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Chapter 397 Not a good person

Such things, especially unexpected ones, are the most lively.

Ordinary people like to be gourd eaters.

Not to mention that these people have already become extraordinary and have a long enough life.

For them.

Everything else can be forgotten.

But that kind of curiosity, that kind of thought that diligently pursues further, cannot change.

Anyway, whatever you say.

As long as you have your own and think of your own will, even if you run around casually, you won't have a big problem.

After all, this Shinto is very different from the way of energy refining.

As long as such a powerful energy refiner does not step into the fairyland, he will not appear and will not be confused.

On the contrary, these people are also very worried.

After all, if one thousand year old monster turns over a little guy who has been practicing for decades, he will lose the big place.

The gap between the two sides is here.

According to the life span of Lingshan King.

Under normal circumstances, you can live for thousands of years casually, tens of thousands of years are the normal life span of the gods.


If there is an old monster spirit that really doesn't want to move, the level of an old tortoise.

It is the end of time that can live from the beginning of heaven and earth.

At this time, one of his thoughts will be highlighted.

Such as seven emotions and six desires.

However, after most of them fall into the trap, there will be danger or great sequela.

It's like hatred.

It's like killing.

Generally, such kindness will not last long, and will basically die for various reasons.

This is normal.

After all, the gods themselves are the ones who protect the heaven and earth.

How can we kill at will?

For the vast majority of gods, what they have to do every day is to eat, drink and play in this holy land of their own.

Do whatever you want every day.

We just need to ensure the relative security of our land and there will be no natural or man-made disasters.


The young gods may be relatively poor.

But the real old gods, one by one, are rich and even more extravagant than the emperors in the world.

Therefore, it is quite clear to be able to watch the lively voices quietly.

Really, if you want to analogy.

That is equivalent to the seed of reading books among human beings, and the brain is very active.

Most gods love to watch.

This is also the reason why the gods often have clairvoyant ears, as well as various day and night wandering gods.

Even, there are some who can cross a continent excessively and go outside to see the excitement.


Although Lingshan Jun is just a new man among the gods, he is a real born fun person.

No, it's the god of fun!

At the moment of going out, there were a lot of melon seeds and nuts in my hands, which were all kinds of snacks.

For a moment, Wei Yi could not help but say something.

'This is too much to beat!'

No wonder I sometimes hear that someone has killed a god. It is obviously unknown and irrelevant. The god must die.

Now it seems.

This is something I should not know!

However, in the face of his roast, Lingshan Jun was still in a state of extreme excitement:

'Go, go!'

'The people of Bailian Pure Land are about to enter Shannan County and start preaching everywhere.'

'If these evil spirits who are good at demagogic will disrupt the order of Shannan County, you should be uncomfortable, right?'

At the end of the speech, the whole man of Lingshan also smiled with some malice.

He is still a noble god.

Where is this guy in front of me.

It is clear that I have been practicing all day, and I have been wandering around all day.

But Leng Shi still has ordinary civilians in his mind, and he still wants to maintain a certain order, so as not to make the dynasty disorderly.

Although he admired such a person.

But it is clear that as a plant creature, and still do not know how many years of life, his mind has already been clear.

Compared to others.

I believe that he can better implement the word 'life story of residents'!

'It's a pity that he is not the god of the city.'

Although it is said that when the City Emperor God was just established, he chose the most just and respected people to achieve.

But time is a poison after all.

In addition, the seven emotions and six desires in the belief sometimes do not need to erode it at all, just gently communicate his thoughts.


Even among the gods, the power of God is extremely noble.

Of course, this is bullshit.

Looking at this gorgeous and dignified Mountain God, Wei Yi just wants to laugh.

Sure enough.

As long as there is thinking, there must be their own thinking.

What kind of selfless person is he?

If this is a hard stubble, he would have run away. How can you let Lingshan Jun eat melons and watch a play here?

I only saw Wei Yi suddenly pinching up a corner of her clothes and shaking. Then, there was a phenomenon that seemed unreal, not unreal, or unreal.

Then his clothes shook quickly.

After a while.

His whole person unexpectedly changed from deification to emptiness, from a living person just now to a hell god at the moment.

Seeing Lingshan Jun, he was also shocked:

'How did you... do this?'

In his holy land, he was able to transform the real from the false, and even he could not detect anything.

This is just bullshit!

For a moment, the noble mountain god couldn't help doubting himself:

'Is it true that, as other predecessors said, I am too young?'

'It shouldn't be!'

'It doesn't make sense!'

Looking at this moment, Lingshan Jun's face looks like a circle, while Wei Yi's whole person can't help showing a heartfelt smile:

'That's the secret.'

'But if you don't leave quickly, you may have swept out these people before you can come.'

'You've lost a lot of fun~'

Hearing Wei Yi's words, Lingshan Jun quickly cheered up:

'Yes, it's important to watch the excitement.'

'Anyway, I still have a long time to crack your spells.'

'I hope you will grow up well. If you meet at the peak someday, you will still have a handful of ashes.'

'That will be very embarrassing in the end~'

The god is most proud of his life, which is almost equal to heaven and earth.

On the way of practice.

If it is not a real person with great opportunity, great talent and great insight.

Basically, they will be discomfited by their gods' tombs and come from behind.

That's why.

It is precisely because there was a senior who started this process, so many gods will basically make a plan.

This plan is not a five-year plan, a 10-year plan, or a millennium development plan.

If you meet an old devil.

Maybe all the people he met at the moment of birth will be the pieces he left hundreds of years ago.

Think about this.

That is really horrible and gloomy!

If you are a little confused, I am afraid that the Taoist heart will break on the spot, and it is not too bad to become possessed or commit suicide.


After saying that, the two people quickly rode away.

Not for a while.

On a sunny day, suddenly a slowly fluttering cloud appeared.

It's a pity that no one sees one person and one god.

Otherwise, if it really goes out, it's really a fairy tale.

Step on the clouds.

Wei Yi is naturally very relaxed.

If he had been practicing for thousands of years, maybe he would have no idea what realm he would reach.

Say more.

Even if there is a problem in the end.

Even if the little tail is caught and beaten by a group of people in the end.

He can also prove it forever.

He is also willing to touch the real great powers in the world.

It's totally invincible, okay?

As for the magic just used, of course, it also involves one or two magic spells.

However, we can borrow the false to cultivate the true.

If everyone thinks it is true, that's it. Who can resist it?

I think, so I am.

Although this sentence is only a famous saying in the material world.

But in the world with extraordinary power, this sentence can be truly practiced.

The white clouds are flying fast.

At this moment, it should be Wei Yi and his wife who stand on it quietly and show a supernatural character.

At this moment, a person lies on the white clouds and dozes off. One is also enjoying the catkin of the beautiful girl behind the chair.


Across Shannan County.

The two men quickly arrived at the junction of Shannan County and nearby Yuliang County.

There are green mountains and green waters everywhere.

There is no central Shannan County, one after another high mountain, which is handsome and straight.


The mountain forests here are low and flat.

Some of them are not very good, and their geographical location is a little poor. They are all made into terraces and planted with various fruits and plants.

One water wheel after another turns in it, which makes you feel like a land of plenty!

This is the origin of Yuliang County next door.

The whole county town is basically at the junction of several rivers, and the most peculiar thing is that these rivers are not fast.

Although it is not an important traffic route.

However, the water veins in the whole Yuliang County are all up, down, left and right.

The water here feeds people.

The mountain keepers here.

The girls here are as soft as water, and those who speak softly are very nurturing.

Everywhere is a Jiangnan water town.

Everywhere shows a piece of tranquility and serenity.

Say more.

Although it is like a water town in the south of the Yangtze River, it is a small and alternative Yuliang County.

But ultimately, it is the border between counties and counties.

Although it is only a step away from the left and right, it has become the best portrayal of the living environment of the people on both sides.

Many people are scolding behind their backs.

After all, it was three or five steps away, but it cut off a new world.

Became another wish.

At this moment, it was almost time, and the crisscross waterways were still located in the small houses.

Wei Yi and his wife were in the ascendant of light smoke, but they could not help but look around.

At this moment.

After enjoying the Lingshan Jun who was served by the jade hands, the whole person was really curious.

He was holding a pork jerky in his hand and was stuffing it into his mouth, but his head could not help coming close to Wei Yi and looking around:

'Taoist friends, what good place do you think this is?'

'As normal.'

'This is neither a military stronghold nor an important economic town.'

'Why did those left-wing demons choose such an ordinary place as a breakthrough to live in Nanjun?'

When talking about this, Lingshan Jun turned into a fun person in an instant and came to Wei Yi:

'Katcha, Te!'

'Katcha, Te!'


'Do you think they look down on you because they are like this?'

Isn't this naked arch fire?

Wei Yi first gave him a white look, then he said to him helplessly:

'Are you the layman?'

'If they were so brainless, they would have been killed long ago when they were outside Jiuzhou.'

'Do you think the practitioners who survive in such a harsh and cruel place can be some fools?'

Hearing Wei Yi's roast, Lingshan Jun didn't feel anything strange at all.

Anyway, I have a thick skin.

After all, he is an immortal to some extent. How can he recruit in this camp?

Therefore, he is just a look at the excitement, unless something arouses his curiosity and he is willing to participate.


A mindless spectator, a low-key melon eater, is his own positioning for himself!

While they were chatting.

I only saw one suddenly appeared in the distance. It looked like he was 70 or 80 years old, but he was immortal, with a turtle back and a crane.

Especially when it comes to Hehua's childlike face, as well as his beautiful hair.

For a moment, Wei Yi seemed to see his mentor, Qianhuan Taoist Priest, who had been promoted to heaven with his fist.

'Such an old immortal is basically the skin of everyone walking outside.'

'It's not a good person at first sight!'

Immortals and other immortals have long been able to live forever. How can they care about their looks?

Say more.

Although some practitioners look like this, the real elders are younger than each other.

This has been normalized.

Therefore, when Wei Yi meets this kind of spiritual cultivator, he naturally regards it as a heresy.

And right now.

Lingshan Jun, who had been quietly eating melon seeds beside him, could not help spitting out the melon seeds in his mouth, then nodded and said in agreement:

'I am!



'Those who like to show off their white hair are not good people!


At this time, the white haired old man who had already flown far away and was approaching them could not help but stumble:


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