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Chapter 372 Didn't expect

Just after receiving the command, all the troops in the whole county government began to mobilize quickly.

The sheriff's order was also issued quickly.

According to the normal situation, although most of the prefectures are high and powerful, they cannot transfer troops privately.

But now it is different.

Looking at the old and young people in the city, the whole person of Princess Mo couldn't help smiling:

'Come here and send troops and generals.'

'All the soldiers besiege the branch of Shannan, and must capture the demon road to Gum!'

When the words fell, he only saw the troop transfer token in his hand, which he quickly threw away in the distance:


A crisp sound.

As this token landed, the messenger quickly picked up the token and ran away.

Not for a while.

I only heard the sound of a large number of soldiers walking outside the city wall in the distance.

The sabres, spears, swords and halberds made a very clear sound when they collided. All kinds of armour and stomachs collided with each other.

In such an environment.

This kind of voice not only does not seem noisy, but it is a bit more dignified and murderous.

One time.

Even the prince of King Wuwei, who stood on the wall to watch the ceremony, and the old man, could not help but stare at the moment:

'He is indeed a good soldier and a strong general!'

Only a strong enough soldier, coupled with a senior general who can take the first rank among ten thousand generals, can make extraordinary achievements.

It is also the guarantee for the whole court to suppress the world.

At this time, let alone the son of King Wuwei, even an old man who has practiced for many years.

In the face of such a powerful military situation, and the leading general in front, Mo Jun, it is estimated that the magic power will be directly suppressed to the limit.

At that time.

He is just a lamb to be slaughtered.

When the time comes, some black dog blood boy will urinate, and then throw it into the pit to soak, and all kinds of magic will be broken.

For a time, they had a strong hope for this army, and they also had a will to get it.

I only saw that the prince of Wuwei looked at the army being mobilized, and there was a sense of pride in power on his face:

'Perennial Ginseng is just the thing in my son's hand!'

The army marched forward.

In a short time, he quickly besieged the mountains and forests in the distance.

Fast as wind, slow as forest.

Mojun guards and rides the writer's tall horse to lead the way.

As they go farther and farther, they stay together longer and longer.

In a vague way, tens of thousands of soldiers bestowed their breath and evil spirit on Princess Mo.

It makes his whole person look like a brilliant day. Just walking in the mountains, he has the meaning of all souls' admiration.



The influence of so many strong armies is absolutely amazing.

One time.

Although both sides are far away, the sea of clouds in the Qingfeng Temple in the mountains can feel the movement.

He only saw his whole body get up quickly, and the bricks and stones beside the sunny row fell like a thread of surprise.

Then he stood on the side of the mountain and looked out:

'What is the most important thing that has happened to cause such a big stir?'

Look far away.

Seeing a large area in front of and behind, all the troops are wearing iron armor and holding big swords and spears, making their way through the mountains.

It looks like we are going to war.

Seeing this scene, I was bored by the sea of clouds. At this moment, the whole person seems to have become very interested.

He casually found a fork and lay on it. Looking at the marching army in the distance, he could not help grinning a melon like smile:

'Hey hey, this is interesting.'

'I don't know what is in the mountain, which has offended the dignitaries in the world.'

'Now, even the army has fought hard. It is estimated that it will be a terrible war in a short time.'

'Tut tut...'

At the end of the day, he was just like a gourd eater.

And right now.

Wei Yi, who had already felt the movement, walked out of the Qingfeng Temple and came to the sea of clouds.

First, he took a look at the marching army in the distance, and then he said to the cloud sea like the melon eating crowd:

'If I was right, the goal of their trip should be our Qingfeng Temple.'

'This ruined temple may be our little ruined Taoist temple.'

'This is really interesting!'

The sea of clouds, which used to lie on the fork of a tree, was very leisurely. Hearing Wei Yi's words, the whole person was shocked.

Yunhai: '?'

At first, he looked at Wei Yi with a masked face, and then some of them dared to ask:

'Elder martial brother, what did you just say?'

'Younger martial brother, I didn't hear you clearly just now. Would you like to say it again?'

Looking at the sea of clouds, Wei Yi is still very calm and says:

'You heard me right, and I didn't say anything wrong.'

'Their goal is the Qingfeng Temple.'

The words fell down, and just now the sea of clouds was still very leisurely, the whole person sat up in a moment.

Then one of them turned over and jumped down the trunk.

Later, he covered his face, but still spoke to Wei Yi with a questioning face:

'Elder martial brother, can you explain it clearly?'

'Our Qingfeng Taoist Temple stands aloof from the rest of the world, and few people have ever gone down the mountain to participate in rebellion.'

'Why should they destroy the temple?'

This is eating melons and eating them all at once. At this moment, the whole person has no doubt experienced a world of difference.

After looking at the army that was about to go around the mountain, Wei Yi's big sleeves were floating, and he left the whole Qingfeng Temple:

'Younger martial brother, just keep the Taoist temple.'

'Let the elder martial brother solve the next thing~'

Watching him drifting down the mountain, it seemed that he was Wei Yi who was out on a journey. The sea of clouds exploded with his head:

'Elder Martial Brother... Elder Martial Brother...'

'Elder martial brother, don't worry about it. It's an army!


The vast army of tens of thousands of armored soldiers of this level, even the people of Shanyue outside, have to stay away for a while.

If you rush straight up like this, isn't it a death wish?

But now that the elder martial brother has gone down, Yunhai can't help beating the big tree beside him:

'Forget it, just die!'

After saying that, he went to his room and took out a Zhang Er spear that he forged when he went down the mountain.

All spears are made of refined steel.

After picking up the spear, he stood at the gate of the Taoist Temple. The breeze was blowing, which made him feel that the wind was rustling and the water was cold.

The other side.

The army walked slowly.

After all, it is an organic military formation. Walking in the mountains is not as simple as walking on the main road.


Although they walked slowly, the road was smooth.

It's like building a road.

However, it was not yet time for them to climb on the mountain.

Then they saw a blue figure floating down from the mountain and finally landed on a huge rock at the foot of the mountain.

On the other hand, there is a powerful general with tens of thousands of troops.

The other side is just a person.

But between the two sides, there was a faint sense of tit for tat, and the momentum of the competition had a sense of parity.

Don't mention the soldiers.

Even Sheriff Mo, who was walking in the front, was a little weird:

'This demon is really extraordinary!'

'Such a huge situation, I didn't expect that he could not be suppressed. It's really very impressive.'

This is really a rat carrying a knife looking for a cat everywhere.

This is a great courage!

When ordinary practitioners encounter such an organized army, who dares to rush forward face to face?

Even the famous Laoxian Family is like the real senior practitioners of energy who are honored by all princes.

In the face of a truly formed army, we have to retreat.

After all, this is tens of thousands of troops.

These are not tens of thousands of pigs.

Under the command of such a military power, evil spirit, and a warrior who has cultivated physical power, it is not possible to use ordinary magic.

Originally, he thought Wei Yi had run away when he saw such a military situation, but he didn't expect to be so tough at the moment.

Just want to fight with yourself?

But where did he get the nerve?

Anyway, now that he has brought the army here, he naturally has no idea of quitting now.

I only saw a big hand wave, then I opened my mouth heavily and said:

'Let go!


Drop it with a loud shout.

Only saw the army, quickly out of row after row of archers.

Each of them had a flame on his bow and arrow, which seemed to be the fuel he had just touched.

The flames billowed.

For a moment, it was like facing a sea of fire.




A large number of bows and arrows stained with fire flew over.

That scene was absolutely disgusting!

However, seeing this scene, Wei Yi seems very calm instead.

He just saw a big flag suddenly appeared in his hand. Looking at the overwhelming rocket, he just waved the flag.

The next moment.

I can only see that countless winds suddenly rise on the flat ground, flying sand and rolling rocks. For a while, the black wind blows in gusts, and the people who blow cannot open their eyes.


'Hoo hoo hoo'


In the face of such a strong wind, even the best soldiers and strong generals can't help turning left and right at the moment.

Blow people around.

The huge area that originally flew over was also covered with bows and arrows.

Although not every archer is accurate, some unlucky people also hit the key.

For a while, there was chaos in the army!

Watching this scene, Wei Yi could not help smiling:

'This enigmatic wind is a popular magic, and it is easy to deal with such arrows.'

The sandstorm weather is not suitable for marching, let alone the sandstorm promoted by magic.

Although this kind of black wind has lost the ability of charming mind, it makes the wind become stronger.

It's just a divine magic to besiege the army!

Seeing this scene, I felt the full sand, which made me open my eyes. The whole person of Marshal Mo sitting on the horse was furious.

The whole person opened his mouth brazenly, and his voice sounded like thunder

'How dare you!

! '

This kind of prefecture guard with the power of turning flesh into flesh is just to guard against the more powerful energy refiners against soldiers.

The next moment.

Only to see his whole human quickly jumped off that horse and came to the front of the army with a big stride.

Breath out and frighten the whole body:


! '

The sound is like thunder, and the life is like a drum.

For a moment, the huge blood with divine will turned into a fist and hit the sand in one of them.

The strong wind, which was originally roaring, was stopped by the huge blood.

After hearing the response from the commander in chief, the army naturally moved closer to him.

Sheriff Mo gave orders. At that time, tens of thousands of troops and he were merged into one, as if there was a white tiger in the sky.

At this moment, Wei Yi is in the same direction as the white tiger's head:




Three times in a row, the blood and evil spirit directly scattered the white clouds in the sky.

If we don't face this level of military formation, we will never know how terrible it is to have an army led by a general.

For a moment, it seemed that all the magic tricks in the mountain forest were frozen, and the magic power driven by magic gradually became weak.

This is the terror of the army.

If there is no such force, how can we suppress the destruction of mountains and temples?

Feeling that his magic power is gradually losing, Wei Yi suddenly shows a teasing smile on his face:

'Ho ho... I knew you had it!'

The next moment, he put the magic tools on his sleeve.

The whole man jumped out of nowhere and then rushed to the direction of Marshal Mo and the army.


See Wei Yi's action.

Sheriff Mo, who was in charge of the army's killing weapons, could not help but show a grim smile:

'I want to die!


In the face of this military evil spirit, instead of running away, they rushed up. What is this?


At the next moment, his whole eyes widened:


I only saw Wei Yi rushing towards the Sheriff Mo in a very fast way, and the whole person suddenly burst out, with powerful life.

The magnificent divine will is displayed.

Huanghuang is like a group of scorching sun falling from the sky. This kind of spirit of life and blood is no less than him!

Thoughts turn in a flash.

Just thinking about his kung fu, Wei Yi rushed in front of him.

This is like a Doujiang.

At this time, it is no longer about the number of troops on both sides, but who is more capable of taking the lead.


The two sides fought quickly.

One is like a white tiger, which has murderous qi when jumping, and is as fierce as the western Geng Jin when waving.

One is like a green dragon. It looks like a dragon roaring and filial piety in the vertical and horizontal directions. It looks like a dragon soaring in the sky in the alternation between dragons and snakes!

Just the first round of fighting, both sides know that the other side is difficult to deal with.

After a fight, the whole person of Princess Mo looked at Wei Yi as if he had seen a ghost:

'Water Fire Fairy Clothes?'

'Did the practitioners cultivate the Water Fire Immortal Clothes?'

At one moment, he seemed to think of something, and the whole person suddenly froze.

Later, he looked at Wei Yi's very young face in front of him with some doubts:

'Are you an energy practitioner who has become a saint?'

How the hell is that possible?

This was the first idea of Sheriff Mo, and then he had a second idea:

I'm a damned wretch. I'm going to die!

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