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Chapter 402 Deep background

Wei Yi has ten thousand confidence in his heart.

make fun of.

When he came up, he accepted the heritage of his teacher Fu, who had practiced for more than 300 years.

In addition, he became a man of the generation of his teacher Fu.

In the world of practice, he is a person.

Now, I've been fooled like this for a long time. Good guy, can't find a chance to kill him?


Now, how long has he been practicing?

He has the ability to practice for three or five hundred years.

At that time, even if there is no immortal, it is estimated that they will be the top generation of overhaul walkers.

The time will come to see who can carry it.

Therefore, Wei Yi is ready to withdraw after saying more.

After all, the hell spirit out of the body also consumed magic power, especially just now, he also used magic.


Just as he was about to leave.

He only saw Lingshan Jun suddenly slap the table with displeasure, and then shouted angrily:

'No, it can't be just that!'

'Today he dares to humiliate me in the south of the mountain, and tomorrow he dares to rush into 100000 mountains to humiliate the Great God.'

'I can still be bullied on the territory of the gods. No, you must go with me, Taoist friend. I must clean up his details for him today!'

When it comes to this, Lingshan Jun will go to hold Weiyi's hand.

Look at him.

It is estimated that Wei Yi can't go without going.

Seeing his angry appearance, Wei Yi naturally felt very sympathetic.

It's not easy to practice spiritual meditation.

The common ginseng itself has been for hundreds of thousands of years, and it is basically dead after falling flowers. Since then, the leaves have fallen to their roots.

Only when we have the chance, we don't know when we will be able to use the essence of heaven and earth to become a Holy ginseng.

The Holy Ginseng does not follow the Tao according to years.

But in terms of the collected essence of heaven and earth, the essence of the sun and the moon, in the words of practitioners, that is the innate essence of qi.

as one can imagine.

There is a hundred years of Holy Ginseng, which is not known how many years of cultivation.

It's OK if I give up.

Basically, it is easy to do it yourself, and the source will not be consumed too much.

And the Lingshan Lord was in distress.

He said to Wei Yi that he had tried to collect and refine the sun essence and moonlight on a fairy mountain in the East China Sea, but he was attacked by an old bastard.

Since then, his vitality has been seriously damaged.

Because of this, he went inland and came to Shannan County to seek the position of a mountain god.


After so many years and his success, he met this old guy.

This is simply the envy of enemies.

If you don't take this opportunity to know his details, give him a good and cruel blow.

It is not called Lingshan Jun!

However, Wei Yi is curious:

'Now that all the people have run away, is there any good way not to be friends?'

Homes of this level can hardly be caught after running away, can they?

It is unlikely that such a small matter will attract the oldest stock god among the 100,000 mountains, right?

Hearing Wei Yi's doubts, Lingshan Jun could not help but snort:

'... Hum!'

'Don't you always wonder where my colorful Holy Spirit fawn came from?'

'Now, I will take you to see and experience, which is just a way to take you to visit the wharf.'

'From now on, if Taoist friends have problems, it will not be too difficult to enter 100000 mountains.'

At this point.

Seeing Lingshan Lord in the divine court, he waved to the distance.

The next moment.

It was shining with colorful light, just like a deer made of jasper. So it was a very luxurious carriage, standing in the void, and rushing towards the two people.

'Step on...'

'Step on...'

'Step on...'


When they came to the two of them, the luxurious carriage stopped.

'Please come in, Taoist friends~'

Seeing what Lingshan Jun said, Wei Yi was not too polite.

After entering the carriage.

Only the colorful fawn ran quickly in front.

In a short time, he came out of the huge space that the whole Holy Land belongs to.

However, Wei Yi thought that he was about to step out of this holy land.

I only saw a channel with blue light suddenly emerging from the cliff in front of me.

Both sides are glittering with gold.

Even on the other side of the fog, it seems that there are more luxurious and grand palaces shining there than Lingshan.

Step on

A series of hoofs.

And as they get closer and closer to the destination of that light, they can also feel a very heavy sense of dignity coming down.

It seems that this breath has become the essence.

It seems that it can crush huge stones.

Feeling the breath and the majestic power, Wei Yi's face changed:

'This one is...'

I can't bear him not to change his face.

This level of breath, even in the presence of such a character, is basically not half the strength of counterattack.

Thinking of this, he could not help smiling bitterly.

He ran away when he knew it.

Although he knew that the god might not do anything to him, he tried to reduce his strength and face more powerful people when it was not enough.

Because the gap between the upper and lower levels, even if the other party doesn't care, is enough to frighten the weak party.

Seeing Wei Yi's color changed, Lingshan Jun could not help explaining:

'This is the Nanshan Mountain God.'

'If it is true, the whole part of Nanshan should be under the jurisdiction of this god.'

After this scene, it's time to tell some truth.

'However, since we are gods of power, and to our level of congenital gods, we naturally do not care about those false names.'

'Although the reputation is big enough, if the power cannot be extended, it will not occupy such a large part.'

'But even so, this Nanshan Mountain God is also one of the top gods in 100000 mountains.'

'If you ask him to come forward, this matter is probably settled.'

'What's more, this deity has always been kind to others and is highly trusted by believers and mountain people.'

'You don't have to worry too much.'

Hearing what Lingshan Jun said, Wei Yi could not help sighing:

'Take things as they come.'

Fortunately, he was out of body.

It's a big deal that the past ten years of practice will be over. If he is really cruel, he may be able to escape under this man.

What's more, isn't it the last step?

Follow the two of them chatting.

The colorful path followed the long ladder and finally came to a place suspended in the sky.

There are colorful lights, colorful clouds, and even a huge mountain shaped holy land in Rainbow Village.


If you compare the Holy Land of Lingshan Lord with food, it is like a firefly competing with the bright moon.

Not to mention the luxury.

The site area alone is not as good as it is.

It is a mountain suspended in the sky, and it is also a pure land of gods created separately.

How much magic power does it need?

God, no wonder it can last so long.

If we live generation after generation, I am afraid that the gods will be the most terrible existence!

When I think of here.

Wei Yi seems to be eager for his cultivation.

Cultivate! Cultivate when you go back!

This time I went back and closed the door for ten years. I will never come out before my accomplishments are not great.

Wei Yi clenches his teeth in his heart.

He came out to improve his own cultivation, but not to find qi.

Soon, a colorful deer stopped in front of a very huge crystal palace.

Look at the height.

The threshold of that palace is more than ten meters long.

That's more than extravagance. It's just like a fairy palace in the sky.

It is said that there are thousands of palaces in the sky.

From the perspective of these gods, if there is a heaven that really dominates the world, it should be far more than this number.

And absolutely a drop in the bucket!

What is bold?

This is it.

While looking at the palace, he saw the door bolt above the door, and Weiyi's mouth suddenly twitched:

'A thousand year old wutong tree?'

Using a whole piece of millennium wutong wood as the door bolt of the gate really gave him a long experience as a poor man.

After all, it seems that the main material of his enchanting banner was made by the old man from a branch of a thousand year old wutong tree.

Just as the two of us got off.

Only two groups of maids in gauze suddenly appeared in the distance.

Large sleeves are floating.

The thin gauze scarves worn on each person look as if more than ten layers of gauze scarves are not very light blocking.

It's hazy.

It seems that this place is more than twice as high as the Gong'e in the Holy Land of Lingshan Lord.

At this moment, the woman who walked in the front and looked like a housekeeper suddenly came to Lingshan Jun.

First, she took the maid behind her and bowed to the Lord Lingshan. Then she continued to say:

'I have seen God and Taoist Priest.'

'The Lord is waiting for you now. Please come with me.'

Words fall.

Only a group of people and horses suddenly came to the distance and carefully pulled the colorful reindeer away.

The palace maids were the bodyguards.

Although it may not have a protective effect, it seems to be pleasing to the eye.

It has crossed several halls.

A series of winding pavilions passed by.

Finally, they came to a temple that looked very grand and majestic.

What kind of gold, jade and colored glaze is no better.

In such a place, only things that can be called spiritual materials in the spiritual world can be seen by people.

It is truly a top spirit.

Only such a level of deity can build such a pure land of deities with its unknown years of history!

The celestial fairyland that people imagine in their minds, the so-called heaven, is nothing more than that.

To the front of this temple.

Seeing the Lingshan Lord who had been following a woman, he could not help but take a few steps forward.

Before entering the hall, I heard Lingshan Lord shouting loudly:

'Brother, you must make decisions for me!'

'That old bastard is too much. He dares to bully me on the land of Shannan County.'

'Where is he hitting me in the face?'

'He clearly is...'

Before he finished speaking, and before Wei Yi could continue to listen, he only saw two faces and suddenly flashed.

The next moment.

The two of them entered a very grand hall.

There are only twenty-four columns in the whole hall, which are carved with dragons and phoenixes.

There are four divine animals, four ferocious animals, and the Nine Dragons Classic of Mountains and Rivers. Some of them are recognized, and some are unrecognized.

There are many of them.

Look at that, it's a dazzling array.

It seems that the next second will come out.

The next moment, the voice of a very warm man with a faint smile suddenly appeared in their ears:

'Lingshan, it's OK for us to lose face in front of our own people, but it's a bit wrong to lose face in front of our guests now.'

Just as the sound fell, a gentle prince wearing colorful magic guns and painted with dragons and phoenixes suddenly came to me.

His temperament is not like a lofty mountain god at all, but a good young man who was cultivated by the human dynasty.

Just looking at it makes people feel much better.

As soon as he saw the mountain god coming out, the Lingshan Lord couldn't help himself:

'Brother, I've suffered a lot.'

'Today, I met my old enemy. I can't help it. Now I ask you to help me. You must help me!'

The impression that the hierarchical gods met did not appear, but it seemed that both sides had a good relationship.

It's called brother.

For a moment, Wei Yi felt that he seemed to underestimate the old friend in front of him.

Without two brushes, it is estimated that this Nanshan Mountain God would not discuss with his peers.

Seeing that Lingshan Jun is so spineless, the Nanshan Mountain God just suddenly took out a fan, opened it, and then smiled:

'I don't know if you want to ask others.'

'But if you ask him, it's good that your brother and I really know a little.'

At this point, the Nanshan Mountain God suddenly looked at Wei Yi, and then heard him say to Wei Yi with a smile:

'If it is true, this matter has something to do with this Taoist friend.'

'If you really talk about it, this Taoist friend has to call that Ciyun Grand Master Shibo.'

'To sum up, this is also a fate left by the Taoist friend's master.'

Hearing this, Wei Yi could not help but wince.

Seeing Wei Yi's performance, Lingshan Jun could not help showing his sympathy.

After all, others think that Shibo may have good wine and good food to serve, but the filial son in front of him has personally exceeded his master's existence.

There is absolutely no such problem.

Seeing the performance of the two men, Nanshan Mountain God also shook his head.

As the largest local intelligence chief, he obviously knew a little about the story of the younger generation.

(End of this chapter)

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