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Chapter 351 New World

Almost all the great supernatural beings can feel everything that happened in the whole ancient world.

The reason why there is no action is that they just ignore it.

And now.

In that land, after the incident, Wei Yi, who was far away in the cave of Longevity Hill, could not help sighing:


With a sigh, the Tao has gone through the vicissitudes of life.

After all, without his help, how could it be possible to return to the sky and come back to life collectively?

Although it involves reincarnation.

But more is also accompanied by time.

Without the great power of heaven and earth, how can we do so clean and so fast.

However, it can be regarded as cleaning the tail of the handle.

It is also to understand the cause and effect.

After all, the reason why practitioners have successors is to let their beliefs and theories pass on.

That is to say, green is better than blue.

However, there is a premise that there is no longevity.

No one has died since ancient times, so stay loyal to history. If life often passes, then we must find a successor to pass on ideas.

But once it can really last forever, it will become something unnecessary.

After all, once you really live forever, you can use your life to improve your theory.

Instead of relying on inheritors and luck.

Who will continue to expect future generations to inherit and carry forward their achievements if they can accomplish them with their own strength?

Unless you really meet a peerless genius!

He sighed.

Just watching Wei Yi gently pinching the formula, after a while, he saw several golden flame pills flying out of the huge alchemy furnace in front of him.



These golden pills are very fast.

It looks as if it is going to fly out.

They are very spiritual one by one.

However, these things are all practiced by Wei Yi. How can these good things run away?

Do whatever you want.

He saw only a small pale blue jade bottle and it appeared in his hand.

'Come on~'

Give a gentle wave.

I only saw those golden pills that had already flown outside the door, as if they were being pulled by something, flying towards the little jade bottle in his hand.

Only a few crisp noises were heard.

In that small jade bottle, plain clothes are already full of pills.

He casually passed by and put the small jade bottle beside the whole alchemy furnace, regardless of whether it was a golden pill that others could not find.

Seeing this scene, Wei Yi couldn't help sighing:

'The nine turn golden pill is really a rare concept.'

'Even with my current skills, I'm afraid I can't completely refine it.'

'Forget it.'

'In that case, I should make other preparations.'

When he arrived here, he suddenly looked into the distance.

The next moment.

He looked through all kinds of dimensions, crossed the endless time, and came to the sky of the whole ancient world.

The sky and the sea became a little vain in his eyes.

It seems that all these are closely woven lines, which are full of possibilities and impossibilities.

Seeing this scene, Wei Yi can't help nodding:

'If you want to achieve the beginning of one yuan in this ancient world, it will take at least tens of thousands of years.'

'In such a time, there may be some small accidents.'

If you want to achieve something, you must spend countless years.

In such a time that needs time to coordinate slowly, even a great psychic can not be avoided.

Although they have long been able to play with time, sometimes they still need to respect Him.

Take back your eyes again.

He retreated from the world belonging to the great sage and looked at the small Longevity Hill in front of him again:

'The great supernatural power, after all, needs to have its own strength.'

'Although the beginning of the monism is important, the induction of all the appositives is also extremely important for every great supernatural power at the moment of closing the timeline.'

'In that case, it is better to operate on both sides.'

'If we can prove the position of the great supernatural power from another world, I'm afraid it will not be far away from the beginning of one yuan.'

'Or in other words, if we really occupy another road in another world once again, we will achieve a great miracle.'

'Then let alone say that it is the beginning of achieving one yuan, I am afraid I can also compete for the position of the big man in this side of the world.'

'If you think about it, it's really a good choice.'

When he thought of this, Wei Yi slowly lowered his determination.

Who can't step on the accelerator in a straight line?

Fast curve is really fast!

In this case, he participated in the small scene when many real leaders were reaping the fruits of the world on this side.

He wants to overtake at a curve, make achievements in other worlds, and then come back to give everyone a big surprise.

Thinking of this, he had already made up his mind.

'In that case, it should be sooner rather than later.'

'But it still needs to be considered after all.'

'I am afraid that there is no ordinary world that can already speak loudly.'

'If you don't get ready early, I'm afraid you will end up being caught last time.'

At the thought of this, Wei Yi felt cold on his back.

Everyone wants to be a fisherman.

But not everyone can catch fish.

The vast majority of the Diaoyu Islands can only be regarded as air force personnel, and they have nothing to gain.

What's more?

Everyone likes to treat himself as the violent side, not the violent side.

At that time, he accompanied many real big men to beat up one person. It was very cool when he beat up the Immortal Heavenly Goddess at that time.

However, Feng Shui always takes turns.

If he sneaks into other people's World Cup secretly, those great wizards will find their hometown.

That would be a big deal.

I don't know. At that time, he may have to accept the just beating of others.

However, on second thought, he immediately abandoned the idea:

'What am I afraid of?'

'Anyway, I don't sneak into other people's world with my own body.'

'It's just a projection of this place in the heavens and all worlds, a collection of ideas.'

'This is the projection of the poor, how can we say it is a stowaway?'

When he thought of this, he was all righteously strong.

My heart is always like a mirror, and everything I do is just!

'Besides, what if other people can find my home?'

'How can I be bullied in my hometown by so many elders and supernatural powers in the ancient world?'

That's absolutely right!

There are people behind it, that's different.

What's the use of fighting alone? You should have influence and background when you come out these days.

Otherwise, it would be just a little punk.

When he thought of this, he gradually began to have goals:

'I vaguely remember that the Immortal Longevity seemed to have collected several coordinates of the secret world.'

'It seems that I left a trace of breath at that time. Now it seems that the casual action at that time should have a great effect now.'

When he thought of this, he looked back again.

It's only one in ten thousand moments.

By the time Wei Yi opened his eyes again, there were three different smells in his hands.

Each breath in his hands was writhing, as if it were like a dragon or a snake, as if it would turn into different seal characters at the next moment.

Seeing this scene, Wei Yi couldn't help laughing when he saw the coordinates that were slowly changing:

'There were no mistakes.'

'The coordinates of these three worlds, each of which is a famous world in the sea of emptiness.'

'Even in every world, there is a great power of negative digits. The courage of immortality is really great.'

No wonder this guy was successfully fished.

For so many years, she dares to go wherever she is.

There is a world of great powers in the plural. Such a world can never be generalized by the ordinary universe.

Pinch your head and touch it gently.

Then, his whole person suddenly showed a smile that was difficult to understand:

'These three worlds are really interesting.'

'Who can imagine that at such a time, we can still encounter a familiar world?'

'It looks like a legendary experience, which is enduring everywhere. I should go to see it next time.'

'But now is not the time.'

'I'm afraid this is the world most suitable for me.'

Thinking about the one he took out specially, it seems that he can see it in the world like dragon and phoenix seal characters.

It seems that the fox demon is sucking the essence of mortals, and there is a kind of demon and ghost making trouble in it.

Of course, with this group of demons and ghosts, there are naturally many Taoists and monks who kill demons and demons.

All kinds of magical powers and spells are very interesting.

What is more valuable is that.

This world seems to belong to a kind of immortal Xia's worldview, which is similar to that of Jiuzhou in the ancient world.

In this way, I can get familiar with it for the first time.

At the very least, there will be no direct death due to acclimatization just after entering another world.

If such a thing happens, I'm afraid he will be laughed to death by other great powers, right?

This can definitely laugh for at least one era.

But there is no way.

After all, in every world, they all highly respect the local great power.

Only those who are truly born in their own country can join them to prove their great power and not be strangled.

If you want to truly occupy the road of others in others' world, you can build a great power again.

This is very difficult.

Otherwise, there would not be so many great supernatural powers in this realm, walking slowly.

Yes, every great supernatural power has the power to transcend the fate of time and space, and they are forever free in all worlds.

If he is in the projection of another world, or the world peer appears with his identity.

Then, his appearance is the level of great supernatural power, which is his own realm and status, a certificate that will never fade.

But the problem caused by this is that once he exposes his identity, he will be invited out by the great powers of other worlds.

Whether you drink tea by emotion, then kick out of the world directly, or talk about cooperation, it basically won't let you stay in the world.

This is a good temper.

Those with bad temper can simply call for friends and friends and beat them up in the world.

Anyway, they are all great powers, and no one is afraid of anyone. If they cross the border, they will be beaten.

This principle can be explained everywhere.

This is also the reason why many great supernatural powers would rather practice diligently than enter other worlds to prove the great supernatural powers again.

Because if you want to enter another world, you cannot use your own person.

It can be said that you can awaken the avatar of other worlds, the projection of other worlds, and so on.

However, if you want to achieve a great power again, you can achieve a great power from another path.

Then we must do as the Romans do.

How people practice in the world itself, you have to practice in the same way. Only in this way can you achieve something.

If so, it would be easy.

But once the real cut off, their own personality, all their detachment, all cut down.

Then this awakening idea will no longer have the dignity of the great supernatural powers, just like ordinary people.

There may be some memories.

But at most, they only stay at the level of mortals.

There is absolutely nothing about cultivation.

What's more, once they really do this step, they will not be any special.

Maybe I fell down when I walked, knocked my head against a stone and died.

Maybe when I cross the river, I don't step on it and fall into the water. I can't swim and drown.

All kinds of death methods are possible.

Compared with climbing from the bottom to the top again from other worlds, their greatest possibility is to be in various accidental deaths.

How can we play?

After all, only those who are truly great gods can understand how difficult it is to achieve great gods.

If you don't open the door, and if you don't have a great supernatural power behind you, the possibility of achieving great supernatural power is infinitely close to zero.

Isn't this just pulling the calf?

However, now Wei Yi knows that there are tigers in the mountain and prefers to travel in the Tiger Mountain.

In any case, it is to draw all people into the ordinary and compare them at the same level.

However, compared with other great supernatural powers, it still has an advantage that is inexplicable and has not been understood up to now.

That is, he is a passer-by thrown by himself who doesn't know how powerful he will be in the future.

They are also ordinary people, so the passer-by naturally has a little more advantages than ordinary people.

And once this advantage is really played out, he feels that he still has a little hope.

Thinking of this, he suddenly closed his eyes, and the whole person fell into the dark again.

At the next moment.

I only saw that the only breath of the world coordinate in his hands suddenly collapsed.

In a vague way, I saw only one idea step into it, and just one twinkling, I crossed the endless sky and sea, and came to the other side of the world.

When he crossed that world, he only saw that there were several thoughts flashing in that world at that moment:




Although they felt it in their hearts, they did not find anything when they looked around the nine secluded places, six ways and three realms.

With a few mysterious and ethereal sounds, an ordinary and extraordinary life suddenly came into being in the huge and boundless world group!

(End of this chapter)

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