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Chapter 370 cooperation

In the face of such a sudden event, Wei Yi's first choice was not to believe it.

Although he is kind to others.

Although he believes that harmony generates wealth.

But you are so empty handed that you ask others to help you when you come up. Is this a small problem?

It seems to feel Wei Yi's hesitation.

That very gentle voice appeared in his ears again:

'I also understand your hesitation.'

'But since I can raise the idea of asking for help from Taoist friends, I naturally came with sincerity.'

When his words fell, Wei Yi seemed to feel something in that moment.

Then, he suddenly looked underground:


The whole person also suddenly stepped back a few steps, and the iron tire bow hanging on the wall was already in his hands.

The bowstring is taut.

The thunder suddenly sounded.

It seems that in the next moment, you can penetrate the land and penetrate the hidden things below.

However, after waiting for a while, the land suddenly broke into the sky and gave out a light of inspiration:


After seeing that thing.

Wei Yi's whole eyes could not help sending out a ray of light, which seemed like white in an empty room.

At the next moment, he started to move, and his body seemed to have turned into a ghost. The same person was just like a dragon.

Very fast.

When he reached for it, he grabbed it:

'Holy ginseng root beard!'

'At the very least, they have been doing things for a hundred years.'

When he saw this, Wei Yi's whole face became serious.

This is a bit complicated.

This ginseng is definitely the essence of the centennial ginseng.

Ginseng, which has been used for hundreds of years, can hang people's lives after getting a root.

Not to mention the centennial ginseng.

Although it may not have too much magic power, it can't call the wind and call the rain.

But the innate energy accumulated in his body after hundreds of years of practice is absolutely horrible.

It's like this beard.

Just in his hands, he felt a surge of vitality.

If you swallow it, it is more terrible than refining a whole snake demon's blood and flesh medicine.

This is equivalent to giving him a piece of congenital energy for nothing. Such benefits can not be evaded by ordinary people.

Say more.

As that one said.

This only represents his sincerity. It is conceivable that if he can really succeed in the end, how much benefit can he get.

At the same time, there are both opportunities and crises.

If you can pay for the centennial ginseng, you can definitely understand that this matter will be more complicated.

Maybe some practitioners will fall.

Looking at Wei Yi's silence here, that warm voice sounded again:

'I don't know what Taoists think?'

'I must be able to satisfy you with my sincerity, right?'

Hearing this voice again, Wei Yi's whole person was almost unprecedentedly dignified.

He thought for a while, then said:

'I've always wanted to, but I dare not ask you.'

'Since you are so sincere, I will not be a villain in vain.'

'I wonder what friends need me to do?'

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Naturally, he should be more cautious.

Help is help.

But if there is a trap, he may fall here.

Therefore, he will only ask in his own Taoist temple, and will not go to the position he said.

And obviously, that person also clearly understands Wei Yi's psychology, and does not seem to have any problem with it:

'Since you have promised, I will not deceive you.'

'What's more, I am also a kind of spirit of the earth. I know the character of Taoist friends. I believe that Taoist friends will not be treacherous.'

He seems to know Wei Yi very well, which makes Wei Yi become very interested.

Then, the owner of that voice seemed to speak slowly:

'I was originally a Holy Reference for gaining energy in the mountains. I have practiced for more than 100 years.'

'However, this practice was originally an act against heaven, and I can't change my life step by step after all.'

Speaking of this, he could not help sighing.

The world is also very strict with the spirit of plants and trees. There are not many successful practitioners in the world.

'Now, the fate of the world is coming, and life is hard to find. I naturally want to seek the position of a god in the mountain for life.'

'It's more about robbery. I think there are many dangers, so I want to ask you to help me.'

After saying this, naturally we should draw a big cake and tell us the ultimate goal:

'If I can achieve success in my cultivation, and if I can achieve my position as the Earth Spirit Mountain God, I will naturally leave my body to Taoist friends.'

Even Wei Yi, who had been prepared for this, was shocked at the moment:

'Are you serious?'

This is no joke.

Although it is said that he has become a mountain god, he may take away part of the essence when he controls the earth.

But after all, it is Perennial Ginseng.

Even if some of the essence is taken away, it is by no means what ordinary people can get.

This is the mountain treasure!

'That's true!'

At this time, the two sides have a real foundation for win-win cooperation.

He gave too much.

The old Taoist priest has lived for more than 300 years, and has never seen a shadow of the Holy Ginseng, let alone the centennial Holy Ginseng.

Who can withstand such a test?

Hearing this, Wei Yi became serious, and he repeatedly pinched the formula.

Then, he only saw that he took out the four treasures of the study from his room, and immediately splashed ink.

After he finished writing, the whole person's handprint suddenly printed on the article of offering sacrifices to heaven:


A little light appeared.

This also means that this article of offering sacrifices to heaven has been recognized by the world.

Later, he pointed to the article and then said:

'Please draw your autograph.'

Once a conclusion is reached, a signature or a drawing cannot be changed.

What's more, this is an article of worship to heaven.

If the person who left a mark in it eventually betrayed his faith, he might be rejected by the heaven's way in the nether world.

This is a natural disaster for practitioners, not to mention a spiritual participation in seeking the position of Shinto Mountain God.

Seeing that Wei Yi is so decisive, the owner of the warm voice also becomes very cheerful at the moment:

'In that case, I will certainly accompany you to the end!'

'Next, please do me a favor!'

The words fell, only to see a pale yellow light suddenly appeared on the land.

Then, on the article of offering sacrifices to heaven that Wei Yi had just written, suddenly there was a faint yellow mark, just like ginseng.

There is also a faint fragrance of medicine.

When Wei Yi saw this scene, he smiled:

'Well, I'll leave your safety to you next.'

'I will not let my friends be robbed and hurt!'

After that, he turned on the stove beside him, took a fire from it, and lit the article.

Although the article was just written, it seems that the ink on it has not completely dried up.

But with the appearance of this flame, the whole piece of paper was incinerated in an instant.

As that piece of paper was completely burned, it seemed that there was a great will staying here, and then disappeared.

This transaction is concluded.

Within the scope of the transaction, both parties are the most reliable allies of the other party.

No one can do anything against the vows of both parties, or they will be really rejected by heaven and earth.

With the conclusion of the transaction between the two sides, that warm voice also disappeared.

From beginning to end, he did not say his position, let alone how he would seek the position of the mountain god.

This is also a tacit understanding between the two sides.

Nobody said anything to avoid the other party's greed or other ideas.

After all, Perennial Ginseng is not good at attacking.

If the environment is right and the technique is correct, even ordinary people can be subdued by a red rope.

Who would like to get the whole Perennial Ginseng?

Therefore, it is better to nip out the greed of the other party in the bud when the two parties are trading and cooperating.

Sensing that the magic light has left, Wei Yi can't help smiling:

'No matter what the final result is, this sincerity is still very sufficient after all.'

'If the other party is really a friend, it can't be said that he can really be a friend on the same journey.'

With a smile, Wei Yi put the iron tire bow on the table.

Then he picked up the beard in his hand, which was like a hair:

'It's really powerful!'

After that, he hurriedly ran to the kitchen.

This beard has left the trunk, and the following medicine will be lost more or less.

So it's better to eat it.

Just in the kitchen, there is a multicolored golden pheasant that has been knocked down at the moment. It's just time to have a hen stew.

Very skilled in boiling water to pluck hair.

Then, Wei Yi found a casserole and quickly put the whole chicken that had been put away.

Then put the roots of ginseng into it.

After looking at the empty pots, Wei Yi seems to remember something:

'There are some green bamboo leaves in the back mountain.'

'He should stew a pot of dragon and phoenix soup to nourish one or two.'

When the words fell, Wei Yi directly took the casserole and ran out to the middle of the back mountain.

He and Zhuyeqing are old friends.

Over the years, he has been able to clearly understand what kind of habits this thing is.

In a short time, fireworks were burning in the back mountain.

Although it is night now.

But this curl of smoke still drifted straight towards the sky.

'Gudu, Gudu~'

Even chicken soup with chicken, and a fresh bamboo leaf green, it is delicious to the limit.

What's more, the beard of Perennial Ginseng occupies the most important position among them.

In less than a moment.

Wei Yi only felt a thick heat flowing from his belly to his limbs.

Then, the essence of life was continuously distributed, and people seemed to float away from his belly in all directions.

'Is the effect so strong?'

Wei Yi hurriedly sat on the ground, his whole body was in the mountains, swallowing at the bright moon.

With his swallowing and puffing, the essence of life and the vitality of Taiyin in the four sided mountains are gradually digested.

Suddenly, it seemed that there was a steady flow of magic power for him to cultivate. In a short time, the innate energy he consumed had been completely restored.

More Than This.

With the completion of the four innate energies in his body, there is a fifth one looming, which turns into a silver ring around this brilliant day.

A month goes by in a flash.

Among them, he swallows the essence of the sun and the moon every day, breathes the vitality in the mountains and forests, and the whole person's cultivation progresses at an extremely fast speed.

Now, he has completely swallowed the fifth breath of the congenital energy, which has become a continuous source of magic.

Have to say.

Mountain treasure is indeed a mountain treasure. If it does not have the ability of far surpassing flesh and blood medicine, how can it be called a mountain treasure?

'It's a pity that it's just a root after all~'

When he thought of this, Wei Yi couldn't help sighing.

It is not that he is discontented.

After all, people who have taken high-speed rail do not like to continue to sit on the green carpet?

With an iron tire bow in his hand, Wei Yi continues to follow the same rules and slowly swims in the mountains.

After all, I promised others.

And the benefits have already been obtained.

It is natural to assume responsibility.

Other places can cause problems, but this place belongs to itself. Anyone who comes in must observe it carefully.

This man's robbery is unusual.

If we can't threaten the Perennial Ginseng, where can we call it human robbery?

'Step on...'

He is very skilled in walking on the path near the mountain.

Although it was a daily patrol, he not only held an iron tire bow, but also carried the three magic weapons.

The lion fights the rabbit with all his strength.

Never relax!

Crossing one mountain after another, fortunately, there is no smell of a stranger in all directions.

'It seems that today...'

Not yet. When he finished speaking, he saw several figures in the distance.

Although he is not close yet.

But even if it was several miles away, he could feel the burning blood surging up deeply.

For a moment, he could not help frowning:

'You are a martial arts expert, and you are still a martial artist who has cultivated physical power!'

The surging blood is like a flame. It's not an ordinary martial arts expert.

He saw someone else.

Naturally, those figures also looked up and saw his figure patrolling in the mountains.

However, before the other side spoke, Wei Yi's iron tire bow had already tightened:


The bow and arrow pierce the cracked stone.

Although the two sides were far apart, the arrow feather was still firmly nailed to the boulder in front of those people, and even the tail feather on it was still trembling.

Then Wei Yi said aloud:

'This road is blocked!'

'Please go back the same way!'

(End of this chapter)

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