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Chapter 323 everybody ' s happy

Feel the changes.

Wei Yi, the Six Yang Gods and Huang Zhonggong, the founder of Huangquan, looked at each other, then smiled at them and said:

'Gentlemen, it's time for us to go up and have a look.'

'All of you are back.'

Hearing what Wei Yi said, Ancestor Huangquan nodded:

'It's really time to see.'

Speaking of this, the people took a step forward very tacitly.

The next moment.

The rolling waves turn into huge rivers, covering a large area of the world.

Then the four of them stepped into it and disappeared.

See this scene.

Seeing that they suddenly walked into the long river of time, many other gods were also shocked.

Then, I took a thoughtful look at the place where the long river just appeared.

I'm afraid this is the test.

I just don't know how the gods and supernatural powers should negotiate with each other.

When I thought of this, many evil spirits shook their heads carelessly, and then buried the idea in their hearts.

It's no use for them to think here anyway.

It's better to see the situation then.

The realm of the great supernatural power was beyond their knowledge, and they could not even imagine the horror.

If someone really does something to them, they will have no time to react. They might as well wait here quietly.

The other side.

The four people who walked into the long river of time were also very calm.

They are confident.

In a short time, they saw many different figures appearing on the river of time.

Without exception.

On each figure, there is a kind of air detached from time and fate that belongs to the great supernatural power alone.

Some are even more ancient.

It seems that they don't know what era they are.

This is definitely a collection of all the great supernatural powers in the whole ancient world, which can be regarded as a blow to the old monsters.

After seeing this, the four people still walked forward in no hurry.

He walked to the opposite side of the crowd.

I only saw that the representative was Wang Yu.

In sum, this is their old boss.

It's not just they who are surprised.

The many great powers that used to be, can't help being surprised now.

After all, these are four great powers.

What's more, three of them belong to the human race.

Although there is a special state.

But as long as he has a human race in his heart, it represents the good fortune of the human race.

This is a real divine favor.

Unexpectedly, they have been away for less than a thousand years. On this land, four great supernatural powers have been born.

This is really gratifying.

More importantly, three of them were his old subordinates.

The two sides are also in love.

Although both sides have achieved great magic, all the past will be erased, and both sides can be said to stand on the same and equal status.

But this trace of incense and fire also has many functions.

what's more.

The four people in front of us can really set off a huge storm on this land.

In those days, they did not know how many great supernatural powers, so they made such a plan and achieved something.

As a result, these four young people quietly want to surpass them, and even have achieved a lot.

Completely can be said to be the son of luck.

It seems that this era came into being.

This is a great power.

There are not many people in an era.

As a result, in the past 1000 years, four people appeared as if they were free of money.

Doesn't this just mean that their experiment has yielded results?

It can be said that they have completely constructed the general framework under the interwoven causality of many great supernatural powers.

But now is not the time to think about it.

Now, the most important thing is to talk with these people about the hell that has already appeared.

Then, the man king's uncertain figure suddenly took a step forward.

Then we can see the changes between the real and the virtual.

Just in the blink of an eye, the King of Man has come to the river of time and turned it into his real life:

'Dear Taoist friends, long time no see~'

Just after he finished greeting, Wei Yi and the four of them also whispered:

'Your Highness, long time no see~' 4


Looking at their four unified steps and common advance and retreat, the King of Man also smiled helplessly:

'You four little guys don't have to make a statement in front of us.'

'Now that we have come here, the two sides mean we can talk.'

'I am not talented. Thanks to the care of many Taoist friends, I can also represent many Taoist friends in front of me.'

As soon as this was said, the upper reaches of the river suddenly became calm for a long time.

The storm they had anticipated did not materialize.

Obviously, what Renwang said is true, and he can really represent many of these great powers.

If so, it will become a bit thought-provoking.

When thinking about this, the four of them made a furtive eye contact and then heard Wei Yi say:

'Your highness, what are you talking about? We can't trust you.'

'Isn't it that the four of us are still young and afraid of bumping into many elders in front of us?'

It is very important to recognize love at this time.

There is nothing else to say about this matter.

At least in Wei Yi's feeling, the person in front of him, His Royal Highness Wang, seems to be a little higher than him.

This is no joke.

I don't know how high it is.

Although there are dozens of people who count carefully, most of them are within their senses.

In other words, there is not much difference between them.

Even if some of them are old, it is just that he has been preaching for a long time, but there is little difference between the two sides.

But the human king is not.

He has a special smell.

It seems that it is a kind of certification for him to find the next path, which is definitely one of several elders.

This leads to a conclusion.

The reason why the King of Man can represent many sacred things in front of him is that his fist is hard enough.

There are several people who are similar to the King of Man, but look around, they are all very good.

It seems that it is still far away.

Although these old monsters don't care, if they do, they won't appear here.

Seeing that Wei Yi is so slippery, the King shook his head carelessly:

'We already know this.'

'Now that you have reached this stage, we can talk about some things with you.'

When talking about this, the man king looked at all the Taoist friends in front of him with a little deep meaning, then smiled and said:

'Don't you always guess what I've been waiting for so many years?'

'Now that the opportunity has come, I just don't know if you can seize it.'

At the moment when the voice of the king fell off, Wei Yi's eyes lit up and he hurriedly picked up the conversation:

'It's all up to you to help us.'

'Oh, by the way, we are still in the initial stage of the six cycles of the underworld. We still need the guidance of many elders.'

'At the very least, we need to rely on your predecessors for the various order facilities and the passage of reincarnation.'

As soon as he said this, the man king's face immediately showed a smile


This little guy is really sensible.

At least it is important to know that some things should be compromised.

You have an apple, I have an apple, and both parties have only one apple in exchange.

But not for many great powers.

For them, you have an apple, and I have an apple. Let's work together, and everyone has these two apples.

And there will be more and more apples.

But if you want to eat alone, then sorry, then next, you will accept our just group beating.

This is an old rule for many years.

Which one of you doesn't follow this rule?

Otherwise, if there were no rules and tacit understanding, many great powers would have fallen apart.

Not to mention common progress!

As for Wei Yi's words, the Lord of the Six Yang Gods and the Ancestor Huangquan expressed their approval one after another.

They are now on the same line.

This is all about seeking benefits for all of them. At this time, there can be no problems at all.

Say more.

Just in the middle of a time line, four people were whispering and didn't know what to say.

Of course, it's not just the four of them.

The great powers in front of us have long been unknown how many tributaries have been opened up on this long river of time.

There is a sentence that can completely explain the state of many great supernatural powers behind the king.

That's five people, six groups!

Although it seems that there are only dozens of great powers here, the unknown timeline has been opened up to hundreds for a long time.

The old man has a good face and a bad back.

None of them are good. They are insidious!

Of course, although the four of them said they had given up all kinds of interests, the most important thing was their position, but they would not give up.

At the very least, the only people who can make decisions are the four of them.

This is their rule.

However, many of the great gods in front of us have made clear such things one by one.

They have been used to it for a long time. It would be good if they could drink a mouthful of soup at this time and get benefits.

It's no fun to be in Tuzeng.

What's more, this is indeed a seedling born in the ancient world.

There is a very true statement.

Although it seems that there are dozens of great supernatural powers over the long river of time, it seems that the great supernatural powers are not valuable.

In fact, it is not.

The only people who really show up to speak here are the people king, and the people in the Zhulong Emperor River are all watching on the wall.

It seems that there are many great powers, but most of them are others' trumpet.

They are all invested in trumpet.

Those who really care about the game of the ancient world, and those who are opening the chess board of the game, are only the original divine animal races.

Otherwise, how could they be beaten by this group of people pulled out by the King?

Didn't it occur to me that the king of men and women had invited so many foreign aid?

They also invited a lot of foreign aid.

However, most of them are small trumpets of some people, which is not easy to reveal their original identity, so it depends on the number of great powers.

So now the results are obvious!

Having said that, I should give some benefits to myself.

When I thought of this, I heard the King of Man suddenly open his mouth and said to the four Weiyi people in front of him:

'Our great powers also want to go further, but how difficult is it to go further?'

'However, many Taoist friends have achieved a lot with concerted efforts. Now, you may want to join them.'

At this point, the King of Human suddenly waved his hand, and then, in the long river of time, scenes appeared one after another.

That is the process of the whole world.

But vaguely, they can see a very grand Daqianshi

from the picture Boundaries.

what's more.

It seems that there are innumerable miraculous marks of great miraculous powers in the world on that side, as if they had set the ashram there.

After a careful look, even the four of them personally stepped into the time and experienced the whole construction process.

Then, Wei Yi suddenly opened his eyes. Then, the whole person whispered suspiciously:

'Is it heaven?'

Unexpectedly, the place where many great powers gather together is called Tianting.

But he soon learned.

Tianting is just Tianting. Anyway, it's no big deal. The most important thing is that the kernel is not the name.

Look into the sky.

After seeing through the Zixiao Palace in the center of the heaven, there is a throne on the main hall.

It looks like a real emperor.

However, when they looked carefully at other positions, their faces gradually became strange.

Because the position of the Zixiao Palace is not as special as the supreme seat, but it is not different from the middle position.

It's just a half body thing.

At this time, if you look into the Zixiao Palace, you will feel different.

'The Emperor of Heaven sat with his arch down, and all the saints discussed the government.'

It's interesting. It's really interesting!

But it's normal.

After all, they are all figures at the level of great supernatural powers. It is impossible for them to command each other, right?

Even if there is such a problem, it must be when the gap between the two sides is huge.

At least not now!

Looking at the strange smiles of the four people, Renwang couldn't help smiling:

'Thanks to the success of the Terrans, I now occupy the position of Emperor of Heaven.'

'We have just established an order, but we didn't expect to give you four opportunities before the specific things were implemented.'

'But now, all the sages and sages have entered the Zixiao Palace, which is just the time when we, the ancient world, are burning with fire and flowers.'

'Let the ancient world flourish!


At the moment when everyone reached this tacit understanding, the whole world seemed to have undergone a subtle change.

This seems to be a real change.

It also seems to symbolize the coming of order!

Chapter 313 Everyone Is Happy

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