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Chapter 4 Golden finger?

Wei Yi fell into a coma.

but this time.

he found himself in a very wonderful situation.

it seems very dark here.

but strangely, it seems that there is a light emerging in it, so that he can see the things clearly.

what surprised him most.

is the brightest thing in the center of the dark space. It is a small Scarecrow standing on a thick book.

Wei Yi found out at this time.

it turned out that the book was actually a copy of the law that my father left for me.

I just don't know why I came here suddenly.

at this time.

a faint yellow light suddenly reveals its trace!


Wei Yi finally sees his face.

it was obviously the yellow skin that he hammered to death with the socialist iron fist before he was unconscious.

'where is this?'

Wei Yi has some doubts.

in his puzzled eyes, the yellow skin in front of him was dim, like a projection, and suddenly turned into a light spot.

after a while, Kung Fu disappeared in front of him, leaving only two groups, and the light fell in place.

a mass of yellow and a mass of black.

one glance makes people feel different.

especially the black light mass gives people a very cold and terrible feeling.

he hasn't waited for him to continue to observe carefully.

these two light masses quickly flew to the only bright place in the dark center.

the black light mass enters the thick script below, while the yellow light mass enters the standing Scarecrow above.

at the same time.

in the dark space, there was also an inexplicable golden light, which first fell into the thick Dharma at the bottom.

then, it seems that he came out of the law with some things and finally fell onto the little scarecrow.

in an instant.

Wei Yi finds that the scarecrow has changed.

for a moment, the scarecrow, which was only the size of a palm, seemed to become very great.

the scarecrow woven from ordinary plants and trees is now crystal clear and more dazzling than sapphire.


a very obvious message flew from the Scarecrow and fell into Wei Yi's mind.

'I see...'

all the doubts in Wei Yi's heart have been solved.

it turns out that both this script and the scarecrow are part of the inheritance.

scarecrow is the core of cultivation.

it can be activated only when it has the characteristics of blood dripping and demons.


Wei Yi was very lucky. When he beat the yellow leather to death, a piece of the yellow leather fell off.

the part where the scarecrow is integrated is the talent of the Huang family: borrow luck!

just because he killed this yellow skin, Wei Yi also got a trace of merit by chance.

combination of merit and virtue with law.

gave birth to the meritorious cultivation method.

the combination of merit cultivation method and borrowing and transportation finally formed the mysterious and tall scarecrow in front of Wei Yi.

'I didn't expect to inherit the old man's last wish from another angle by chance.'

'the old man can rest in peace.'

Wei Yi sighed and thought of his master who was not suitable for the times.

but then.

there was a surprise in his eyes.

at this time, he carefully observed the scarecrow in front of him and felt the power in his soul.

he already knows that he is in the mysterious sea of soul.

in other words.

he has already practiced Tao and has some mana.

I didn't expect that Wong Tai Sin got what he had been pursuing all his life by chance.

'in that case, I can easily get the golden finger?'

'they are also of the spirit type. They only need to kill the ghosts with sins to obtain merit.'

'after you get merit, you can set yourself right? Isn't that getting stronger and stronger? This is the road to heaven!'

Wei Yi is a little excited.

originally, the magical power formed by this Scarecrow has two characteristics: merit and luck.

if Wong Tai Sin wants to go further, he has to borrow other people's luck to beg for closure, and he has to face the risk of failure at any time.

but he is different.

he only needs to show that he wants to kill demons and demons to obtain merit. Then merit will turn into Qi.

in other words, it is not impossible for him to become an immortal as long as he kills enough evil spirits.

this is the true virtue!

the first merit he obtained came from that Wong Tai Sin. At the moment, that merit has been transformed into Qi, helping him open the bridge between heaven and earth and open his ancestral orifices.

it can be said that he has entered the Tao. He can also use spells.

'in this case, the function of golden finger has been developed.'

'this first feature may be the legendary big gift bag of Qi Yun. You can get a directly used grass man magical power at one time.'

'normally speaking, if you subdue ordinary ghosts, you will get at most a trace of ghost spirit or evil spirit.'

that black air is evil.

'a trace of ghost or evil spirit can only move the script and extract a spell from it.'

'only when you hit great luck and cut down the demons to drop their original characteristics, can you combine them with the magic of this magic to form the second grass man magic power.'

'but no matter how lucky you are, you can get a little merit by killing a demon with sin.'

'so every time you go out, as long as you can subdue the evil spirits with sins, you can get progress in cultivation.'

at this time.

it can be said that the function of golden finger is fully displayed.

Wei Yi stepped forward a few steps, came to the script, and lifted his hand to open the first page of the script.

something like a ghost symbol appeared in front of him. Only three big characters were written on it: Exorcism symbol!

see here.

Wei Yi is delighted.

he finally has the first one to participate in the magic of subduing demons and eliminating demons.

although this spell is very common.

but he doesn't want to use this talisman to kill any big demons. He just wants to solve some small spirits and so on.

wait until your accomplishments are improved, and then go to solve some big demons.

one comes and two goes.

which of the above accomplishments has not been promoted?

at this moment, he only felt that his consciousness seemed to fall from the nine heavens.

in an instant, his soul fell back from his ancestral body and returned to his body.


'where am I?'

Wei Yi opened his eyes and found that he was in a very clean and bright ancient wing room.

at this time.

it seems that someone outside hears his movement. Only a little servant girl dressed in green came in quickly from the outside.

'Taoist priest, are you awake?'

'the two masters have prepared breakfast for you. Do you want to bring it or go out for lunch?'

the servant girl owes herself and asks Wei Yi respectfully.

but Wei Yi was a little stunned.

'this is...

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