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Chapter 47 Here comes the big guest

Eating dumplings is a big deal.

especially if the old couple have a good meal at home, they have prepared everything.

although there is not much meat.

however, the stuffing and the dishes inside are really delicious.

put five spice noodles in that dish. This seasoning is really rare. Later, add a little sesame oil that you have saved for a year.


that is called a fragrance.

don't say it's cooked. Even if it's raw, it tastes good when you chew it.

this is also the reason why many old people like to taste the stuffing with their hands.

'where does the girl come from?'

'such a good bride doesn't have much dowry at home, which is really cruel.'

the wife mumbles while holding the dumplings in her hands. It seems that she has a little empathy:

'we women are cheap.'

'when I was young, I was almost sold to be a child's daughter-in-law. Fortunately, your uncle married me'

'just like our little granddaughter. If I didn't eat in front of us every once in a while, my smelly boy would throw his granddaughter into the river and drown.'

women, especially ancient women, are worthless.

especially in this era.

most of them will not survive their birth.

your family was almost drowned in the water, so you don't have to raise a child.

only when the conditions are better, can we raise the little girl heartily and give her a dowry when she gets married.

how can we say it's money losing goods?

when he heard his wife mumbling all the time, the old man was laughing.

after all, how many years.

that's all the old woman can do.

then the old man said with a smile:

'it will be ready later. This filling can only be eaten once a year.'

'Blessed is the little girl'

although there is a saying that a gentleman is far away from cooking.

but seriously.

if you really make dumplings, everyone in the family has to go out. This is the ultimate property of the real family.

so the old man can't run away.

however, instead of using a handbag, he can roll a rolling pin to press the dumpling skin on it.

everyone laughs ha! Ha! of

that's all. The bride doesn't seem to have any complaints.

just said in a very understanding way:

'my family is not so cruel.'

'it's mainly because there are too many brothers and sisters in the family. No one can afford to eat.'

'it took a long time for the brothers and sisters of the family to have so much food on the road.'

'there is nothing to complain about.'

however, the old man seems to hear a different feeling from this tone.

nothing else.

it seems that the voice is a little wrong.

it seems that he speaks with his voice in his mouth.

but after thinking about it, the old man suppressed the idea.

as for the bride, this is normal.

and the family just gathered up a bag of raw corn. It can be imagined that the family had a hard time.

what a poor girl.

thinking of this, the old man quietly grabbed the small porcelain vase next to him.


strike a chopstick directly on the old man's hand.

I don't know how my wife saw the action behind him in such a dark environment.

'put a little more, just a little more.'

'the girl has been hungry for so long on the road. Please put more food on her stomach.'

'we can taste delicious'

the old man grabbed the little porcelain vase, it seemed that there was some treasure in it.

I don't know which words my wife heard and touched, so she nodded.


the old man was very happy to be allowed.

gently open the lid of the small porcelain bottle.

in an instant, a passionate and speechless fragrance filled the whole room in an instant.

sesame oil.

it is sesame oil!

this kind of genuine pure fragrant oil squeezed by the ancient method is less than a small bottle a year.

you can imagine what kind of essence it is and what kind of fragrance it is.

even the old man could hear the breath of the bride and her voice became strong.

'put more.'

Lao Tzu carefully tipped the small porcelain bottle, only to see a drop of oil falling from the light of the small lamp.

at the other side, the wife quickly stirred the stuffing.

it is really fragrant.

on the other side, the old man poured out all the sesame oil in it. He even put the small bottle in the corner of his mouth and rinsed.

'tut! Tut! Tut!...'


time goes by so slowly.


the wife who uses chopsticks to wipe stuffing inside the small pot suddenly feels wrong.

because he feels empty.

but it's not right. There should be less than half of the meat stuffing left.


the wife looks aside.

but I don't know. I'm shocked when I see it.

in the dark, she saw that the bride seemed to be quietly wiping the meat among the meat stuffing with her hands and eating it.

see this scene.

Lao Nai was soft at first, and then seemed to want to let it go.

but suddenly she felt something wrong.

because she found that the bride's hands seemed hairy under the light.

see here.

the wife was shocked.

however, he didn't make any superfluous actions, as if he hadn't found anything.

however, he lightly stepped on his old companion with his feet in the dark, then hid his fingers and pointed to the side.

old man: 'hmm?'

after living together for so many years, the old man knew what his wife meant and did not act rashly.

then, he began to look at the bride through the trance light.

I didn't look carefully at first.

but after careful observation, he found that in the dark it seemed a little different.

so, he moved gently, and then moved the small oil lamp:

'the lamp is not very bright. I'll add some oil later.'

with this Kung Fu.

the old man has an oil lamp flashing in front of the bride.

in a flash, you can see that something is coming.

at this time, he found out that the bride was not a person.

it is a big mouse that stands up alone.

I couldn't see clearly when I was wearing a wide red robe.

but with this move, you can see the hairy corners of his mouth and the sharp claws hidden in his sleeve robe.

although surprised.

but on the surface, the old man is still motionless. It seems that he just moved.

good guy, no wonder the bride didn't come until late at night. It turned out that the rat grey family was getting married.

after all, rats are nocturnal.

good guy, his family really came to beg for food.

it seems that his sesame oil really played a decisive role!

as he walked away with the oil lamp, the old man looked back at the rustling sound in the dark.

then walked to a corner of the room.

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