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Chapter 36 Fox fire

The ancient and strong city looks so tall from a distance.

however, there are pieces of broken bricks and tiles on the city, which should have been very strong.

many bricks and tiles have been corroded.

when you look close, you will find that the whole city seems to have been tempered for thousands of years and become rotten and broken.

it is like an empty shelf.

at this time, the old gate suddenly made a sharp sound:

'creak ~

with a burst of Peng! The sound of.

the leaves of the half door hanging above the city gate suddenly fell to the ground.

the only few yellow leaves left on a dead tree at the gate fell on the broken gate.

right now.

a little servant girl who swayed like a zombie came slowly from the road in the distance.

at the moment, her clothes seem to be corroded and broken.

she was supposed to be a very young girl, but now her body is gradually decaying and becoming old.

right behind her.

a Green Lantern followed her closely, like a ghost fire in people's rumors.

two people in shroud followed, except that their faces turned white and looked like zombies.

no other performance for the time being.

when he came here, Wei Yi looked at the fallen gate and sighed:

'I finally understand why Mr. Li insisted on me wearing this shroud.'

'it turns out that Yin Qi is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that it seems to contain the decay of time ~

Mr. Li, whose face turned pale in front of him, moved his lips when he heard Wei Yi's emotion, and seemed not to speak.

but I still sigh in my heart when I go again.

I didn't expect that the young man was so energetic that he could walk in the underworld for such a long time while watching the fall of the Yin for the first time.


the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before them ~

the two men followed the walking corpses who were no longer called little servant girls and walked slowly towards Pingyang street.

after entering the city.

the whole city is almost dark again.

in such darkness, it seems that there are people following behind at every moment.

although there is no sound.

but when walking in the dark, you feel someone staring at your back.

the whole person feels numbness on the scalp.

when walking on the street, Wei Yi seems to suddenly feel something.


for the first time in the city, he turned aside to check.

turning around, he found that it was a piece of glazed windows in the street.

this is a rich businessman's family.

here, the colored glass is the same as the glass. Naturally, there is a trend to use colored glass as a window.

there is a piece of brilliance on the coloured glaze.

it seems that only one person's face is reflected in it.

because inside the glazed glass, it is a darkness, just like looking out from the room with the light on at night.


a face from the darkness seems to gradually coincide with Wei Yi's face.

when he was about to look carefully, a strange smile suddenly appeared on the corner of his mouth.

then it disappears slowly.

but his strange eyes are strange. Wei Yi knows he is right.

there must be something there!

just at this time, Mr. Li's voice came from his ear:


'the black hand behind the scenes will appear ~

hearing this, Wei Yi couldn't care about his face in the dark and had to keep up with the figure in front.

she is very familiar when walking in the palace.

as a servant girl, she easily walked to the edge of a large running water pond in the backyard.

stand by the pond.

she seems to have become a little dull.

two footsteps

came, and Mr. Li Yu Weiyi came behind her.

when Wei Yi wondered why she hadn't acted.

only her body trembled.

then, the man carrying them suddenly moved.


the body is not moving!

is the head that has become very decayed at the moment.

her 180 degree rotation.

from the posture of turning your back to the two of them, to facing them squarely.

there seems to be an inexplicable emotion in the completely opened pupil.


she twitched the corners of her mouth in the burning eyes of the two people, as if she were smiling or greeting.

but at the next moment.

her leg moved slightly, and then she jumped into the running water.


the river made a popping sound.

but then, it seems to wake up something in the river, the incomparable rapidity of the whole river.

just then, Mr. Li gave a soft drink:


after that, he jumped into the river with a lantern in his hand.

seeing Mr. Li jump, Wei Yi naturally had no doubt. The next moment, he directly stepped forward and jumped down.




two sounds of falling into the water.

the two people just on the shore fell into the water and lost their traces.

just when the two of them jumped down.

in the black-and-white backyard, a very vague figure suddenly appeared.

then, the figure seemed confused. After finding nothing, it gradually became dim until it disappeared!

jump into the river.

Wei Yi thought it would be very cold.

however, his intended feeling did not appear. Not only that, they seemed to fall into another space.

Wei Yi: 'where is this?'

hearing Wei Yi's voice, Mr. Li quickly covered his mouth:

'hush... Keep your voice down...'

'now we have really found the behind the scenes. This is the memory of the little servant girl.'

'it is also the reflection of those behind the scenes in real life.'

'living in the mountains, but still able to control a person to commit suicide freely, this is not a simple behind the scenes...'

in the end, Mr. Li's voice gradually decreased, and finally it gradually became.


the horizon in the distance suddenly became purple, illuminating half the sky.

at this time, the two people suddenly looked at each other, and then walked in that direction together.

wait until they get closer.

what catches the eye is a large parcel of earth. I don't know which family's tomb it is.

there seem to be hundreds of potholes.

I don't know if there is no one in the family. Many graves have been dug out by others and their bones are exposed.

in this case.

on a small earth grave in the center, a squatting figure suddenly attracted the attention of two people.

after seeing clearly.

Wei Yi's eyes gradually widen.

because it is a yellow fox who worships the sky!

on its head, a very round black skull was placed on its forehead.

at the same time.

there are several skeletons at its feet.

it seems that they are stepping on these skulls and worshiping the moon with their heads on their heads.

with each kneeling.

a white light appeared in the sky and fell on the skull on his forehead, making it smoother.

every time he kneels down, his mouth will be filled with purple flames.

the whole tomb is covered with hundreds of graves, which looks like entering another terrible world.

the soul summoning flags flutter in the sky, as if waving flags and shouting.

a skull on a grave.

the direction of all skulls is the direction of the fox in the center!

see this sub scene.

the two men looked at each other, and then said:

'it's a fox spirit!'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.