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Chapter 373 reach a consensus

The power of the dynasty can not be underestimated if it can suppress the quadrupole in the world dynasty.

Normally speaking.

As long as there are enough troops, the military generals who guard all sides can suppress any disobedience.

They are not afraid of pure practitioners.

Not to mention the warrior who is not afraid of cultivating physical power.

Because these people have weaknesses.

For energy practitioners, it is almost impossible to face the army before they achieve the position of immortal.

Hundreds of thousands of troops came out.

Even the elders of those energy practitioners who are not far away from the position of the Taoist priest, they still have to retreat.

If it is delayed by the warrior who has cultivated the flesh power, it may even be killed by shock.

It is easier to deal with the warrior who has physical power.

After all, these people who cultivate physical powers do not have all kinds of magical magic powers of the energy practitioners, nor do they have all kinds of strange abilities.

At most, I have strong martial arts ability.

But in the face of such people, there is no need for hundreds of thousands of troops, just send a garrison envoy to suppress.

This is the bottom line of the dynasty.

But equally, there is a person who is in a very detached position.

Such a person is a practitioner of energy who becomes a saint with his body.

Such people are rare.

After all, you can build the foundation for a hundred days, and build the body of the Dan Ding. Then you can build the body power, and finally you can become a practitioner by breathing Qi.

This is very difficult.

Completely can be said to be rare.

This does not mean that you can do it with ideas, backgrounds and resources.

It really needs talent.

If anyone can become holy physically and become a practitioner of energy casually, then the power of the Immortal Fruit Sect can be seen everywhere.

It is not like now. I have never heard of a great person who has the title of immortal fruit for hundreds of years.

This is a bit off the point.

In general, the practitioners who become saints are extremely difficult to deal with.

Because they have magic power, they are able to swallow the congenital energy, and they can use all kinds of magic skills of the energy refiners.

Moreover, for most of the practitioners, the very precious magic power that is almost treasured as life is just like that which can be used everywhere.

This means that they have the ability to use magic to cause large-scale killing.

And what's more frightening is that.

People who have such magical powers have also cultivated physical powers.

This means that under the siege of tens of thousands of troops, his magic power may be reduced, but he still has the ability to fight with the general.

Can he not stand aloof from the existence that can be fought and carried like this?

It can be said completely.

The status of any energy practitioner who becomes a saint with his body is played out in one magic struggle after another.

He fought for it with his own fists.

Now, Wei Yi has shown his magic, which makes the mysterious wind blow in all directions.

He also fought a tie with a general like him. He has the power to make water and fire immortal clothes.

That means.

This energy practitioner, who has cultivated the flesh body and become a saint, has already become the climate, and can not be suppressed at will.

Now if you want to kill him, you should pay at least one garrison general at the level of garrison envoy.

As a real frontier official, Sheriff Mo cherishes his life very much.

At this time, there is not much he can think about, either playing or playing.


In fact, there is no fundamental contradiction between them.

The reason is that Prince Wuwei wanted to get the Perennial Ginseng, and he only

Is the executor.

This has laid the foundation for bilateral cooperation.

When thinking of this, Sheriff Mo suddenly stopped his action and smiled kindly:

'You misunderstood me.'

'There is no fundamental contradiction between us, and we can't make it here.'

Speaking of this, he seems to show his sincerity.

He waved to the messenger behind him.

Then he saw the tens of thousands of soldiers who were just in high spirits and retreated back in order.

The next moment, under the mountain forest, there were only two of them to communicate with each other face to face.

Seeing that Princess Mo was acting like this, Wei Yi's face seemed to be relieved:

'You are right. We have no fundamental contradiction at all.'

'It's just some bickering. How can we two good neighbors have such a big fight?'

To tell the truth, they are totally afraid of beating wolves with hemp sticks.

Everyone is afraid of any problem.

Sheriff Mo was afraid. Wei Yi was obviously not so confident.

It has been said for a long time that the evil spirit of this military formation is extraordinary, and it can cause such a big wind, flying sand and rolling stones.

This is his greatest ability.

Even for this, his magic power was almost exhausted.

If he was asked to cast any magic, he would not be able to attack these tens of thousands of troops!

To achieve this step.

If you really want to fight against tens of thousands of people, you should also be an old senior among the energy practitioners.

If the old Taoist did not care about his life, he would probably be able to do this. Unfortunately, the old Taoist has long since disappeared.

The two sides hit it off.

You want to cooperate, and I want to cooperate, so naturally the scene will be more harmonious.

The two people also approached slowly.

It is very difficult for the two martial artists who have cultivated the physical power to sneak attack in such a distance.

If they can't work hard, they can basically let the other party escape. They can't easily find such an opportunity and will not let it be destroyed.

As a door-to-door fault finder, who was defeated by others, Princess Mo naturally wanted to show her sincerity:

'Don't take it amiss, Taoist friends.'

'It's really hard to disobey your destiny.'

'However, now the Taoist friend has demonstrated the strength of the body to become a saint, and I will be able to go back to the job at that time.'

When he said this, he first took a swipe at the corners of his mouth, and then he grabbed a small silk bag from his armour stomach.

'Since I offended you, I will certainly make compensation. Let's take this jade bead as my apology.'

A good baby just arrived. He has to hand it over before he can catch the heat. It really makes his heart bleed.

'This emerald shell pearl is a rare treasure for cultivating the divine power of the whole world. It has all kinds of incredible abilities.'

'Belief should also have a great effect on Taoist friends.'

'I hope that from now on, after we become neighbors, we can live in harmony and have opportunities for cooperation in the future.'

Now that some things have been done, we must simply do them.

Being able to be a prefect, and also serving as a garrison envoy, is not too bad in terms of boldness.

Grab the bag coming.

Wei Yi can clearly feel the quantity of that item with a gentle pinch:


Although it is not used very much, it can be sensed just by touching him.

It is indeed a rare land treasure of genius.

For a poor man like him, it was like suddenly getting rich.

The pie is falling from the sky!

Holding the bag in his hand, Wei Yi's face

Your smile becomes more sincere:

'No, it's just a misunderstanding. It also makes Taoist friends so expensive.'

'Since we are neighbors, it is natural for us to help each other and live in harmony, which is a real win-win situation.'

When he said this, he had an idea, and then he waved the blueprint like a big cake to Sheriff Mo:

'Since it is a misunderstanding, we will live in harmony from now on.'

'I hope you can help me to make this small Taoist temple a household in the county town. It can be regarded as a name.'

'Although I am not a senior person in my own practice, I am also familiar with some livestock breeding methods.'

'Surely the Taoist friend, as a friar who cultivates the spiritual power of the flesh, should also be very upset about the flesh and blood, right?'

Wei Yi's words were directly on the point. When hearing his words, Sheriff Mo couldn't help nodding.

The whole person is full of identification:

'You are right, Taoist friends. For people like you and me who have cultivated spiritual power, ordinary meat is just to satisfy their hunger.'

'If you really want to have enough HP, you must use rare animals in the mountains, demon blood medicine.'

When talking about this, Sheriff Mo couldn't help roast:

'To tell you the truth, I have only had enough food once after decades of cultivation.'

'But where can ordinary people capture these rare monsters in the mountains?'

Those spirits and monsters who can swallow the spirit of heaven and earth and refine their own flesh and blood into big medicine are not easy to offend.

If you can't catch a fox and make a fuss, it's good. It's the most unlucky for a sheep to enter the tiger's mouth.

If you encounter a fierce hunter in the process of hunting, you will not go hunting, but die.

Speaking of this, Sheriff Mo said with a little expectation:

'Is it possible that the wild animals raised by Taoist friends can replenish our life and provide us with enough essence of flesh and blood?'

Hearing his question, Wei Yi nodded:

'Enough flesh and blood essence can't be mentioned, but the most important thing is that we can feel full.'

'It is not like eating ordinary meat, just like chewing wax, which can barely satisfy hunger.'

Although he hasn't made any moves yet, it doesn't prevent him from establishing a good relationship with the city guarding general first.

Who can't draw big cakes?

Besides, this is not a big cake for him. After all, the old Taoist once really cultivated himself.

For him, this thing has to be modified, at least not to eat people as animals.

Hearing this, the whole person of Princess Mo couldn't help laughing:

'Taoist friends are really good!'

If it can satisfy him, if it has enough blood supply, he can cultivate other physical powers.

He really wants to practice daily breathing. It's not because it's the easiest to practice and the most resource efficient.

After all, it is enough to practice breathing every day and drink the north and west wind.

When he thought of this, he made a decision directly and decided to pat himself on the chest

'Just relax, Taoist friends.'

'According to your own ability to become flesh and holy, a little operation can also be included in the Golden Book.'

'When I get back to Shannan County, I will surely repair books and go north to help Taoists operate. I will definitely help Taoists to be listed in the golden register and registered in the immortal gate.'

'At that time, we will really be our own people. I hope you can take care of us more then~'

In this dynasty, there were various preferential policies for practitioners.

After all, the land here is too vast.

There are all kinds of ghosts and monsters. It is not enough to rely on the city guarding general for protection.

In the whole court,

The so-called sects, or spiritual inheritance, that were canonized are divided into three levels.

They are generally bronze, silver and gold.

As for the top jade book, it can only be the state religion of the dynasty, and the sect where the national teacher belongs can be registered, and it is the only one.

In such a hierarchical mechanism.

Jinjuana is completely equivalent to a state, county, famous sect and decent level, which is protected and recognized by the imperial court.

There are also various hidden benefits.

Otherwise, it is enough to ask the officials of one county to help select excellent disciples.

The imperial court will offer sacrifices every year.

What they paid was just to keep calm and go out to kill demons when they could.

This is all about spending money to buy peace.

Many so-called spiritual traditions, if you want to eat some imperial food, can be registered as a small family in the bronze book at most.

It is reasonable to say that there is only one small inheritance of the practitioners. Although there are practitioners who become saints with their flesh bodies, the inheritance is incomplete and can only be listed in the Silver Book at most.

At this time, the position of a garrison general as a prefect was reflected.

Some people in the court are easy to handle.

Once the golden book is published, this is sincerity.

But also full of sincerity!

With all his face gained, Wei Yi laughed naturally and happily:

'Wherever you are, you should rely on the help of Taoist friends.'

'I will thank you here first.'

'Don't worry, Taoist friends. When the prey raised by me is out of the enclosure, there will be no shortage of Taoist friends' meat.'

'I always believe that win-win is the real win. Let's make progress and improve together~'

Boy, it's nice to say that it has changed from a barren mountain temple to an orthodox one recognized by the imperial court.

After all, you can subdue demons and eliminate demons, or when you talk about a small broken temple, others may not understand it.

It is easy to handle affairs in six doors.

As for what is called being a dog, it is totally different from each other.

With a shell in his hand, Wei Yi walked leisurely towards the Qingfeng Temple, while Sheriff Mo also took his subordinates to the county town.

Go to the Taoist Temple.

Wei Yi, who suddenly appeared, directly guarded the sea of clouds in front of the door, and the whole person shivered:

'Master... Elder Martial Brother, why are you back?'

Looking at the younger martial brother in front of him, Wei Yi said with a soft smile:

'When things are done, I will come back naturally. Why do I have to have a meal there?'

'If you have nothing to do, you should always wait at the door. After a while, the documents of the register will be delivered.'

'I'll leave it to you then~'

After saying that, Wei Yi walked towards the wing room in the backyard where he lived.


After Wei Yi left, Yunhai was really shocked:

'Is it over?'



He just painted the lake directly.

Is it true that Elder Martial Brother is so good?

Not only did he repel the officers and soldiers, but he was also recruited by the Imperial Court?

That's the gold register.

This level of inheritance is supported by the imperial court every year.

The world is changing so much!

The other side.

Waiting for the good news, Prince Wuwei exclaimed:

'What did you say?'

'My son can't send troops to the temple anymore, but he will repair books for him and go north to register the gold book?'


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