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Chapter 400 Running in deep water

Not to mention that he ran slowly when he came here, but the little old man ran really fast when he ran.

Only see.

In the misty and misty place, an old Taoist who seemed to have white hair and beard suddenly appeared:

'Too dangerous, too dangerous.'

'I have never heard of him in ordinary times. When did he have friends of the same level?'

'Why did a god king emerge for no reason?'

The most absurd thing is that this living god king is still an enemy to him.

'Is it really because I didn't look at the almanac when I went out?'

Frustrated, I rolled up my clothes.

The old Taoist priest was very distressed. He looked at the jade rune in his hand, which was already full of cracks:

'It's the last time we've been close.'

'The next time this happens, I'm afraid the old Taoist will die.'

This was given to him by a great deity in the Pure Land. Few people can catch up with him to escape. However, it is the last time.

Very distressed, he put the broken jade amulet away, and the old Taoist walked slowly down the mountain.

When he was just on the mountain, he looked like an old Taoist.

Wait until the foot of the mountain.

The old Taoist, who was familiar with everything, came to a small ready to wear shop. In a short time, he came out with a chubby Councillor.

One in and one out.

Presumably, no one really thinks that the Yuanwailang of the rich side is the hale and hearty old immortal.

Skilled in the town.

When everyone saw him, the Councillor came to a very ordinary courtyard.


Three knocks at the door.


A voice came out from behind the door, and then heard a sound of the door:


The door was opened by a very young boy.

'Come in and talk.'

Waving the old Taoist priest in, the young man carefully closed the door.

At this moment.

When I just saw a very ordinary young man, he suddenly changed. It seems that his God has changed, and his voice has become very dignified:

'How are things going?'

Although it is just a question.

But the pressure in it could not help making the old Taoist sweat:

'Tell you, the villain failed.'

For this one's question, the old Taoist did not even dare to explain, but only answered the final result.

Just wait quietly for the final judgment.


Just when he thought he was going to have bad luck, the young man suddenly smiled:

'Well, ha ha... It's really interesting. It's really interesting.'

'In that case, you should leave the other side's affairs alone and replace the bottom practitioners slowly.'

'As long as there is a problem at the grass-roots level, even if they have the ability to understand the universe, they will be exhausted for a while.'

Speaking of this, this venerable person can not help becoming very confident.

Hear here.

Hearing that he was not punished, the old Taoist was naturally very happy:

'I will do it well. You can rest assured.'

'If the villain can't do anything with the resources you have given him, he will be saved for nothing.'

The old Taoist priest clapped his chest loudly.

Although money is not everything, it is absolutely impossible without money.

With sufficient resources, most of the poor practitioners will have a natural tendency even if they won't join them.

At least once there is a problem, they will choose to wait and see.

But it's just good.

Once most of them choose to wait and see, the final outcome will be in favor of them.

This was planned by them long ago.

Thousands of years.

They have been waiting too long.

Since they were driven out of the fertile land of Kyushu, they never did not want to return to this land.

But just coming back is not enough.

They should really establish the orthodoxy.

They want to make the present land of Kyushu full of the symbol of their pure land of white lotus.

So they are planning.

Although for various reasons, they did not return to the land of Kyushu.

However, thousands of years of planning also let them know a lot, and let them understand what it is to plan and then move.

'In that war, we were too impatient. We chased after and fought fiercely. After all, we were just brave for a while.'

Speaking of this, the young face seemed to show a trace of vicissitudes that did not match his age:

'If we could conquer Kyushu once and for all, there would still be room for change.'

'Now we are thinking about all kinds of things. After all, we have not changed our original thinking, and we are still too far away.'

When talking about this, the young man's eyes seemed to flash across the picture of slash and burn cultivation and land reclamation:

'Three thousand years ago, we were driven out of Kyushu. What kind of days did we live on that wild land?'

'Only in those days can we understand that sometimes assimilation and imperceptible influence are the most terrible.'

'Unconsciously change their thoughts and replace their original thought core with another thought core.'

'If we really achieve something this time, even if we allow him to set up the Daqian Dynasty for thousands of years, why not?'

'It's just our puppet after all. That's our goal!'

Although the quiet words were plain, he said the most radical harsh words in this very plain language.

This is really a plan to kill children and grandchildren!

Hear here.

Even the old Taoist who had already joined the Pure Land of Bailian, his whole body could not help shivering.

This is too cruel.

As far as he knows.

As far as his ability is concerned, there are no fewer than three princes associated with the Pure Land of White Lotus.

Although that one has many princes.

But those who are qualified to compete for the final position are only a dozen in the end.

That's all he knows.

What if you don't know?

So many princes, if one of them really takes the throne, the destructive power will be absolutely terrible.

What is imperceptibility?

That is to change the nature of things slowly with other auxiliary means without using the means of real thunder matching.

It's like a dynasty today.

Under normal circumstances, we hope that it is a big festival like the Mid Autumn Festival or the Spring Festival, which is the consensus of all people.

This is a must!

But in addition, each region has its own small festival.

Some of them are spiritual activities.

Some are visiting Chenghuang Temple.

At that time, you just need to give it a gentle hand. Maybe in the next few decades, there will be a festival that belongs to the Pure Land of White Lotus.

Finally, cultivate slowly.

Given enough time, they can change the world imperceptibly.

They have been waiting for more than 3000 years

It's just a few hundred years in the future. They think it's worth your while to exchange for the collapse of a dynasty.

It seemed that something had come to mind, which made this venerable person feel a little frustrated. Then he shook his head, waved his hand and said:

'All right, let's not talk about it.'

'If you have anything to report later~'

Words fall.

I only saw that the young people who were just majestic and awe inspiring had regained their normal appearance until now.

This is for once.

It looks like two people!

That being said.

Although he knew that the venerable man had left, the old Taoist still treated the young man with great respect.

He only saw his hands clasp and then said to the young man:

'Sir, almost half of the practitioners in Shannan County have already made a move.'

'As long as the later resources can keep up, I can guarantee that most of them will only take a wait-and-see attitude.'

'Even if I were given a little more time, I would be able to turn some of them around.'

Then, I saw that he suddenly took out a red letter from his sleeve.

Then he handed it to the young man.

This young man is the body of the great deity, and this young adult will look like that one.

The effect is the same.

After receiving the list handed over by the old Taoist priest, he took a casual look at it and put it away.

It seems that there is not much value in general.

Then I heard him say:

'In the future, you can do such things by yourself. You don't need to write down the details everywhere.'

'Nowadays, the most important thing is not to conspire against several so-called practitioners.'

'It is in all directions of Shannan County that the Tangkou land of our Pure Land is slowly radiated in an inconspicuous way.'

'Only by truly blending with them, can we slowly turn them into another kind of thought.'

'You can't neglect this matter.'

Although Shannan County is very big, there are many practitioners.

But most of them are out of climate.

How can they accomplish anything with their little magical power.

The reason why they make good friends with energy practitioners is that they focus on the villagers, or villages and towns, around each of them.

Population is the most important.

When they take root there, an ordinary energy practitioner will be ready to pull it out.

Don't care about anything at all.

After getting the permission, the old Taoist nodded, and then the whole person walked slowly towards the outside of the courtyard.

Not for a while.

The courtyard, which seemed to be very busy just now, is now completely silent.

Even the voice of a fallen leaf can be heard!

And right now.

The figure of the young man who had left suddenly appeared slowly from the side of a ginkgo tree beside him, and finally changed from emptiness to reality.

He looked around and saw that the environment had not changed, so he said quietly:

'It seems that I was too careful.'

When the words fell, the young man walked out of the courtyard again.


Somewhere in the sky above the white clouds, there are two young people in gorgeous clothes, who are just like thieves, staring at this small courtyard.

Wei Yi opens his mouth to Lingshan Jun and says:

'See, see?'

'I can assure you that I just came here

The head is definitely your old enemy. '

'How about? Do you want a vote?'

Hearing Wei Yi's encouragement, Lingshan Jun could not help but glance at him:

'Do you think I'm stupid?'

'Old monsters of that level, even if we two fight together, we may not last several rounds.'

'Let's practice for hundreds of years!'

When talking about this, Lingshan Jun could not help but be a little depressed and said:

'Do you really think I'm a generous person?'

'If it were not for my failure to fight, I would have avenged my revenge when I first ascended the throne!'

'It was able to detain ghosts. I almost got caught when I sneaked into the core of the earth.'

'If it had not been for the amputation and escape, how could there be a present now?'

Although one by one they are more powerful, it seems that they are very good.

But there is contrast in this world.

Compared with most of the vegetarian chickens, most of the energy practitioners are rare experts.

After all, supernatural power and magic are handy.

This is already very extreme!

But that's where the problem arises.

There has never been a shortage of old monsters in the world, especially those who have survived from various ages.

They rarely do anything.

But no one denies their strength.

These old guys who have lived for many years may not have good aptitude, but their instinct for magic and magic is absolutely strong.

Therefore, the two of them are very low-key. They just observe from afar and do not dare to enter the yard.

The world itself is not fair.

No one will stand on the same level with you.

It will not happen that your enemies' accomplishments are the same as yours, allowing you to jump one level at a time.

Just like the land of Kyushu today.

It is very likely that people will suppress you to death directly by virtue of the extremely high level.

What is the so-called overstepping the ranks?

Can a day without growth be called a genius?

To die is to cultivate loess.

High realm and powerful supernatural power means that he is superior to you. He has practiced more than you for hundreds of years.

What can we do about it?

This is true in itself.

However, some people can achieve reversion and become legends of a generation, while more people become corpses in the abyss.

When hearing this, Wei Yi knew that he could not fool him for the time being:

'In that case, let's withdraw first.'

'The water in it is very deep. We mix too much, and it's easy to get burned.'

I have already understood the course of this matter.

The next thing, that's not what he wants to do.

A light flew toward the distance.

Later, the Governor Mo, who was far away in Shannan County, received the news. For a moment, the soldiers pointed out that he was invincible.

The sword and spear open the way, and the bow and crossbow follow.

Children urine black dog blood all ready.

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