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Chapter 380 Younger Martial Brother, do well

The common idea of incense sticks usually takes a long time to accumulate to reach one of the peaks.

It's like Shannan County.

The whole county has never had such a grand festival and incense atmosphere for years.

So Wei Yi, with his own ability, took a bite out of the cake.

In the future, though, they will hold a parade.

Although they will hold it many times in a period of time, or in a year or two.

But that kind of income is too little.

It is even rare.

At that time, almost the whole Shannan County City, a city that has been burning incense for more than ten years, has been cut off.

He has already cultivated two spiritual powers of the flesh. It can be said that he has gone a long way in the aspect of the sanctification of the flesh.


The state of fetal breath has also seen the Yin God.

This is a great joy for both sides.

How can we not make Wei Yi happy?

Thinking of this, Wei Yi put down the stone bowl in his hand and let a little steam gather in it.

This is the vitality of the whole mountain.

Just like the stalactite of ten thousand years.

Among them, although there is no immortal power, it also has this kind of extraordinary power.

Drinking it can make people light and healthy.

Because of this, Wei Yi uses this mountain spring as the source of smelting incense.

'Now that there is great joy on both sides.'

'Now it's time to do something. I wanted to do something that I hadn't done before.'

'The livestock raised in Houshan should be increased at this time.'

The words fall down, only to see that V and suddenly pressed on one of the stone slabs, making the whole chamber slowly rise.

After a while.

He slowly followed the stone road and returned to his room.

This feeling is comfortable, and naturally you will be happy to see anything.

Look in front of the Taoist Temple.

I only saw five figures jumping in the square of the entire Taoist temple.

Everyone has a very strong life, and there is a strong wind between waving.

The figure flies between the vertical and horizontal.

I can see at a glance that it is the martial arts masters who are fighting with each other.

Take a closer look.

Of the five, Yunhai was the only one who fought against the other four, even one who could not lift his head against them.

Time is also one of the highlights.

Seeing this scene, Wei Yi could not help smiling:

'Younger martial brother's life is getting stronger and stronger.'

'If we go on like this, even if we don't understand the divine meaning, we will be able to slowly develop the flesh power.'

'The sky is full of energy, and our Tao is booming!'

'Good, good, ha ha...'

Although it is said that his goal is to achieve something and grow up freely.

But that doesn't mean he doesn't care about others.

Just like these younger martial brothers.

It's like the reputation of the entire Taoist temple.

Now, he is the only golden mountain gate in Shannan County.

If you really talk about it in detail.

They are even qualified to select excellent apprentices from a hundred cities in Shannan County.

Seeing the figure of Wei Yi, Yunhai's whole person moves more quickly:

'Get down here!'

The angry Dantian shouted.

Later, he saw a strong blood gathering around him with the palm of the whole person in the sea of clouds.


The air suddenly became dull.

Then Yun Fengyun Hao and the four of them, if hit hard, covered their chests and retreated:



This gave them a break.

At this time, Yunhai came over and smiled at Wei Yi:

'Elder martial brother, haven't you been practicing in the back mountain? Is there something good you can't do now?'

Hearing Yunhai's jokes, Wei Yi didn't care. After all, he didn't care about the Taoist temple, so Yunhai had to take care of it.

This is not like before.

Nowadays, the whole Taoist temple is somewhat of status, status and industry. It is really troublesome to take care of it.

After hearing what Yunhai said, Wei Yi smiled and said:

'Something good has happened.'

'I'm making great progress in my cultivation now, so I don't want to be bored in the back mountain. I'm going to come out for a breath.'

'At the same time, we should prepare for what we wanted to do and what we should do.'

There is nothing to hide about the process of cultivation.

Say more.

For a group of people who have not stepped into the cultivation and practice of energy, they do not understand how great the cultivation is.

Anyway, I only know the senior brother Niubi!

Several younger martial brothers also relaxed at this time, and Yun Hao could not help saying in surprise:

'What do you want to do, Elder Martial Brother?'

'Is it to recruit new disciples to relieve the pressure of our martial brothers?'

Hearing this, the other martial brothers also looked at Wei Yi with expectant eyes.

Today is different from the past.

In the past, when they were in the Taoist Temple, they could finish that little thing day by day.

But now the Taoist temple plate has become larger, and all kinds of lands and herbs need to be picked in larger quantities.

Even the five of them are now masters of martial arts, and their methods of transportation have been achieved one by one.

I'm tired for a while.

Although the sea of clouds is only one step away from the physical power, it looks very powerful.

But he can't play around the whole Taoist temple.

After all, the monsters bred in the back mountain, which are used to improve the essence of flesh and blood, are fierce one by one.

Even if it is a sea of clouds, you may get hurt if you are not careful!

Looking at the expectant eyes of all the senior brothers, Wei Yi nodded and finally said:

'We are different now.'

'In the past, life was very precarious. I don't know when it became pork on the chopping board.'

'Now, our Qingfeng Temple has been awarded by the imperial court, and now it can be regarded as a positive person.'

'If there are few disciples in the prestigious Jince Mountain Gate, and if there are few disciples who can support the appearance, how decent is it?'

At this point, he paused, then looked at the younger martial brothers and said:

'Besides, you Younger Martial Brotherthers, now you have made some progress in moving, and you really can't continue to work hard any more.'

'In that case, take this opportunity this year to recruit some disciples and grandchildren to relieve your pressure.'

'When you become Martial Uncle Shifu one by one, maybe you will calm down one by one.'

When the words fell, all the younger martial brothers were so happy that they almost jumped up:

'Long live Elder Martial Brother!!'

'I want to be a master too.'

'From now on, I don't have to dig the broken ground behind the mountain anymore. It's liberated, liberated~'


Seeing that all the younger martial brothers are so happy, Wei Yi is also very happy.

Then he said quietly:

'In that case, it's time for us martial brothers to select some people to accept disciples outside.'

'I wonder if any of you want to go out for a walk?'

The words fell, and the martial brothers who had just cheered happily were all quiet for a moment.

Everyone: '...'

In the whole square, it seems that the air has become somewhat stagnant.

Both sides you see me, I see you.

It's clear that they don't want to go out.

After all, the whole Shannan County is very big. Not to mention the county town, there are more than 100 cities under the county town.

Which villain wants to go out to do this job?

This is clearly a proper coolie.

In fact, it's even more tiring than digging dirt in the back mountain.

At this moment, the sea of clouds opened its mouth quietly, and the whole person seemed to have some grumbles:

'According to the truth, it should not be the Elder Martial Brother, the Taoist Master, who went out to collect Taoist children.'

'If we go to collect disciples, we will have to go to the end of time?'

Hearing this, the smile on Wei Yi's face seemed to become more bright, and he looked up and down at his second junior brother.

Later, he said aloud to the sea of clouds:

'Younger martial brother, your accomplishments have greatly increased.'

'I'm afraid that it won't be a few years before we can take that step, a real extraordinary person.'

'In that case, the job of going out for training will be left to you, Younger Martial Brother.'

Speaking of this, he patted Yunhai's shoulder gently, and then opened his mouth like encouragement:

'Younger martial brother, just do it with confidence. I'll give you everything behind me.'

'Don't come back too early.'

'The whole Shannan County has more than one hundred cities, one by one, to look for some good seedlings and come back.'

'In the first wave, we don't need to find too many people. First, we need to find more than a dozen and more than twenty spiritual children and try first.'

'When you get familiar with it, you can also carry forward our Qingfeng Taoist Temple by recruiting disciples!'

Although Yunhai has not cultivated the physical power, his life and spirit have been extraordinary for a long time.

To a certain extent, it can also sense the root bone Qi and blood in the children's body.

It's very suitable to give him the job!

However, after hearing Wei Yi's words, Yunhai couldn't help but want to vomit blood:

'Such a large quantity?'

'Well... it should not be so bad!'

If we only look for a dozen or twenty little guys, we can find all the villages.

Not to mention the more than 100 cities, but also the most important central county city.

He must have good qualifications when he goes out, and he has to touch the bones of every one of them to feel their blood.

It's really hard.

If he goes out and asks him to find three or five, he will work hard, and he can still find them.

More than ten, more than twenty?

It's true. As the words just said, he should travel all over the 100 cities in Shannan County.

This is to kill his rhythm!

When he thought of this, Yunhai hesitated for a moment, then begged for mercy and said:

'Can you reduce it, Elder Martial Brother?'

'Five six... seven eight?'

Every word he said, he carefully watched Wei Yi's expression.

After all, the elder martial brother of the Taoist priest today has the characteristics of Grandet. He is an absolute black capitalist.

Hang the street lamp for him sooner or later!

However, Wei Yi finally broke his illusion:

'No discussion, just eighteen!'

'Within one year, you will have completed your task if you can find 18 disciples with good bones.'

'You don't have to be afraid of tiring yourself. I kept all the three ponies of our master.'

'It's just for you now.'

When he finished, he took out three little ponies from his sleeves.

This thing is consumable and can be made by himself. During this time, he just made the three left by the old Taoist priest.

cover a thousand li in a single day.

It's not bullying Younger Martial Brother.

Seeing that the last way out had been blocked, Yunhai nodded helplessly and said sadly:

'You are the elder martial brother, and you are the the final say~'

Seeing that the second elder martial brother who had just beaten four of them was punished by the first elder martial brother, Yunfeng and others laughed happily.

Today is really good news.

If the second elder martial brother is thrown out for one year, the whole Taoist temple will be their world.

At that time, we will receive eighteen disciples and grandchildren.

Shifu has something to do, and I will take care of it. At that time, I just need to lie down on the chair, and let the disciples do the rest.

Thinking of this, everyone was excited!


At this time, where can Wei Yi let his other junior brothers escape?

Only when he spoke again, he said slowly:

'As for the remaining four younger martial brothers, please take care of the beasts in the back mountain.'

'The output of our Houshan Blood Jade Pig has always been a little short. Now, it's time to breed more.'

'This year, three of the twelve blood jade pigs were driven away by the guards of Mo County. Now, the number is still rare.'

'Now, just as I have achieved my accomplishments, I will make up for it and raise thirty blood jade pigs.'

'I'll let you eat enough then!'

As soon as this was said, Yunfeng's faces were more bitter than those of Yunhai's. They were just like bitter gourds, and they wailed:

'Elder Martial Brother, please don't~'

Although it is said to increase the breeding quantity, the displacement only leaves a magic seed of livestock creation.

They are required to complete the transportation of life.

This pig will have to be moved for nine days. Now, 21 pigs will be added. How long will it take?

Although it is said that every time they help to move and guide, they will grow in their cultivation by transforming wild animals into blood jade pigs.

But it's really tiring.

Besides, if the quantity is increased, it will be more difficult to feed.

Thirty blood jade pigs.

It makes people dizzy to think about it. When will it take?

At this time, Wei Yi also spoke to increase their motivation:

'I learned a lot from my cultivation a few days ago. Now, I accidentally understand a scripture, which is just good for your cultivation spirit.'

'I will teach you now~'

I'm really happy to persecute you Younger Martial Brothers sometimes.

(End of this chapter)

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