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Chapter 32 Visit Mr. Yin and Yang

As soon as wangmingli arrived, he saw Wei Yi standing next to the dead body.

so I took a few quick steps.

when he came to Wei Yi's side, he said:

'this matter is going to bother Taoist priest.'

'we don't know how to solve the ghost Taoist method, so please take more care.'

'if there is anything you need, just tell me. If you can do it, I will try my best to do it.'

'be sure to find the ultimate murderer!'

'please, Taoist priest.'

seeing that wangmingli gave the whole thing to himself, Wei Yi naturally wouldn't say anything else.

let alone.

for people in the capital, he and wangmingli are grasshoppers on the same line, so he also arched his hands and said:

'I will try my best.'

when there was a woman in charge of servant girls in Wuzuo, things gradually took a turn for the better.

the autopsy was first performed by Wu.

after a series of operations were completed, Wei Yi asked:

'I don't know if there is any harvest?'

'is it normal death or murder by outsiders?'

the chief of these works is a little old man.

he has two wisps of moustaches on his mouth and a melon skin hat on his head, which makes him feel treacherous.

after hearing Wei Yi's inquiry, he naturally recognized who was the leader of this matter, so he quickly bowed and responded:

'reply to Taoist priest.'

'after the villain's inspection, the servant girl should have drowned herself in the river.'

'there is no external trace on his body, even the slightest injury.'

when talking about this, the little old man's face was suddenly puzzled:

'this thing is a little strange.'

'it is reasonable to say that even if people are determined to die, they will subconsciously struggle in the river.'

'in the process of struggling, you will inevitably grasp with both hands, or even knock and touch, and there will be more or less wounds on your body.'

'but this is wrong.'

'the little girl is as white as jade. Even if she doesn't look at her wide eyes, she really thinks she died peacefully.'

'this is really strange, too strange!'

hearing the little old man's depressed murmurs, Wei Yi nodded thoughtfully, then opened his mouth to the woman standing next to him and said:

'please also have a look at some female residents.'

'see if she has been violated, or if she is pure or pregnant.'

listen to Wei Yi's instructions.

the old woman walked confidently to the dead servant girl.

lightly touched her leg.

then he touched his stomach and returned without taking long.

only saw her confident face and replied:

'please let the Taoist priest know.'

'villains have always been engaged in the test of women's private affairs, so their eyesight has never been poor.'

'the villain knows that she is still a virgin, let alone pregnant.'

after getting the correct answer, Wei Yi waved the group back.

after a group of people left, Wei Yi said to wangmingli:

'this body has no external trace.'

'I'm afraid I've been bewitched by other people's spells, and I've unconsciously entered death.'

'I didn't even struggle after jumping into the river. I'm afraid it should be a very powerful magic or dream.'

'I wonder if Wang Jushi can know such people in the capital?'

hearing Wei Yi's inquiry.

wangmingli thought carefully first, then slowly said:

'it should not be.'

'after all, the capital has a strong pressure on magic, witchcraft and other deceptive spiritual spells.'

'few people of this level go to the capital to make a living, so it should not be the hands of people from the capital.'

speaking of this, wangmingli paused and then said:

'of course, even if it's not from the capital, it's definitely related to them. It's likely that they invited them from other places.'

'so please take more trouble.'

'I will definitely ask steward Wang to strengthen their search for lantern drinkers and try to eliminate this serious problem as soon as possible.'

Wei Yi understood when he heard this.

it seems that wangmingli can't help him in this respect.

however, seeing that he is not in a hurry, it is estimated that he should have been on guard against such things.

but that's also right.

after all, he is also the confidant of the former crown prince. The skinny camel is bigger than the horse. He must have a lot of background.

then Hu Weiyi shook his head and said:

'in that case, I can only take this female corpse out with me.'

'please help me. I'll go outside the city to find an old master who is good at it to take a look for her.'

his target is Mr. Lao Yin and Yang.

after all, Mr. Li's pure Yin Qi marks his inheritance.

let alone.

at the beginning, the old man showed his hand on the mountain, but it made him very hot.

communicating with ghosts and buying and selling land deeds in the underworld is just the tip of the iceberg for the old man.

I didn't find any reason to go before.

now, all the ready-made reasons have come. Now you can go to Mr. Li to learn.

Lijia town is the periphery of Pingyang County.

the geographical location is relatively remote, so there are few pedestrians on the road.

Mr. Li lives on the edge of Lijia town.

although the yard is not small.

but it is definitely not too big.

however, the surrounding houses are becoming more and more rotten, as if they had not lived for a long time.

only Mr. Li's house has smoke.

the dark gate is a little chilly against the white wall.

the two lanterns in front of the door have a strange green light.

there is no weed in front of the door.

the Loess on the ground seems to lack vitality.

it looks like the grave soil moved from the grave.

there is a dead old tree in front of the door.

whether it is day or night, there are always a few crows circling on it.

at this time, the ticking sound of horses' hoofs came from where they were, and they moved slowly towards this strange courtyard.




the sound of horses' hoofs stops in front of the courtyard.

Wei Yi jumped down from the car, then walked to the dark gate and knocked on the door:


'Mr. Li, Mr. Li?'

'xuanzi came to visit me and asked for help. Please see me.'

with his knocking at the door.

the dark and rotten gate suddenly opened from inside.

'creak ~

a gust of wind blows.

blowing on the face only makes people feel cold in the back.


several servants standing next to the carriage in the back also couldn't help taking a breath of cold air.

there was a sudden sound of footsteps in the house, followed by a laugh:

'ha ha! Ha ha! Ha...'

'rare guest, rare guest'

'I didn't expect that my little friend could think of the old man. I'm really flattered by the old man'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.