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Chapter 325 You're playing me

As the date of Danyuan Fruit Club is getting closer, the whole Longevity Hill is busy up and down.

As the leader of Longevity Hill, Wei Yi is now holding his big Dan stove in the Xuantian Hall every day, and he doesn't know what to study.

The boss doesn't care about anything, and the little ones below have to consider everything.

After all, if they have undertaken such a conference once and held it again worse than before, what face will they have to continue to work here?

Are you kidding?

The boss is not here. It's just right.

After all, if that person is really here, it is estimated that the whole Longevity Hill will be very excited from up and down to the devil and down to ordinary spirit animals.

In other words, it is a kind of dignity.

That's a real magic power!

Who dares to snub such a big man?

Naturally, it makes people more anxious, although it may play a significant role.

But for many creatures, they don't like it.

After all, this is also psychological pressure.

Right now.

The four chamberlains above make overall plans. All kinds of spirit animals, demon animals and many spiritual practices below are also running in the mountains.

The original secret realm of Longevity Hill has already connected 108 caves, and I don't know what it will become.


For this great event, the four of them specially opened a new spiritual realm in the Longevity Hill Cave.

This is also used for hospitality in the future.

The four housekeepers are on the top, and they are all kinds of questions.

The children below are also very active.

After all, every conference is a great opportunity for them.

In the Wanshou Mountain, there are beautiful environments and various cultivation resources, which make many practitioners of spirit animals focus on the Tao.

Although it is said that Wanshou Mountain recruits children every year.

But the employment rate is too low.

It is almost the selection of talents from among the talents. Finally, it is qualified to be a child in Longevity Hill.

The top is removed.

But most talented people can still cultivate magic power with the help of the aura of heaven and earth.

But who can be reconciled to such a situation?

Yes, those people in the same period are better than them, but who has no future? Who doesn't want to imagine?

What if I am the only one?

What if I am a late talent?

Therefore, in the face of this kind of top-level conference facing the whole ancient world and countless races.

These talented little guys are busy one by one.

It's good to be able to penetrate the eyes.

Anyway, the mountain master once said that he would not block anyone's heart to the Tao.

If you have the ability, just follow the teacher.

Even if anyone has the opportunity to get the favor of many evil gods who come to the meeting, the mountain master will give gifts in person.

Although this matter is not clear now.

Although there is no creature that can let those gods have a look and propose the idea of accepting disciples.

But this is always a way.

Even if it is not proposed to accept apprentices, the conference will be held later, and many evil gods and great supernatural powers will also have a discourse conference.

At that time, they may be able to achieve something with a few words by chance.

Where is there a better condition than this?

As the only chance in the whole ancient world, the spirit beasts in the mountains also have to compete.

How can we get benefits? Who doesn't appreciate his big boss?

That's just great kindness.

So long before the second Danyuan Fruit Fair on Longevity Hill opened, the whole Longevity Hill was boiling.

There are flying practices everywhere.

Even the delicate little ones have to clean the branches and leaves of a plant in front of the mountain gate to make it green.

This is also lovely.

During this period of time, all the creatures in Longevity Hill no longer practice with the help of Yuehua.

On the contrary, the moon blooms every day, making the whole Longevity Hill rise and fall at night, and there will be blue smoke columns like ropes.

When many moonlight auras are condensed together, we can see that the whole Longevity Hill is covered with a layer of silver light.

It looks clean and beautiful.

It gives people a thrilling aesthetic feeling.

The spirit beasts on Longevity Hill put forward this idea, and it is not bad for those children who do not know how many generations they have inherited.

Like this kind of genius, everyone has extraordinary magical powers when going out of the mountain.

Although not everyone can prove their magic in the future, everyone has their own magic skills.

Or flying swords, or fire techniques, a dazzling array of things~

Even they are ingenious, using their own magic power to connect on the road of Longevity Hill.

Every inch of land and rocks will be covered by their spiritual light.

God veins appear one after another.

The moss on the mountain path leading to Longevity Hill looks very mysterious, revealing a thriving atmosphere.

The forest seems to be breathing.

The veins in the mountains seem to be pulsing.

Spiritual spiders on the mountain are spitting silk, which seems to form one yarn web after another to celebrate this event.

Those old apes who have practiced for a hundred years have turned white and are busy picking peaches on the mountain one by one.

The fruit offering of white apes is auspicious.

Many old monkeys are trying to make their Holy Fruit unique.

From time to time, a little monkey will jump out of the trees in the mountains, looking very lively and lively.

The white tigers that once roamed the mountains and forests, one by one, showed their true colors.

The daily swallowing of moonlight makes their fur more shiny and looks more dignified.

However, on such days, they give up their dignity and smile all day long, looking like a big cat who makes people want to roll their hands.

Chubby and very naive.

More importantly, these big cats of feline family have already recognized that Xiao Hei is the leader, and they also have big cats to support.

So they are happier and more committed to such things.

Little white rabbits, Heiqiu and Heiqiu are pulling turnips, and ginseng dolls are playing in the mountains, plump, white and tender, very cute.

Every living creature wants Longevity Hill to become better.

In addition, Chiyan also used his own fire room as a guide to outline the purple atmosphere of 3000 li in the sky.

There are roads between dense places.

Although it is not publicized, it really shows a trace of luxury and atmosphere in the low-key.

That's it.

In such a time, Longevity Hill seems to have become more intelligent and different from the past.

Everywhere is full of jubilant air, and all kinds of fruit trees in the mountains are patronized by various spiritual animals.

Like the golden autumn and September, this is a season full of harvest.

The other side.

The 49 evil gods who had participated in the first session of the conference were also very active.

They have already got the news.

There will be four great powers in this conference. Even if they don't say anything good, they can easily move forward.

Say more.

Most of them are old friends.

In the face of such old comrades in arms, and the people who held the meeting were still famous good people, real big shots, who didn't want to go up and participate?

The more you strive for power and gain, the more you have your own position. Most people can't be friends with you if they want something.

Most people will never abandon you if you don't fight for anything and treat others with an atmosphere.

Especially when this person does not fight or rob, has strong accomplishments, extensive contacts, and has a famous alchemy.

This is the fragrant ginseng fruit!

Almost everyone wants to bite, even if they don't bite, they have to smell it.

This is the advantage of reputation.

Quietly, with the attitude of gentle wind and light rain, they change their status and stand with the vast majority of people.

Therefore, anyone who gets an invitation will naturally be quick and willing to wait for work.

But this time, they didn't go naked like before.

In the past, the reason why they went naked was that they went to help others support the market.

Now it's time for us to attend the conference.

Then we must follow the normal specifications.

At the very least, you should take out some things as gifts to give yourself a strong face.

Otherwise, who can take off the skin and rub up hard? They are all old demons and have a good face.

After all, no one wants to make himself too humiliated in front of the younger generation.

Those old and lonely demons, or those real big men, are busy collecting heaven and earth's magic opportunities as gifts.

But those who have disciples and grandchildren are not.

There is no shortage but inequality.

Such a good opportunity is not just for the spirit beast children in Longevity Hill, who want to sharpen their heads and drill up.

Any practitioner wants to go in.

However, compared with the unique local advantages of Wanshou Mountain, others are almost there.

Only those who follow their ancestors who are qualified to attend the conference can be used as a guard of honor to rub against the outside.

In this way, the number is still limited.

After all, you are a demon god, and you have three or five disciples and grandchildren. It is reasonable to say that you want to have a long experience.

Let the apprentice Sun Liangliang spell and earn face for himself.

This face is all there is.

But if you take the number one or twenty people away at one time, it's a bit ridiculous.

Who can't see your little nine?

So we have to sift, sift and sift again. Those who are not smart, not those who are not good at cultivation, not those who are not good-looking, and not those who are not smart.

These are all face saving projects.

Even if you don't want to earn face, don't lose face.

At this time, when many big men were moving, a visitor seemed to come to a quiet Taohuayuan, a small mountain valley.

Just look at him lying on a small boat, holding a fishing rod in one hand, and letting the boat float around.

Just when he thought he could talk to his old friends again, he found that the Peach Blossom Garden was very lively.

Everywhere is bustling.

This makes him a little strange.

Then he sat up from the boat, patted one of the little guys, and asked:

'What happened in your valley?'

'Why are all the little guys out now?'

'Did your ancestors give orders?'

After hearing this inquiry and seeing the old man in coir raincoat, the young servant replied with great respect:

'Go back to catch the old man's words.'

'We don't know the specific situation, but it is said that it is a matter of great benefit.'

'Now, all the martial brothers in the whole Taoyuan Valley, as well as grandfathers, are fighting for this opportunity.'

'Why don't you go and ask the ancestors?'

There are pink peach flowers in this mountain peach garden. Although it is called a valley, the area is really huge.

But with the embellishment of peach blossoms, it is more gentle.

One cabin after another.

It has some lingering charm.

But at the moment, under each peach blossom, there are little friars who are eager to show their strengths and seize the opportunity.

Seeing this scene and hearing this, the fisherman became surprised:

'Oh? Is there such a good thing?'

'I have to go in and have a look.'

With a wave of his hand, he collected his boat and fishing rod, and then walked toward the depths of the peach forest.

The whole Taoyuan is full of twists and turns, with only one stream flowing through it.

It seems that there is a strange sect called Dunjia, and the layout is ordinary.

However, these things are not a problem in front of the transfer. They just walk through a peach blossom barrier.

However, when he went to the depths of the peach garden, he found his old friends standing in front of the most important peach tree in a daze.

He also holds a small jade axe in his hand, which seems to be thinking about where to look.

The peach tree, which has passed through thousands of years, is also shivering in front of the small jade axe.

Seeing this scene, the fisherman was shocked:

'Taoyuan, you old man, what are you doing now?!'

'You forgot about this old peach tree. It's the spiritual root that you worked hard to get?'

'In the Taoyuan Valley, the cultivation of thousands of peach blossoms and countless disciples depends on it. Did you break your head when you practiced magic?'

The fisherman quickly stopped the Taoyuan Taoist priest's action, and even felt that he hated the iron but could not make it into steel when he spoke.

The old peach tree is the lifeblood.

Does that mean you can chop?

However, when he really looked at his old friends, he finally found the blind spot:

'... Hmm?'

'Which step did you take? When did you take that step to become the devil of the world?'

When talking about this, the old fisherman still feels sour in his mouth.

They are all old friends who play together all day long. They usually play with flowers one by one, and cheer everyone.

How come you are now the devil, while I am still wandering in the magical realm?

Are you playing me?

The old fisherman's eyes changed when he thought of this place.

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