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Chapter 342 Follow the boss

Doesn't it make sense?

Since the top two have promised this, he will not refuse.

Only Wei Yi smiled at Zulong and then said:

'Now that those two have agreed, I will not say anything against you.'

'Besides, you've already come to this point. How can I refuse?'

'After all, as the same people in the ancient world, I am more inclined to my own people.'

'At least we should maintain the current situation even if we are not our own people.'

'I have been very greedy for further cultivation for a long time, and I want to wait for the future elders to give me some advice.'

'Now, where can we let these guys set up a stand and overturn the framework we have worked so hard to build?'

Hearing what Wei Yi said, Zulong couldn't help nodding and agreeing.

Now he is more confident.

Although it is simple to say, it is really not easy to do.

After all, those guys don't know which one has already taken another half step.

If you really want to sweep others out, you must find a very good chance to complete the whole game.

If their plot is exposed carelessly, I'm afraid it's really possible to steal chicken without destroying rice.

Fortunately, they are looking for people who are more reliable.

In particular, they are all our own people.

In this regard, Zulong believes that Wei Yi is not the infernal way.

After all, on the one hand, this can be regarded as a person who has grown up. It will never be a boy or girl.

On the other hand.

Naturally, there is such a small part of the resonance above the character.

This is the pride of true great power.

Since they have promised these things, they will not break their promise naturally.

'Ha ha...'


'Now, with Taoist friends, there will be more opportunities to take this seat.'

'The mantis catches the cicada, and the yellow finch is behind.'

'It depends on our plans. Who can be better?'

For Zulong, it doesn't matter who succeeds in the end.

After all, no matter who succeeds, he is sure to take advantage of the last trace of power to see another realm.

But this issue of dominance cannot be changed in the slightest.

Especially now is the early stage.

If this is the first era of the world, it can be said that the original era did not lay down real rules.

In the future, more things are expected to happen in other eras.

He doesn't want this to become a one-time profit making tool. Sustainable development and sustainable growth are the king's way.

Although there will be great changes in the future.

But if they can really benefit from such a rule, they will naturally uphold it.

What they have done is to engrave this rule in the whole world in advance.

Let all the great powers consciously maintain a rule

Once this is done.

At least they will definitely get a lot of benefits.

As the first sequence.

As real ceiling level figures, they have confidence to move forward against the ceiling.

Who knows if there is a chance to reach the waterproof layer above the ceiling?

When thinking of this, Zulong suddenly smiled at the unknown space in the distance.

Seems to have a look at someone in the dark.

But the two sides parted at a touch.

It is as if the two sides are not in the same time and space, not in the same world.

All these are insignificant!

Now that this matter has been decided, their relationship will naturally be drawn closer.

I carried guns together and whored together.

The three irons in life, they are about to carry out the first one.

It's that simple.

The two sides pushed the cup and changed it. It can be said that they were very happy and comfortable.

Several people talked to each other.

Even Zulong explained some secrets that he did not know many years ago.

A few people can be said to enjoy the guests and the host.

Anyway, nothing else.

At least in Zulong's mouth, Wei Yi really understood many secrets hidden by the great gods in this world.

These things are capital.

And this is not something you can know by casually achieving a great power.

After all, most of the true great powers like to portray themselves as the image of Weiguangzheng, basically all of them are great virtues and great powers.

Once they really become great prodigies, they will basically polish, modify and revise their original paragraph in time.

As latecomers, some people can trace back to time, transcend cause and effect, and can only see a part of their greatness.

They can only feel that they are divine.

And their so-called secrets, as well as some embarrassing things in the past, are only known by former elders and their Taoist friends.

If you really want to know the secrets of that level, you must at least integrate into a circle and let others treat you sincerely.


In such an environment, Weiyi seems to have really achieved this step.

The two sides are in the honeymoon period, so this matter can naturally be brought out by the two sides and discussed.

Even in this kind of communication, Wei Yi even learned many embarrassing things about the Emperor.

In any case, for Zulong, an old antique that has existed since the beginning of the world, few things can hide from him.

Completely is a know it all.

The family has an old age, if there is a treasure, it is not only in the ordinary world of the world, it can be said.

In the spiritual world, the old man is a good treasure to suppress his own secret.

At this moment, Wei Yi suddenly remembered something. He suddenly asked Zulong and Qinglong:

'I want to ask you about something.'

'The leader of the ancient god mountain master line, does His Highness Zhu Long really have nothing to do with the elder?'

This is actually his early question.

After all, both sides are real dragons, and both are dragons at the level of great supernatural powers.

It's really hard to say, they don't matter.

What's more, I have heard some legends that Zulong is his brother.

All kinds are different.

Anyway, now that the Lord is here, why does he have to guess? Just ask.

Hearing Wei Yi's question, Zulong suddenly smiled, but the green dragon beside him did seem helpless.

I only saw that he suddenly sighed and then said to Wei Yi:

'You don't know.'

'Although we are all real dragons who have mastered the concept of the dragon family, we are different from each other in Tao.'

'Compared with the many races we have developed, it seems that Candlelight Dragons prefer to live in the mountains and forests.'

At this point, Qinglong seemed to think of something and shook his head again:

'Now, he has no idea of the extent of his cultivation.'

'I can't say that he really has the ability to compare with the elder brother. After all, it is the dragon holding candles that controls time and time!'

At any time, the power of time can only make people feel awe.

Although they can play with time.

But I really think they are a little bit worse than Zhulong, a man who grew up in time.

This is not an essential difference.

Who said that just a little gap is enough to make people feel hopeless.

Looking at the inexplicable appearance of Qinglong, it is estimated that this person should have had a shriveled life on Zhulong.


According to Wei Yi's observation.

The green dragon in front of me seems to be the second most important person in the whole dragon family.

His strength may have reached the beginning of one yuan long ago, and he is definitely a veteran level of great supernatural power.

But it's also right to think like that.

After all, none of those ancient gods or mountain gods is good.

To represent them, at least we must have the strength to suppress them.

After all, the Queen Mother of the West is also an ancient god, but also a god of mountains and rivers!

After hearing their conversation, Zulong didn't seem to feel the slightest surprise. His whole face was smiling.

Although I still feel very domineering.

However, in this sense of hegemony, there is a little more affinity:

'Taoist friends should not care too much about them.'

'Those guys haven't left a deep enough mark in the whole ancient world.'

'If we don't want to use this opportunity to sweep them out, we don't need to contact Wang Yu at all.'

'This is an opportunity to surpass the previous generation.'

'I hope you can seize the opportunity at this time finally, and don't let the hard won opportunity run away in front of you.'

At the end, Zulong Zulong seems to be very serious.

Be honest with your own people.

Like the same level of great power, don't show too much half hearted when you really cooperate.

Only sincerity can bring sincerity.

Although there may be many routines, there is no doubt that this is really reassuring

Following Zulong's words, Wei Yi could not help but feel relieved:

'Now that you are ready, I don't need to make a fool of myself.'

He never thinks highly of himself.

What's more, no one has ever been a fool after so many years of living.

They are all foxes. Who plays Liaozhai in front of whom?

He doesn't think that he is the only smart person who can see the main character once in a million years.

The only thing he can do is to keep his luck and let himself live forever.

The rest is king.

If people of the same level are dead, he will be the last master.

This sentence applies to all industries.

As long as he can live forever, everything will show its trace in time.

Nothing is without flaw.

Nothing is absolute.

Even if it is the ability of great supernatural power, it is absolutely impossible to do anything without any flaw.

If in such a long time, I can be overturned by others with absolute advantage.

That Wei Yi is useless.

It's better to follow the boss. They drink soup in the back.

Anyway, with their own strength and status, as long as they win, they will not have their own soup to drink.

Only by truly sharing the profits, can we truly achieve great things.

He believed that Zulong and some kings knew this truth.

And they definitely do great things!

This is enough.

Moreover, he was also very interested in the extremely important opportunity mentioned by Zulong.

After all, all this is empty talk.

For their later great powers, the so-called common growth seems to be a round pie.

They can only see but can't eat.

There is nothing clearer about the whole process than the person who started this business.

Although he has a direction in mind.

But since there are people standing on top of it, it will definitely develop towards the good side eventually.

Say seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity.

I just don't know whether this opportunity is one-time or very likely in the future.

This is just a try after all!

Next, the people stopped talking about this matter.

After all, in the final analysis, Wei Yi has asked a lot of things, and they have talked about many secrets.

I can't say much about it.

Sometimes, muzzle guns also pay the same price.

Some things are best left unsaid.

All people are in the heart, vaguely, then it is natural that there will be no such thing in the heart of others.

If you don't keep secrets, you will lose your officials.

Even if Wei Yi said that it was about the last step, Zulong could not tell Wei Yi.

Even if Zulong is really so easy to tell him the root cause of this matter and how to finally achieve Tao fruit.

Then he may be worried.

After all, there is no free lunch in the world.

It's just right to be confused.

Sometimes, if you know too much, you will be unhappy.

There are many good treasures in Zulong Palace.

I don't know what I think. Zulong, a big man of the dragon family, actually has a fishing rod in his hand.

This painting style is a bit inappropriate.

However, this fishing rod is a little out of place.

But it's a treasure of nature!

What is the concept of Zulong, who controls such a treasure?

Every birth of the inborn spiritual treasure, or the birth of the inborn spiritual light, requires a great supernatural power level to make sacrifices.

Without the immortal spirit light, where can we cast the inborn spirit treasure?

What's more, Zulong is a real old monster who has been a Taoist for many years.

If we really talk about it, we can't say that Wei Yi can't beat his fishing rod.

Some things are too high to see the edge.

What's more, he's so different?

Otherwise, where can Wei Yi keep his mouth shut?

Finally, after several people reached their achievements happily, Wei Yi said goodbye to them:

'Don't send me off again, predecessors.'

'I just have this chance to visit my old friends.'

'I haven't seen you for many years, but I miss you a little...'

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