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Chapter 324 Still calm

Wei Yi, who has solved this problem, feels that the whole person is much calmer.

At least nothing else.

Anyway, our territory has been preserved, and we are still developing in a more prosperous way at this stage.

Although we can't see anything at this stage.

But in the future, everything will depend on time to slowly verify.

Of course, one thing is really absurd.

Who knows that this hard and tough ancient world has really gathered together the heaven and the earth.

Although it is still a gun version nowadays.

But who stipulates which is true and which is false?

There is a good saying.

'When false is true, it is also false; when true is false, it is also true.'

What's more, the world itself at least does not lack the great magic power to turn fake into real, and refine fake into real.

You said I was fake, and I said you were fake.

Isn't it a fight in the end?

'Down with pandas, I am a national treasure.'

In the practice world, there is no absolute truth, or nothing can not be changed under the absolute power.

Ordinary dynasties can modify history books at will.

Not to mention the spiritual world.

In a world like this with great powers of magic, there is no fear of such issues as public opinion.

Anyway, it is to refresh the world at any time.

I felt uncomfortable, so I took the world out and refreshed it.

When you are in a good mood, you will naturally have time to play with them.

Such a truly powerful world is really unbridled, and no one can control it.

The hell is growing.

To be honest, they are still in a state of hidden development at this stage.

Anyway, this sentence is true.

Because since their settlement that time, the whole world has begun to really show signs of heaven.

Although at this time, Tianting did not take the banner of commanding the world.

But we did meet many people.

A lot of former demons and gods have gone, and a number has been put on this nominal heaven.

This is not really something to rely on.

Anyway, they just went to hang up a sign.

What's more, the characters at the level of devil and god can only take an idle job.

On the whole, it is equivalent to whether there is such a position in the open, although its own authority has not changed.

But it has already obtained orthodoxy.

As for other minor cultivators, there are few in the sky.

Now the heaven is an empty shell.

In addition to many great supernatural powers, there are also some truly powerful figures at the level of devil god. Ordinary people do not know the news at all.

Ordinary practitioners are not qualified to join.

Although today's world Tianting is powerful enough, there is no suitable person.

Most of them are creatures of all kinds.

Because I didn't say anything else.

Nowadays, the life span of practitioners is an extremely absurd problem.

Only when you achieve the supernatural realm can you live for a thousand years, which is not even one hundred million times that of others.

Who can stand this guy?

You should know that every person at the level of supernatural power is definitely a genius among the geniuses.

And they all have unparalleled power.

Otherwise, the whole world of cultivating immortals now, the whole ancient world, has great supernatural powers, as well as the suppression of evil spirits.

I'm afraid it's a mess now.

Anyway, to sum up, there is no one in today's Tianting, just a big empty shell.

And it is only spread in a small part of the circle.

Most practitioners do not know.

Even today's heaven is not as good as the hell created by Wei Yi and others.

At least there are enough people in the prefecture.

After death, he can be reincarnated, or simply not let him die. He has been reincarnated and alive.

The officials of the underworld are also evil men. This guy is absolutely a devil.

There will be no disgrace of being picked by others.

Not to mention the four great powers.

There are a lot of characters at the level of Light Demon God.

Even if the characters at the level of great supernatural powers are gone, it is estimated that they can't turn over a few waves.

Are they really made of mud?

Otherwise, they would have gone to all worlds to develop the underworld before they started.

Anyway, these things are basically solved.

The whole ancient world is still so casual, so insipid.

There are geniuses and devils among them.

Although Xingyou Tianzun also came back, the old devils in his background did not know where they were hiding.

Those are all geniuses.

Especially the top old devils.

If you don't have enough talent, enough temperament, and enough calculation, you may not live to achieve the Devil.

As for the old man who used to control cranes, I can only say that he still has some problems in his mind.

Otherwise, they will not be shot.

Now, his Tao fruit is still on the Taiyin fruit tree in Weiyi, waiting to bear fruit.

Those top old devils are not here.

However, the return of Xingyou Tianzun also made the heretical line flourish.

All kinds of heresies, or all kinds of magic, which I didn't know where they were lost before, have heirs.

Moreover, unification is worship of God.

In any case, Wei Yi understands that the old devil Xingyou Tianzun is really a tough old guy.

Light and darkness are opposites in this world.

But at the same time of confrontation, the two sides can transform each other.

Absolute light and absolute darkness are absolutely impossible.

In order to have enough influence in the ancient world, other great supernatural powers need to make various arrangements.

But Xingyou Tianzun is different.

He himself is the ancestor of evil ways, and it is not wrong to call him the devil ancestor.

Anyway, no matter what happened to him, as long as someone took the wrong path, he would definitely worship his ancestor.

Although he is not strong enough now.

But it is definitely an enduring character.

Thinking of this, Wei Yi, sitting on the top of Longevity Hill, could not help sighing:

'They are all old devils!'

'Sure enough, none of these old magic powers are compatible with each other, although they seem very silent.'

'It's really a headache!'

Few people will be afraid of real weapons.

However, the situation of taking time as a pawn, which has taken many years to play its role, really makes people lose their hair.

But he also had to participate.

After all, this is the most basic way to play when we reach the level of Great Divine Power.

Hearing his sigh, he had been playing with his little gold brick's red fever behind, and then walked up gently:

'Sir, do you have anything to worry about?'

Hearing Red Yan's question, Wei Yi shook his head:

'Everyone has troubles.'

'You have your troubles, our troubles.'

'Unless your master and I really don't want to play with them, otherwise I will be in trouble all day.'

'I still have to practice hard.'

'Only a strong enough capacity can truly gain the respect of others.'

If he has the power of a man king, he will be respected by others.

Unfortunately, he is still too young.

How can he, who has just stepped into the great magic power, compare with those old monsters who really don't know how many years he has been in it, and who are also extremely talented?

He knows a lot about himself.

I will not overestimate my strength too much.

Hearing what Wei Yi said, Chiyan nodded thoughtfully:

'Oh... I understand~'

Wei Yi couldn't help laughing when he saw the red fever behaving like this.

Then, reluctantly, he pointed to him and said with a smile:


After saying that, Wei Yi stood up from the pavilion on the top of the mountain, and then walked down the Longevity Hill.

The pavilion on Longevity Hill was specially built for him, which was also the intention of many children.

Seeing his master leave, Chiyan looked at Sifang with some doubts, and then stopped thinking about other things:

'Anyway, there is a master in front. I'd better listen to the master's command honestly here!'

After saying that, he just saw that he quickly put away some tea and snacks on the small pavilion.

These are all good things.

But we can't waste it casually.

It happened that the four of them had to go out to play, so they could share one point.

When I think of this, I can't help feeling happy again.

The joys and sorrows of people are different.

It is obvious that these little guys can not face many troubles and dangers.

This is the real right person.

The other side.

Wei Yi, who came down from the top of the mountain, stepped step by step into the Longevity Cave.

At this time, the blessed land has already changed, which is more pure and detached than before.

It seems to be beyond the three realms and not in the five elements.

In particular, the laurel tree in the back mountain always receives the purest moonlight in the world.

The endless vitality of the Taiyin slants down, which is the paradise of the spirit beasts in the whole mountain forest.


I don't know when that one was planted. One of them, the lunar laurel, has already returned to its original place.

When no one knew it, it had become a rare ancestral root in the world.

Look at the green and luxuriant cave.

Take a look at this flower decorated with Monroe.

This is the pure land of the immortal family.

At this time, Wei Yi has already figured out:

'The reason why I am worried now is that my accomplishments have entered the country too quickly.'

'If I were still in the realm of evil spirits, I should not consider the level of great powers.'

In the realm of the devil, he wanted wind and rain.

It is absolutely not in the Jianghu, but there is always a legend of my father in the Jianghu.

Now, he is the youngest among the people at the level of great supernatural powers, and his details are still close.

He also wanted to understand this problem.

And I think deeply.

'I am rich by alchemy.'

'He always pays attention to making money with kindness.'

'I was already a famous gift boy when I didn't achieve the supernatural realm before.'

It is precisely because he is very generous. He gives away treasures when he sees people, and he is kind, so he is treated by others wherever he goes.

'But after I have achieved the magic power and even the devil, the relationship between these friends will be more extensive.'

'Who out there wouldn't say hello to me?'

'In the final analysis, is it because I have a big weapon in my hand and have enough interests?'

After all, the Dragon and Tiger Golden Pill, which can refine and enhance magic, is indispensable to any demon god.

This is also the reason why he said that people can find people.

The second round of the golden pill can invite people who are close to the road. Doesn't that explain the problem?

Although the Golden Elixir is still in its second turn, it can be developed slowly.

At least to his level, he felt that if he was willing to spend time, he could at least deduce the pill to more than five times.

The realm of devil and god depends on interests.

There will be no other problems at that level.

Interests are forever friends.

So we still have to find ways to do this.

'Now, every great psychic has his own idea, and there are countless small things behind each one.'

'I'm a little poor now, and I don't think anything can move them.'

This is indeed true.

After all, he has just achieved great powers. If he could really have something that is good for great powers, he would have used it for himself.

How can we do favors?

'These old guys don't care about them first, because sooner or later they will show their way.'

'Then it's time for me to start pricing.'

At this point, Wei Yi suddenly sees the ancestral root of a lunar laurel in the backyard.

'The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves. Although it may not be possible to beat the front waves on the beach, the back waves are endless.'

'Since there is no way to play with Qianlang, try to tie Houlang to the chariot.'

Now he has three allies.

But this is just the beginning, and the future will develop step by step.

At the very least, they are not the only ones with great powers, which is the consensus of all people.

That's easy.

He can't play with the great power, and has no good thing to attract the great power, but he can handle any practitioner with the consent of the great god.

Whether a person is a Taoist practitioner or a figure in the supernatural realm, he always has a corresponding pill package.

Now we should stabilize our own people.

Refine pills at home every day, do not go out to increase your sense of existence, and try to invest in future practitioners.

No competition, no robbery.

To do nothing is to do nothing.

When one day he really wanted to move, it was probably the scene of waving his hand and everyone obeyed.

When I thought of this, Wei Yi became more indifferent and gently picked a laurel:

'Give it all to time~'

The sweet smell of the osmanthus tree pervades the whole Longevity Hill.

At the moment of smelling the fragrance, all the creatures felt that the whole person was floating, and the soul seemed to fly out.

At this time, deep in the Longevity Hill, there was a sigh:

'The laurel tree has opened, and the second Danyuan Fruit Festival is coming soon. How time flies...'

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