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Chapter 329 Make a living

Standing on this colorless, phaseless, rootless circle of time.

Feel the fate of the cause and effect.

Weiyi has to admit that it is really powerful to experience the power of many great powers.

This is not the ordinary fierce, but the super super fierce.

When such great powers are gathered together, it is not the so-called one plus one equals two, nor is one plus one greater than two.

It's a very horrible state.

To put it bluntly, the addition of great powers is similar to an exponential state.

They each have extraordinary powers.

Each is infinite, time and space are eternal, and the power of freedom also has an endless concept.

One after another, they are added together and show exponential explosion.

Don't say it's just an ordinary magic power.

Even if the fierce man, Ren Wang, was here, he was probably just beaten by others.

This has risen to another concept.

Unless someone really has a great supernatural power, he or she will find another way and create another realm.

Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible.

Before this step is taken, even if the human king and his followers are extremely scared, they must take care of the will of all saints after all.

In the face of such a big scene.

Seeing such a real ancient world, countless sages appeared.

Wei Yi said that I was just looking at the excitement. Please go ahead.

Look at so many people.

Especially when so many great powers worked together to stop themselves, the Immortal Immortal Longevity said that it was really a bit absurd.

In the ordinary world, even in the vast world, there may not be a great supernatural realm.

Even if there are some big worlds that have gone beyond multiple dimensions, they are just big worlds.

The big world is.

As for the so-called pluralism and endless pluralism, they are just a manifestation of the world.

It can be imagined that the great power is precious.

It is not that he is bragging, in the time of one era after another that he has lived.

Not to mention the vast world I have seen.

Even the really fierce world is like the one with more than a dozen great powers.

Many great supernatural powers are also difficult to coexist peacefully, and they basically have their own minor differences.

Let alone work together to stop him, a living great power.

Unless someone really does something that makes everyone angry, and this foreign enemy's thing exceeds the internal cause.

But this is impossible!

This is absolutely true. He has been working hard for so many years, but he just went to every big world to secretly leave a coordinate and steal something.

It's really not enough to let so many people stop him.

He really can't afford it!

Look at the circle full of great time and space and great power at this moment, the flowing water above time.

The Immortal Longevity finally couldn't help it:

'I don't know where I am, which offended you?'

'If you have offended me, I would like to invite you to criticize me, and I am sure you will come up with a satisfactory result.'

This is one of his temptations.

However, facing his words, especially the Zulong in black robe in front of him, he couldn't help laughing:

'Just be at ease, Taoist friends.'

'This seat will not make it too difficult for passers-by to do.'

'Take it easy!'

After spending so much time and wasting so long of resources, I finally hooked you up.

Can you just let it go?

This is the time. Not only are all your so-called resources ours.

Even you are ours!

What else are you qualified for?

At this time, the man king also opened his mouth and said:

'It's getting late. Zulong Taoist friend, please hurry up and ask this Taoist friend to go.'

As soon as this was said, the whole face of the Immortal God turned green.

I haven't waited for him to say anything.

I only saw time. Suddenly, endless time, a tributary of the long river, flowed from the circle.

There are many figures on each one.

Standing in the front of Zulong, the whole person reflects a sense of dignity and hegemony.

At this time, he finally showed his terror. Only one person can cover many supernatural powers.

The momentum is really extraordinary.


I heard the Zulong shout, and saw only a huge dragon claw, which traces back to the endless cause and effect from the infinite space, time and space in the sky and the earth.

This is something that no one can hide, and it contains real supreme power.

At the next moment, many great powers, including magic power, were launched.

Each is extraordinary.

Dozens of great powers have taken action one after another, and they are all sure, and they have already been prepared.

If this time comes again, you and I will kill dozens of rounds, it will be a bit of nonsense.

A great supernatural power was found here casually, which was on the same level as the Immortal Immortal.

Not to mention the great powers, there are still some old monsters who are not sure how many years old. They have already made half a step in the realm of great powers.

Beating him is a matter of minutes.

At the next moment, I saw only countless lights, countless lights without any, suddenly illuminating the whole sky and sea.

Many great powers work independently:



Then, I heard a loud voice in the long river:

'This seat is not satisfied~'

At the next moment, many great supernatural powers joined hands and finally intercepted all the fragments of the immortal spirit light.

most important of all.

At the upstream of the river of time, in the dark, Zulong had already held a hazy supreme fruit.

Because Wei Yi also did it.

So he fished in troubled waters among the people, and got a lot of immortal spiritual light.

'Hey hey, this is a good thing.'

Looking at the inborn immortal light in his hands, which is not as good as the five elements detached from the world, Wei Yi could not help laughing.

This is a good treasure.

It can be regarded as a conceptual thing completely.

Born wishing tree.

There is only the innate light. As long as it is not completely consumed, there is almost anything you want.

For the great supernatural powers, this inborn immortal light is also something they can learn from.

This is no joke.

It also took a lot of effort to completely intercept the inborn immortal light of a great supernatural power.

After all, it's easy to kill a great miracle.

However, it is a big problem to intercept the inborn immortal spirit light from various unknown tributaries of the long river of time.

Fortunately, there are many of them.

It can only be said that the Immortal Heavenly One, who is famous in the sky and the sea, was not wronged by this great god.

After all, the fish that has been fished for so many years are really caught by the older fishermen.

This is fate!

At this time, many great powers also appeared.

In particular, when they saw the hazy Longevity Fruit in Zulong's hand, everyone could not help smiling with satisfaction.

Even Zulong himself could not help smiling:

'This is the real foundation of our ancient world and the real growth trend in the future.'

Short lived species are always unsuitable.

Especially in this world with many great supernatural powers, the short life is always unforgettable.

Although they have their own means to make people live a long life.

But after all, it is an expedient measure.

Now, a living great supernatural power, with its own Tao fruit, has achieved the eternal source of the whole ancient world.

This in itself is worth celebrating!

With the passage of time, they always belong to them, and gradually can cultivate more talents.

Great powers also need to be accumulated.

At this time, it is really necessary to have extremely representative figures.

The King of Man naturally said:

'Since the goal of this trip has been achieved, we should be prepared.'

'Time always rolls forward.'

'It is believed that we will be able to see more Tianzhuo talents in a short time.'

'This world is our world after all!'

His words were immediately agreed by many great supernatural powers.

Let's not say anything else.

At least they are the real eternal heroes.

People of their rank.

It is basically not old, not dead, wandering in eternal time.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can change the direction of time at will.

But there is also a premise.

Don't be so unlucky!

It's like this God of Longevity.

It is almost impossible to be surrounded and killed by others in ordinary times.

Even if he is really trapped in that desperate situation, he is basically immortal, and no one can kill him.

It's like now.

Although it is said that his inborn immortal spirit light and his own Tao fruit have been stolen by many great supernatural powers.

He is still on time and stream.

Only he has a chance. If he seizes this chance, he may return.

This is the power of Great Divine Power.

It's a pity, who let him face the real old hell force this time?

Dozens of people hit one.

On the source and flow of time, on every river, there are great supernatural powers sitting there.

This is bullshit.

As long as so many of the great powers here do not speak, it is almost impossible for the Immortal Heavenly Lord to return.

Although he will never die, he will never return.

He will always be on the river of time.

For him, he always has countless opportunities to try and make mistakes.

Only if he can unite with him and persuade several people to unite with him in many great gods' notices, then this matter will have a spectrum.

However, it is too early to consider this matter.

Because there are so many great powers at this time, they are like young people at the beginning of their business.

That's definitely a honeymoon.

In recent eras, there is basically no such thing as betrayal.

At this moment, the King of Human suddenly ended his talk and said to the small transparent Wei Yi in the crowd:

'Now, the Danyuan Fruit Club held by Taoist friends should be about to start, right?'

Hearing Ren Wang's abrupt inquiry, Wei Yi couldn't help but not respond:

'Your highness means...?'

Hearing Wei Yi's inquiry, the King of Man suddenly smiled very gently.

He did not answer the question.

He just turned his head to the great magical power beside him, which has been on numerous time branches for many times, and said:

'I wonder what you think of this grand event?'

Speaking of this, he said to the supreme dragon with a strong sense of existence:

'What do you think?'

'Can this grand event be used as an opportunity for us to seek opportunities for all generations?'

As soon as this was said, Wei Yi naturally understood that the meaning of this should be to use her platform.

More importantly, he wanted to unite all the great gods of the ancient world.

Wei Yi's Danyuan Fruit Club is an opportunity.

What's more, what they said was that the chance of an eternal life should be the chance to seek longevity for the whole ancient world.

If a man of practice can live long.

If the supernatural beings no longer struggle with the life span of a thousand years.

If there is a demon god level, it doesn't matter how long you have been practicing and whether you will have longevity.

What kind of world will this be?

Absolutely genius!

Even, with this opportunity, strong families such as the dragon and phoenix may come out with great supernatural powers again.

It depends on whether Zulong is given a chance.

If given the opportunity this time, the Danyuan Fruit Club of Longevity Hill will become a meeting at the level of great power from now on.

From now on, it will not be the same as it is now!

Thinking of this, not only Wei Yi is watching Zulong quietly, but also other great powers are watching this matter.

Say something more outrageous.

Now, in this ancient world, the real people in the world are only divided into two parts.

One is the deity family represented by Zulong.

The other is the human race represented by the human king.

As for the other great supernatural beings, they have no fundamental position in the whole ancient world.

They themselves are not ancient visitors.

It is precisely because of this that they want to use an opportunity to take root in the whole ancient world.

It is obvious that the present Danyuan Fruit Club is just in their mind.

That becomes much more interesting.

Feeling the thoughts of many great powers, Zulong suddenly smiled at the man in front of him:

'Ha ha...'

'Just as we need a chance, the existence of heaven should also show some edge.'

'Once the whole world is really changed, then our further opportunities will come.'

'How can I refuse such a good deed?'

'With such a platform, why should we not?'

'In that case, please bother Xuantian Taoist friends to make this meeting more grand.'

As soon as this was said, an inexplicable breeze suddenly blew through the whole time and space.

It seems that the weather has changed~

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