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Chapter 371 if one man guards the pass , ten thousand are unable to get through

Seeing the arrow suddenly appeared in front of him, which was still trembling with its tail feathers, the whole person of Jun Mo walking in front was suddenly shocked:

'Such archery must be performed by extraordinary people!'

This is too fast.

Although he did not set the goal on him, he still felt a sense of danger.

Hearing what Wei Yi said, Mojun Shou quickly looked up and let him see Wei Yi's Taoist robe. Then he nodded clearly:

'It turned out that he was a practitioner in the mountains.'

'No wonder you can shoot like this. If you are an energy refiner, it's normal!'

In fact, most of the practitioners are also very strong physically.

Although the comparison with Wufu may be poor.

But that is also the mainstream of the whole world, and still occupies the most noble position.

After all, it's enough to be envied if you just say that you can live for a long time and don't know how many years.

After seeing these three people clearly, Wei Yi's bow and arrow in his hand have once again filled the bowstring:

'All Taoist friends, please go back.'

'Now you can't step into the forest land in the mountains!'

Looking at his appearance and the way he was about to start, Li Xing, the son of King Wuwei, could not help but take a step forward:

'I am King Wuwei...'

Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly heard a thundering sound flash past his ears.


Then Li Xing felt that someone had pulled him aside with great strength.

When I looked to the position where I had just stood, I saw that at this moment, an arrow had been pierced through the ground.

If he just doesn't move.

Maybe that arrow will be stuck in his forehead right now if it is lost!

Seeing this, he was shocked and angry.

After all, as a prince of the palace, he still has his own pride.

Even in the imperial capital, few people dared to speak to him loudly. They almost lost their lives in this remote place.

Hang the iron tire bow on your body.

Weiyi suddenly took out that little enchanting flag, and then quickly poured magic into it.

Look into his eyes.

I only saw his deep black children's holes, full of cold.

The whole person's voice could not help becoming a little harsh:

'All Taoist friends, go back!'

'I advise you not to be mistaken!'

Wei Yi's gesture is not to mention Li Xing, the son of King Wuwei.

Even the old man who had been standing beside him, laughing all day, could not help feeling a little angry.

Both of them are like this.

Not to mention that Mo Jun, who has been practicing martial arts and suppressed one side, is the most violent one among all people!

Hearing Wei Yi's words, Sheriff Mo strode toward the ground, and his muscles and blood vessels faintly had a golden light:


Huge life suddenly explodes.

A divine sense of heaven and earth suddenly blossomed from Sheriff Mo.

Then, I saw that the whole person of Sheriff Mo jumped and came to kill the general in the mountain where Wei Yi was:


The sound was like thunder.

In an instant, a powerful murderous spirit erupted.

Not only that, the old man beside the son of the world could not help taking out a turtle shell from his hand.

The tortoise shell is gently stirred in the hand.

In a short time, there will be a geomantic aura quickly formed in its body.

A big blood red bird suddenly emerged from his body

Later, the red finch in the four elephants' death cried blood!

A little blood light appeared in all directions, vaguely as if there was something terrible in it.

For a moment, I was very angry.

The geomantic omen in the mountain forest is also attracted, as if someone has done something to change the pattern of geomantic omen.

Seeing these two people's performances at the moment, Wei Yi naturally refused to be outdone.

After all, before reaching a certain level, most of the practitioners' fighting methods are powerful, and those with powerful weapons can win.

It is no joke that he inherited the magic tools that the old Taoist priest had refined for three hundred years.

Mana surges rapidly.

In an instant, there was a silver halo around the fiery red sun in his body.

Then Wei Yi made a decision:


The next moment.

I only saw a burst of flying sand and stones, in which there was a golden light mixed vaguely.


A collision appears.

Then, the momentum of the Mojun garrison, which had just erupted, had been interrupted.

Not only that, but the interrupted Marshal Mo could not help looking at the big pit in front of him.

Just a little.

If he is just a tough guy, maybe he will really bear the flying Hunyuan Beads.

That thing is really cruel!

And this is just a moment of war, along with the golden Hunyuan Pearl, along with the wind and sand Za to Mojun.

A blood red gourd suddenly appeared in Wei Yi's hand:

Imperial edict

There is a saying that the cub is not distressed when selling to Ye Tian.

The old Taoist priest had accumulated for more than 300 years and dared not eat or drink. The blood sand that he had accumulated was immediately displayed by Wei Yi without scruple.

Similarly, the magic power transformed by another congenital energy has poured into it like a mighty river.


The voice of ghosts crying and wolves howling appeared.

With the blood red fog, just emerging in the mouth of the blood jade gourd bottle, you can see the blood fog growing in the wind.

In a short time, the blood red fog turned into a strong wind and blew towards the old man all over the mountain.





For a moment, the blood fog was like a rain of blood falling from the sky, raging in the whole mountain forest.

Where does it look like an ordinary energy practitioner's fighting method?

Even the old man who has had a lot of experience and practice for many years can't help being stunned.

After all, don't all the practitioners of energy fighting should try each other out and then slowly use their magic?

How can I try my best to stimulate the magic tools when I come up?

Say more.

Does this innate energy need money?

Why does it seem that you don't feel distressed to cast spells?

Although I was extremely surprised, the old man, as a sacrifice to the Wuwei Palace, naturally had the ability.

The tortoise shell in the hand turns quickly.

In a short time, the land was transformed into a special field surrounding them.

However, he still underestimated the blood sand in the blood jade gourd.

The old Taoist priest has accumulated for more than 300 years, and he has worked hard. How can ordinary people compete with him?

Before he started again, the pollution and evil spirit in the blood sand quickly eroded away.

Seeing the overall situation of Feng Shui he set up, he was immediately infected. The old man could not help exclaiming:

'Not good!'

When we talked about this, he also kept on making decisions

, For a moment, both hands had already cast shadows.

Seeing this scene, Wei Yi couldn't help smiling coldly:

'How can you resist?'

When words fall, it is also a magic power transformed by the congenital energy, which is completely injected into the blood jade gourd.

This is a breakthrough.

The whimpering sound spread all over the mountains, and the original blood red fog became black as ink in a moment.


After the black fog revolved around the old man, he heard a scream from the fog:

'My magic weapon!

The voice is just sad for those who hear it, and tears for those who see it.

No one expected that the old man could cry so heartily.

Wait until the fog falls.

When the mountain forest calmed down again, I saw the turtle shell in the old man's hand, which had been dyed red now.

It is clear that the evil spirit has polluted the weapon.

It seems that at least several years of breathing and breathing are required to complete the training.

How can the old man not be angry?

Look at Wei Yi, who is holding a gourd in his left hand and a bead in his right hand, with a Zhang Er long flag floating behind him.

The old man could not help getting angry:

'You... you... vertical!'

He is also holding back.

As a feng shui master among the energy practitioners, his magic skills are all in the air of the tortoise shell and the earth veins.

If he is given a chance, he will dominate the whole mountain forest.

Who knows that I was born in the hands of a young man?

This young man doesn't speak martial arts.

Not only did he not follow the normal routine, but also the weapon in his hand was very vicious, which was not a good stubble!

Looking at Sheriff Mo who stopped in the distance, and looking at the old man beside him, Li Xing, the son of King Wuwei, his face naturally became a little gloomy at the moment.

He knew that the tide had passed.

From the present point of view, if they continue to pester, I'm afraid they will never die.

Thinking of this, he said in a depressed voice:

'Zhang Shi, Uncle Mo, let's go!'

When the words fell, Sheriff Mo also jumped down from the hillside, and then quietly came to the side of Li Xing.


The old man also slowly guarded Li Xing behind him. Looking at his alert face, I'm afraid he was afraid of Weiyi's sneak attack.


The three men slowly retreated along the original road. In a short time, they had left the mountain forest and walked towards the city farther away.

Look at the yellow sand all over the sky.

These three people should have come here on horseback, but at the moment they are quite in a mess.

Look into the distance.

When he could not see the voices of the three people, Wei Yi was relieved:

'It seems that they should be more aware of current affairs and don't want to fight with me.'

'Prince Wuwei?'

'He seems to be a big shot.'

'A warrior who has cultivated physical and spiritual powers, and an energy practitioner who has achieved accomplishments, this is really a big show!'

At this point, he put down the three magic tools, removed the magic from the blessing and put them in his sleeve.

The three people were afraid of each other just now.

The reason why Wei Yi is so fierce is to show his ability and get the qualification of positive dialogue.

It is obvious that he succeeded.

The two people on the opposite side felt his own strength. For a while, there were noble people around him who needed protection and didn't want to fight with him.

So I withdrew safely.

If that wufu really wants to fight with him

, You can also rush to the top of this mountain against the Hunyuan Pearl.

Once the three of them really fight to the end, even if one of them wins, they will win miserably in the end.

Why should we work hard for him?

After collecting all the things, Wei Yi picked up the two rabbits he had just shot. Wei Yi shook his head and left towards the Taoist temple:

'This is a trouble~'

'I can't say that there is still something important to happen. I'd better go back early and make some preparations.'

'I don't know if I can finally get a blessing in disguise...'

At the end, Wei Yi's voice became smaller and smaller, and finally disappeared in the wind.

And his figure also gradually disappeared. The whole person still looked smart and unrestrained, and he did not show any sadness because he had caused something.

As he said.

The next three will certainly use some of their strength to counter attack.

It is estimated that this may be the most powerful wave. If anyone can stop it, it will be easier to do.

After all, who doesn't want to be a real emperor who can't listen to the tone and the propaganda?

The old Taoist priest used to keep a low profile.

After all, he is playing with this evil way.

But Wei Yi is different. Young people must have a new atmosphere.

Wei Yi feels that, compared with the huge cost of beating him, he is likely to coexist peacefully after showing some strength.

Say more.

He can't run.

When the one in the mountain forest ascends the position of the deity, he runs away with his last molt.

The big deal is running away. Who is afraid of who?

This vast man can easily find a mountain to hide in, which can save his life.

With this free time, why don't you go back to the Taoist Temple to prepare for the robbery!

The other side.

Li Xing, the son of the royal family, who had already left in the mountains and rode a tall horse to shine on a jade lion in the western region, was now full of anger:

'Damn demon!

This is definitely the biggest setback in his life, and even his life almost stayed here.

How can this not make him angry?

Looking at his performance, Mo Jun Shou sighed secretly in his heart although he didn't show anything on the surface:

'Tiger father and dog!'

With such a mindset, where is the material that can do great things?

But think again.

The man in front of us is the old man of King Wuwei. He was born when he was over 50 years old, and he is an only child.

There is nothing wrong with spoiling.

After all, according to the old man's own cultivation, even if he is not a martial saint, he may survive until his grandson's death.

It is true that there is nothing to be borne by this son.

After being angry, Li Xing looked at the old man beside him:

'Master Zhang, this demon way must be the biggest obstacle to our trip.'

'He must have reached a deal with the Breitling ginseng. If it continues, I'm afraid there may be problems!'

This was the first useful thing he did for his father, and he did not allow it to fail.

The old man looked at Li Xing's eyes, and the whole person first pondered, then looked at the bloody turtle shell.

Then he said to Sheriff Mo in an inexplicable tone:

'Build a temple alone in the mountains to worship the gods forbidden by the imperial court... This should be regarded as evil Yin sacrifice...'

'Sheriff Mo, according to what you have learned and according to the court's laws, how should we deal with worshiping evil gods without permission?'

Hearing his words, the whole man, who had been paddling beside, couldn't help but take a deep look at the old man.

How cruel

Old monster!

However, he was also a little upset that he was disgraced today, and naturally he would not say anything for Wei Yi.

Say more.

With these two men in front of him, it must be logical for him to mobilize the army.

When he thought of this, he said in a murderous and cold voice:

'In accordance with the court's decrees.'

'Those who build temples without permission and sacrifice evil Yin should...'

'Attack! The mountain! The temple!'

The last four words, firm and forceful, show the firm determination and cold murderous spirit.

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