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Chapter 34 Observe the falling Yin

The sky soon darkened, and before that, the two men had discussed how to search for the body.

at a certain moment.

a dark wind suddenly blows from the ground and rages in the whole courtyard.


sounds distant, as if someone was blowing a whistle in the distance.

at this time.

Wei Yi opened his eyes and carefully observed the whole courtyard, but found that the whole courtyard seemed to have changed.

day and night are completely different.

if the yard looks strange in the daytime, it still looks like a yard.

the night was full of demons!

gusts of overcast wind blew.

at night, the gate opens automatically, and the green light flashes in the eyes of the two door gods.

make the whole gate green.

the dead tree at the door turned dark in the night.

I don't know if I read it wrong.

Wei Yi suddenly seems to see the shadow of the dead wood, twisted and deformed in the dark.

it seems that there is something on it.

the yellow soil paved at the door has become more and more extraordinary.

it seems that something is creeping below. It feels like there are several living people buried under the ground, and the next one can break through the ground.

the gate is so strange. No wonder there are no people living in the surrounding courtyards.

I'm afraid they are scared away!

that's not all.

this is just the layout outside the courtyard.

the courtyard is even more outrageous.

one white paper after another floated out of the room.

there are many more paper men and horses in the usual empty corner.

especially the boys and girls.

looking at the eyes, there is a strange life, and even it turns slowly with the change of eyes.

the powder Blusher on the face is very bright.

Wei Yi is afraid that he will come over and pat him on the shoulder if he doesn't see that his coat is made of paper.

this group of paper men and horses are making noises in the dark wind, as if they were marching and fighting.

strange sounds sound.

like a child's laughter.

'he he! He he!...'

'he he!...'


the leather lanterns hanging on the big locust tree have been lit now.


inside the lanterns one after another, there was a faint green light.

one ghost symbol after another is floating in the wind, which makes the whole yard green, and some places are even in the dark.

it seems that there is something hidden in it.

stamped his foot.

Wei Yi moved his body to make his body not too stiff.

after a while, I felt that my Taoist robe was completely frozen.

but this is unreasonable.

because this is dog days!

in such a hot summer, even at night, it can not be so cold.


this is not the external cold.

it is a kind of bone penetrating air conditioner, as if it could freeze water into ice in the next moment.

a faint light flashed in Wei Yi's eyes.

that was his magic eye for observing Qi and fortune, which was opened by him.

look again.

there is already a shadow in the courtyard.

countless figures swayed back and forth among the paper men and horses.

Wei Yi's ears moved. He seemed to hear something.

then subconsciously look back.

but at the moment of looking at the past, his pupils were enlarged involuntarily!

because a child less than a month old was lying on his shoulder at the moment. He even smiled at him when he saw him looking at him.

Wei Yi: '...

I lost it!

is it so gloomy?

just then, Mr. Li, sitting beside Wei Yi, opened his mouth. He coughed and said softly:

'don't come out to frighten people.'

'this is my guest. I still have some business to do tonight. I can do whatever I have to do ~

finish with him.

the dark wind in the whole yard is more noisy.

after a while.

all the shadow figures were attached to the darkness, while the little baby green fierce ghost slowly climbed onto the big locust tree.

even when Wei Yi looked at him, he turned his head 180 degrees to look at him.

looks very naughty.

Wei Yi laughed:

'ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!...'

'Mr. Li is quite lively here.'

'no wonder you don't feel lonely living here alone. There are so many people with you.'

this is really a bit gloomy.

in a moment and a half, even he had to slow down his beating heart.

Mr. Li looked at the moonlight. Now the moon is in the middle of the sky. It is the world full of Yin:

'little friend, the time is just right.'

'since you can bring the body here, the old man can't let you down.'

'tonight, the old man will show you the shadow. Let's go to the shadow to see how the little girl died.'

after that, Mr. Li took out a piece of clothes from the box next to him.

Wei Yi looks at it and then draws his mouth.

then he pointed to the old shroud in front of him and said:

'this... This is for me?'

'shall I wear it, too?'

after hearing Wei Yi's rhetorical question, Mr. Li could not help joking:

'if you are not afraid of Yin Qi, you can do without it.'

'after all, my little friend is a good Taoist priest. He should be able to withstand Yin Qi. Let's hurry up. We should not die for a while.'

hearing his words, Wei Yi immediately became refreshed.

I'm kidding. He's still a physical foetus. How can he resist Yin Qi? It's not like looking for death.

so he put on the slightly shabby shroud that Mr. Li took out.

I don't know if I don't wear it. I'm scared when I wear it.

as soon as you put it on, you feel a different warmth in your clothes.

the cloudy wind blowing in the setting of the moon is very gentle.

Wei Yi's eyes brighten, baby!

seeing Wei Yi's expression, Mr. Li couldn't help smiling proudly:

'now you know it.'

'come with me, little friend. Just follow me quietly. Remember not to happen, let alone disturb the dead.'

after that, Mr. Li took a green leather lantern from his side and then walked to the side of the coffin.

Wei Yi followed behind.

when the two of them came to the core of the weird gossip gate, the green lights flashed.

the underground eight trigrams gate seems to be stimulated. In a moment, it opens the hidden light and forms a special portal.

Wei Yi only feels a spirit shaking child, and the whole person's mind is out of the body.

wait until he wakes up.

I just feel that I have come into a gloomy and discolored world.

the whole world is black and white, and there is no other color.

and their location is next to the coffin in Mr. Li's courtyard.


the coffin shook slightly.

then I saw that the dead servant girl came out of the coffin slowly!

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.