participated in it personally.

Then what questions can't be answered?

I heard the old ancestor Huang Quan suddenly say:

'Taoist friends and great talents! We certainly support this matter.'

'After all, we are still too young compared with the older generation of great psychics. If we don't unite, how can we do it in the future?'

Who wants to be a younger brother these days?

After so many years of practice, who doesn't want to create a glorious cause?

This opportunity has come.

And it's still a real opportunity for two people to move, and they can't refuse it!

Similarly, Mr. Huang Zhonggong nodded and agreed:

'This is also a good thing for us.'

'If we can really build it, maybe our two younger brothers will also benefit from it.'

'Great power, great power...'

'But not everyone is as talented as Taoist friends, who can easily walk through this natural barrier.'

Speaking of this, Huang Zhonggong also has great admiration for Youyi himself.

This is the real ability!

The natural moat of the Great Divine Power said that one step ahead is one step ahead, which can convince everyone absolutely.

Although he has confidence in his two younger brothers.

However, in terms of the big supernatural power, we can't solve it with confidence.

Now that there is a chance of trial and error, how can he not seize it for the two brothers?

This is a real internal benefit!

A few people have agreed, then this matter can be said to be much simpler.

The Lord Liuyang clapped his hands, then laughed and said to the crowd:

'In that case, let's take action!'

'The underworld is a place of six samsaras.'

'Just hearing from Taoist friends, I feel a little excited.'

'We believe that this is the most correct choice we have made!'

In the face of this sentence, everyone agrees with it.

Ordinary small world, if you play like this, it's easy, but this is the real big world.

And it is also a big world with many great supernatural beings.

This is not that simple.

But if they do, they will be able to really catch up with those old great supernatural powers.

This is the real choice.

Now that this has been decided, the change of the six cycles will be put on the agenda.

However, the first problem they faced was to find a good place to serve as the carrier of the six cycles of hell.

This matter is very important!

Therefore, people put their eyes on Huang Zhonggong. There was a positive feeling in their eyes.

After all, it's only a step away. I've been an old friend for so many years. Who doesn't know who?

Looking at people's eyes, Mr. Huang Zhonggong is still happy. He looks kind and kind:

'Since it is the love of all Taoist friends, it is natural that we should not give up.'

'For so many years, I have not been fooling around in this ancient world.'

'So, I happen to know a place that can be used as the carrier of the six samsaras!'

Speaking of this, I saw Huang Zhonggong suddenly waving to the distance.

The next moment, they have disappeared in the long river of time, came to the countless worlds, tit for tat in the world gap.

There are countless small worlds here.

These worlds are affiliated to the ancient world, and many of them are still attached to the space of the whole world.

It looks very dangerous and beautiful.

Seeing this scene, we should be careful if the common shepherd god walks.

After all, I don't know where I will go if I am not careful. If I were thrown out and the world was thrown into the sky and the sea, it would be bad luck for eight generations.

However, in the face of these things, the four great powers do not care at all.

Every walk will have this golden road paved towards the distance, which is completely aboveboard.

This is a real confidence!

After all, if there is a place that can hurt the great power, it will not be in this world.

After all, there is no person at the same level to hold back, and the great supernatural power is almost one of the whole world, the ten thousand of the whole world.

Is a unique creation god!

Therefore, in the world where many great powers exist, it seems that the style of great powers has dropped a little.

But they have a higher pursuit.

Everything is for the road!

Finally, several people came to the core of the whole ancient world.

This is the origin of the world.

The origin of the whole world is very powerful, and there are many marks of great powers on it.

If someone has an idea of the world, they must be very miserable.

This is not a magic power of two.

Even if it is true that a great supernatural power comes from outside, it is estimated that it will still be beaten in groups.

This is a just war!

Looking towards the core of this world, he saw all kinds of things in that moment.

Even more, I saw the whole ancient world, which was created by many great supernatural beings from scratch.

The endless and distant past is trying to build a unique world of many great magical powers. It seems that there are four different figures.

Each of them is also a person of their own learning, just like the diligent little bee, little by little, they build the whole world with their own way.

It has even been recognized as the most original in the world!

Finally, the four great powers came out of this time, but when they looked at the core of the whole world again.

Only to see that in the origin of the whole world, there are four more extraordinary traces of immortal divine light.

A sword, a bell, a pine, a golden crow.

The four traces complement each other and complement each other. They are very simple and unsophisticated, and seem to have been brewing over time.

It seems that it has existed since the beginning of the world.

Seeing this scene, Wei Yi couldn't help smiling:

'It's a bad thing to have achieved great powers.'

'No matter what happened in the past, we have to participate in it, and we have to go to the help shop.'

'It's really tiring.'

Hearing Wei Yi's ostentatious speech, many other great powers also smiled at each other.

This is the benefit of the Great Avatar.

As long as this time is available, there will always be their share.

The future, the past, and the present are also natural.

How terrible is such power?

In the past, they did not master such power, so they naturally became one of them.

After seeing this, it is natural that Huang Zhonggong does not need to lead us.

Because the source of another world hidden in the core of this world was originally left by them in the long river of time.

Since it is their own left things, how to take them away, naturally, they have no worries or obstacles.

They exist in logic and also transcend logic. Between causal cycles, they are the fulcrum that leverages the whole process.

Thinking of this, people naturally didn't stay here any longer. After all, they still have a lot to do.

Thinking of this, I only saw the Lord of Six Yang suddenly waved his sleeve.

The next moment, only to see a hidden seed of the origin of the world, suddenly appeared in his hands.

Looking at this thing in his hand, the Lord Liuyang couldn't help smiling:

'After hundreds of millions of years of changes, it must also be engraved with the breath of time and true spirit.'

'Time is a good thing.'

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