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Chapter 46 bride

That night.

Wei Yi sits in the courtyard again.

however, this time it is not the bright moon in the sky, but Wei Yi's own practice.

the first benefit has passed.

if you want to practice next, you must really work hard.

'Taiyin refining form' ~

Wei Yi embraces Yin and Yang in his hands.

the white cloud on my body turns into a rope again and connects the bright moon in the sky.

a little light falls down the rope.

turned into a spot and fell on Wei Yi bit by bit.


something magical happened.

with the gathering of a little Taiyin Qi, Wei Yi became more cool.

appears to be slow fading.

after a stick of incense, his clothes, including his whole body, seemed to become transparent.

at a glance, I can even see the bricks and stones on the opposite side through his body.

each integration of the lunar splendor will make Wei Yi's body more transparent.

the cultivation of Tai Yin focuses on cultivation.

the whole body, bones and flesh will be slowly infiltrated by the Taiyin Qi.

this is the real double cultivation of life.

when the cold breath in his mouth came out, his body instantly changed from transparent to original flesh and blood.

at this time.

a bead of water suddenly pops up in Wei Yi's hand.

then, the water drop suddenly changed into a fog and disappeared in front of him.

just as Wei Yi stretched out his hand, one ice flower after another appeared in his hand.


light to the sky.

a sheet of snowflakes immediately drifted down from the sky and never stopped, just like a goose feather heavy snow.

after a while, the ground was covered with a layer.

what's more amazing is that these snowflakes are only in the yard sentence, but not outside.

saw this scene.

Wei Yi smiled knowingly:

'Dacheng's Dharma water is really extraordinary.'

'with the addition of the refining form of the Taiyin, the water in this method seems to have a little more cold air of the Taiyin.'

'this is really a surprise.'

Dacheng's water method can almost become a sharp weapon for him to wander the Jianghu.

originally only has physical characteristics.

however, under the blessing of the refining form of the Taiyin, there is a little more chill that can freeze the soul.

if you encounter that water ghost again, it may just be a snowflake, which can freeze its soul.

suddenly, Wei Yi sees this grass growing in his yard.

then he walked over with some curiosity.

as a result, when he opened the grass, he found that there were several small mice running towards the mouse hole in the distance with corn in their beaks.

see this scene.

Wei Yi seems to think there is something wrong:

'are there too many mice these days?'

'I saw several cats a few days ago. I thought it was the old cats in the yard who were quietly lazy.'

'I didn't expect there was another nest here. It's really strange. Is the palace so dirty?'

under normal conditions.

there should be no mice in such a large mansion.

after all, the larger the industry, the more people there are. Naturally, this problem cannot occur.

'moreover, these mice swarmed into the hole one after another.'

'seems to be organized.'

'interesting. Can we say that behind the scenes, there are really evil spirits making trouble?'

after thinking for a while, there is no clue.

Wei Yi shook his head and walked slowly towards his room.

if you go to find someone after dinner earlier, it will be a bit of trouble for others.

wait till tomorrow.

ask the steward in the yard at that time.

'the Dharma water has been completed. Next, we need to consider how to achieve the state that a little spiritual light is a symbol.'

'I don't know whether it's the problem of the spell itself or the scarecrow. Some of the practicing spells can be integrated.'

'if this dharma water is fused with the exorcism talisman, it may have unexpected effects.'

with this idea.

he mainly took out his pen, ink, paper and inkstone to prepare for a practice of talisman.

still have to practice!

the appearance of night quietly.

the rich can have more meals and supper.

however, poor people don't have such convenience. Two meals a day is great.

and the time is very irregular.

some are early and some are late.

and tonight.

an old couple in the green leaf array are making dumplings in their room.


this is a real big deal.

if you can eat dumplings once a year, it is already the Chinese New Year.

although there is no Chinese new year this time, if the family has a good harvest, it can also let the old couple eat dumplings.

'slow down, slow down, slow down, don't pull down the dumpling filling.'

the old lady complained about the old man's clumsiness, and the old man was also a bit steady:

'I know, I know.'

'can I not get excited and waste dumplings after having a hard time'

'let me taste the stuffing first.'

as he spoke, the old man put his hand in the small basin and squeezed a little meat stuffing:

'Hmm, fragrant!'

after eating, he smashed his mouth.

aside, the old lady who made dumplings by the light the size of a mung bean could not help being angry:

'you will know to eat!'

when the old couple quarreled in the dark room.

suddenly their door was knocked.

Dong! Dong! Dong! ~

the voice is very clear, which also wakes up the old couple who are quarreling.

the old man shouted:

'who? Who is knocking?'

hearing this inquiry, a charming female voice suddenly appeared outside the room:

'Sir, I am a passer-by here.'

'I was in a hurry to get married, but I was hungry before I got home.'

'so I came here to beg for food.'

as soon as someone answered, the old man looked back and saw that there was indeed a shadow.

then he took the stick off the door:

'I'll meet you later, Miss ha.'

'it's not easy for people now. It's hard for you, the girl, to get married.'

'come and see your father-in-law's family and have some food ~

the times are different, but there are also some places where girls go to get married themselves. I'm not surprised.

after all, a peasant woman has no status. How can she ask for a bridegroom to greet the wedding.


although people in this age are very poor in material life, they are all very simple.

most of the people who seek help are able to do their best.

open the door.

the old man saw that there was indeed a woman in a red wedding dress at the door.

so he hurried to the house and asked:

'come on, girl, come in.'

'the room is black. Be careful not to knock it.'

an oil lamp the size of a mung bean can not illuminate much area at all.

it can only be said to be a symbolic light.

after entering the door, the bride took out an oil paper bag from her own hand:

'take it first, sir. It's the fare my mother gave me when she came.'

'I was hungry on the way and ate some.'

I took it and found that it should be a small bag of raw corn.

'Hey, little girl.'

'come and sit here. Your aunt is making dumplings. Let's eat dumplings today'

put down the food in our hands, and the uncle invited the bride to the table.

lighting lights is like mung beans.

hazy, only three approximate figures can be seen.

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