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Chapter 374 Stable development

Seeing that the whole Prince Wuwei has lost his former city seat at the moment, Sheriff Mo is also in a state of watching plays.

Through this time, he also wanted to understand.

The so-called power and so on are all empty.

Only a big fist is the absolute truth.

What if he ignored the prince of Wuwei?

The lord above can't contradict him because of such trifles, let alone send someone to kill him.

After all, he is appointed today.

Besides, he has become a powerful general and has sufficient qualifications.

Even because of this, I almost offended a promising energy practitioner who became a saint of the human body.

Who doesn't get angry about this?

When thinking of this, the whole face of Princess Mo could not help showing a wry smile:

'Prince, it's hard for me.'

'It's not that officials don't want to do it, but that it's really impossible to do it.'

'The one on the top of the mountain is a man who has become a saint in his body, and even cultivated the realm of water and fire immortals.'

'Don't say it's a demotion. Even if we send a few more colleagues together, we may not be able to suppress that one.'

At this point, he paused, then continued to speak:

'Besides, the imperial court has its own regulations, and it has a pacifying policy for stable practitioners.'

'Especially this one, who is a man who has become a saint in his flesh, is not to be offended by such a person.'

'It is reasonable to enter the immortal gate in the register. After all, this matter is also our first offence.'

'In fact, there is no fundamental contradiction between us. After all, as long as we do not go to the depths of that mountain from the top of this mountain, we can still hunt Perennial Ginseng by other ways.'

According to the idea of Sheriff Mo, he did not think that Wei Yi had a deal with the Breitling.

After all, how can Shanbao trust people?

In his mind, they should have offended Weiyi when they walked in the mountain, so they were warned.

Such things are actually normal.

After all, every successful practitioner will occupy a part of the mountain forest land.

Even the dynasty is acquiescent.

There is no reason for this matter to be attacked under the same unspoken rule that everyone acquiesces to.

Say more.

Every practitioner and practitioner in the dynasty is the foundation and resource of the dynasty.

Whether he is dedicated to serving the country or not.

As long as it is still in the imperial land, it is the imperial court's heritage, which they know well.

Because of this, they also adopted a policy of appeasement to practitioners and energy practitioners.

I would rather keep them than push them out.

In any case, their needs are very simple. They will be satisfied if they give them a reputation and a piece of land.

These are the simplest things for the Imperial Court!

Originally, Prince Wuwei was not happy.

But after hearing what Princess Mo said, the whole person could not help but vent:

'A man who practices energy and becomes a saint?'

As soon as he said this, he understood the gap and the correctness of what Sheriff Mo said.

He stands higher.

Although Mojun Shou's own state is not low, and he has already cultivated the physical power, he is still in a higher position.

Naturally, we can also get some information.

Others only know that the human body is extraordinary, but they can't tell what is extraordinary.

Although King Wuwei didn't know exactly.

But he can know that every human being who becomes a saint can lead the way in hundreds of years.

Those who are able to overhaul can become saints without physical bodies.

But when the flesh becomes holy, the future must be a great power.

Don't say it's the son of King Wuwei.

At this moment, even the old man behind him could not help but half close his eyes.

Seeing their performance, Sheriff Mo was very happy.

Later, his face turned pale, and then he continued to speak to the Prince Wuwei:

'But although he agreed to this, he put forward some conditions to make up for his cultivation.'

'I can't make up my mind about such a thing, so I asked His Highness the Prince for advice.'

At this moment, Prince Wuwei has given up the idea of looking for the Perennial Ginseng. After all, the day lily is cold after so long.

After hearing what Sheriff Mo said, he nodded and then said:

'Just say what you want.'

Seeing his appearance, Mojun Shou chuckled and said:

'The prince also knows that he is a man who has become a spiritual figure and a saint, and he has also become a water and fire immortal clothes.'

'I don't know where he heard that Beizhu is good for cultivation, so he wants to ask the prince to give him some convenient cultivation.'

'At least three to nine...'

At the end of the speech, he looked up at the prince of Wuwei, and he seemed to be a little reluctant.

Sure enough.

After hearing what he said, Prince Wuwei immediately blew his hair:

'It's just a huge appetite!!'

'Thirty nine is impossible, at most twenty nine. No matter how many sons of the world there are, there will be no more.'

As a prince, he has limited resources to mobilize. Although Lao Wang loves him very much, he also wants to practice.

That's it.

The prince went away in dismay, leaving 18 jade shells before he left.

However, Sheriff Mo is also a wonderful person.

After the eighteen jade shells were in his hands, he directly sent five to Wei Yi.

This is a win-win situation!

The other side.

In the Qingfeng Temple.

Wei Yi looks at the thirteen jade shells in the box in front of him, and the whole person can't help smiling:

'As expected, only through cooperation can we achieve win-win results.'

'I did not go wrong in this step.'

If we only beat Mojun back, it would be a failure.

Now here is a big cake.

This effect came up at once.

At least, the relationship between them has been greatly strengthened.

After killing the prince of Wuwei, it will take several years. I believe that Sheriff Mo can also become a master of daily life.

However, if the cultivation is successful, it will be a little difficult.

'This thing is really a good treasure.'

'It not only has sufficient life essence, but also has a unifying effect on the whole body's qi.'

'It's really a natural treasure.'

Looking at the treasure in his hands, Wei Yi was also touched by the wonders of the world.

At this point, he suddenly put a Baizhutun into his mouth, and in an instant, he crossed the 12th Tower to his elixir field.

At this time, Wei Yi felt all the changes and smiled with profound meaning:

'Compared with the practice of daily breathing, this shell bead also has a better effect on the practice of fetal rest.'

'It's a pity that the essence can't be digested without the divine power of the flesh, but this is also the benefit that can be gained from the sanctification of the flesh!'

The words fell, and he was lying on the bed in his room.


The magic thing happened!

The moment he lay on the bed, his whole breath had disappeared in an instant.

The whole person seems to have returned to childhood.

In addition to the elixir, there seems to be some hesitation, and it seems that he has no change.

This is fetal rest!

After he became an energy cultivator, he has been working hard to practice fetal breathing.

Unfortunately, the fetal rest is conditional.

Before the fetal breath, you should take at least 200 days of breath, hold your breath and concentrate on the spirit, qi and spirit triple, which is the real fetal breath.

For such a long time of practice, he can only practice ten breaths on the real fetal breath.

This is the practice of life.

It is also very difficult and obscure.

Here, it is a little like that depicted in the Fengshen Romance.

The old Taoist priest should be similar to the one who cut off religion. He only cultivates divine power, not life. So, although his magic power is profound.

But they can't save their lives.

However, Wei Yi naturally learned his lesson. At least he had to cultivate two hundred breath to see the Yin God before he could wander down the mountain.

That's it.

One breath, one breath.

After three days, Wei Yi opened his eyes.


A golden light burst from his eyes.

Then he slowly sat up from the bed of the Taoist temple.

I felt the vitality in my body.

'Unexpectedly, in the practice of fetal rest, you can also recover your magic power. Very good, very good!'

The mana from the five breath of congenital energy once consumed has been restored.

This is already very powerful.

In fact, it was not a surprise. What really pleased him was his breakthrough in the birth rate.

'Unexpectedly, just a jade shell bead will let me enter the realm of fetal rest for three days.'

'Although it is not just the fetal rest, it is also exciting enough. The road is successful!'

In these three days, with the help of the essence of Beizhu, he was in a sleep like state.

Because of this, he clearly understood some of the essence.

Now, his one-time fetal interest rate can exceed 30%, which is a great progress compared with the past.

And this is still because that shell bead is not completely digested.

If he is given enough time to digest these dozens of shellfish beads, he is sure to cultivate up to 200 chi.

'That's really good news.'

He swallowed his breath quietly, and Weiyi found that his breath seemed to become more profound.

At this time, his whole mood seemed to become more bright and fast:

'Hey, fetal rest, fetal rest!'

'It is indeed the most important step, even the most important step, for the practitioners of energy.'

'It can not only sharpen the spirit and restore the magic power, but also stretch the vital energy in the body.'

'Isn't this the same practice of Dharma and Martial Arts?'

'No wonder it is said that every elder who has become a saint in his flesh has made great progress.'

'Emotion is getting twice the result with half the effort!'

The practice of refining magic and breathing can be beneficial to the practice of physical power.

It's like hanging up.

That's it.

In an environment where no one bothered him, he had been practicing quietly for three months.

During this period, he has also been patrolling in the mountain forest. Some hunters who went up the mountain to gather firewood and entered the deep mountain have tried to bring him back.

This is also the ultimate end of robbery.

After all, there is no one who goes into the back of the mountain. How can it go wrong?

If there is a problem with this, it can only be said that Perennial Ginseng has reached this point.

At this time, he should also consider whether to go to the back mountain to find a chance to pull it out.

The time of practice is very gentle.

For him, he has gained every day. In fact, this kind of practice is very promising.

And it's in this.

The four younger martial brothers who had already been thrown down the mountain by him to study at the foot of the mountain are also slowly returning to the mountain.

After such a long time of study.

Each of the four younger martial brothers who went down the mountain had advanced and improved on their own.

It's like Yunhao.

He is also a farmer and has always been responsible for the fields in the back mountain.

So Wei Yi kicked him out some time ago and asked him to go to the folk to learn various farming skills.

For such a long time, he is also half a professional.

As for Yunpeng and Yunshan, go to the taverns in the world and learn various ways of washing and cooking.

They didn't have to be apprentices or work in vain for three years. They did it with silver.

Now, he is a chef.

As for the last bad luck, when we drew lots, we caught the pig directly.

I had to go down the mountain to learn various pig castration techniques.

It is reasonable to say that Yunhai should go with him, but who made Yunhai's second elder martial brother have a big fist.

For a while, Yunfeng, the little brother, could only learn by himself with his nose pinched. When he came back, his whole body smelled.

But it is also a skill that must be learned.

After all, this Taoist temple can't be just a few of their martial brothers.

What do they do?

We should find more children and other people to make the whole Taoist temple bigger and stronger.

Don't ask for anything else. At least don't have problems with the resources provided to him and the resources communicated with others.

In this period of time, the imperial court's jade book for awarding money had already come down.

No accident, JinCeXian Sect.

Even with these things, there are some decorative rewards such as gold flowers and silver leaves.

There are a lot of craftsmen coming here. They just gave full play to their initiative and repaired the entire Taoist temple as quickly as possible.

Originally, those people wanted to expand the Taoist temple, but Wei Yi asked them to open up several large fields in different places in the mountains and forests, and even dredge the waterways.

In this way, in a short period of time, the reward granted by the imperial court was also spent.

Compared with the past, the whole concept of cool wind is also completely new. It can be said that there is really a new trend, a new atmosphere.

'With Beizhu, I believe that in a few years, I will be able to break through two hundred interests and see the Yin God, and then I will be able to wander around the world, which is a new start.'

'What's more, once the man in the back of the mountain succeeds, he will leave behind his life essence, which can at least make me double on the current basis.'

'Everything is ready. Basically, it only takes time to slowly absorb and digest, and then you can naturally move on to the next step.'

'Now, it's really time to think about the breeding industry. It's not good to draw big cakes all the time!'

(End of this chapter)

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