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Chapter 48 Ma Leizi

After cleaning up, the old man came from a distance with an oil lamp.

look again at this time.

it seems that the small oil lamp has become much brighter.

it seems that it is really just adding oil.

the old man approached step by step. When he came to the table, he did not put down the oil lamp in his hand.

he raised his head.

look at the bride in red wedding dress sitting opposite.

then take a dark thing out of your hand and put it on the oil lamp in your hand.

throw it forward.

flash of light.


a very clear sound sounds.

then, both of them heard a sound of heavy objects falling to the ground.


at this time, the old couple is not stingy with their little lamp oil. They take an oil lamp with a big flame and look forward.

good guy.

only one bright red wedding dress was left empty, so it fell on the chair.

on the ground, however, there was a big mouse with a burnt face.

'it's really a fairy.'

'it's really a big mouse.'

'fortunately, there are still two pockmarked thunderbolts in my family that haven't been released during the Spring Festival. Otherwise, it's really difficult to do this.'

looking at the big mouse that must be a man's head, the old man also had a lingering fear.

this is also the saying of the older generation.

in the past, the older generation always said that it is to let the living creatures in the family get a little aura. If they can breathe at night, they can turn small things into fun.

at this time, you should not panic.

as long as you find the corresponding thing, even if he is a monster, he will have to die in your hands.

after all.

even if animals get Reiki, they are still animals!

my wife also saw the big mouse from the light, and was also a little surprised:

'Oh, my God, such a big mouse.'

'this is really shocking!'

'old man, what should we do with such a big rat?'

hearing what his wife said, the old man was also a little silent.

he picked up the bag of corn on the table.

under the light, he saw that there were new, old and half knocked corn.

there are some cotton batts on it, which are really like those just taken out from the mouse's nest.

'everything has been done. What else can we do? Just don't do it all the time.'

'such a big mouse must be a strange thing for a noble man. Maybe it can be sold and help the family.'

'isn't the little girl in the family getting married soon? The little girl in the family is getting married soon.'

'we have to prepare betrothal gifts and dowries for them.'

'not exactly?'

that's what he said. The old man held the oil lamp in one hand and the tail of the big mouse in the other.

pick up the big mouse and make it flush with the shoulder. Good guy, if the whole tail is counted into the body, it must be more than half a person's height.

look at the fur.

that guy is shiny and even more beautiful than the marten and tiger skins.

no wonder it is a phantom human. The leather is of good quality. Maybe it can be sold at a good price.

the old man is also a particular person.

just take out the stuff that night and strip the skin.

the next morning, a very large mouse skin was washed and hung at the door.

but he did not prepare it in advance.

in the morning, I took the rat skin and went to the fur shop nearby.

'boss, here comes the business.'

as soon as the old man patted the table, the boss next to him came over with the turntable.

at a glance, the leather in my hand makes me feel refreshed:

'ouch, good thing.'

'this is really a good thing.'

after taking over the fur, the shopkeeper became solemn and felt it gently.

'slippery soft'

'this is really good leather.'

while touching the skin, the shopkeeper looked at the large skin:

'what kind of mouse can produce such a large skin?'

'it must be refined.'

'good stuff. It's really good stuff. Let me make a price.'

'I want this!'

the old man grinned at the shopkeeper's decision.

two people put their hands into their big sleeves, and then both sides silently bargain with their fingers from inside. You come and I go.

no one knows how much it costs.

I only know that the old man went out with a smile and went home happily.

the next few days.

the old man called his son over and bought a suit for his grandchildren.

each has prepared something, which can be said to be a family with a radius of tens of miles and envy of everyone.

that is a happy family.

on the other side...

in the backyard of the fur shop, there is a warehouse specially used for tanning.

there are various skins inside.

some are tiger skin, some are wolf skin, some are cow leather, etc.

but the most striking thing is that the rack is hung with a large mouse skin that has been salted.

there is light flashing when you look at it.

it can almost be called the treasure of the town store!

however, when everyone didn't know it, a little mouse in the cabinet broke through the wall and climbed out of the rat hole in the corner.

originally one.

but when he got back, a steady stream of mice came to the warehouse.

climb up and down from each leather.

finally one of them converged under the huge mouse skin.

that night.

the door was not opened. Except for a small mouse hole, there was no more hole.

however, such a large piece of mouse skin disappeared in front of the public.

only countless mouse footprints are left.

that night.

the moon rises slowly from the sky, directly illuminating the whole earth.

it has been a long time since that incident.

the old couple are forgetting about it.

however, in the middle of the night, suddenly, their door was knocked by others.

'Dong! Dong! Dong!...'

a series of knocking on the door directly woke them up from their sleep.


they saw a frightening scene.

looking through the window, one big black mouse after another came out of the corner of the gate in the distance.

they are in groups.

originally, mice could not make so many sounds because their feet were light. However, one mouse after another piled up and directly exceeded the door bolt.

the top rat is like a person, stepping on the bottom mouse and knocking on the door bolt.

it seems to remind the people inside.

black pressed piece.

the old couple were very shocked.


'this is revenge.'

it's not over yet. It seems that the people inside are getting up.

countless rats gather in the courtyard.

they form a big circle and stand up with light feet.

it's like a bonfire party for ethnic minorities. Just go around in a big circle and jump.

in the middle of the circle are several big rats.

they beat with straw frames on their heads and small wooden sticks in their hands.

it seems to be a secular band.

the little mouse goes around outside the circle, and the big mouse beats on the inside.

the gray fur is so conspicuous in the moonlight that they seem to have no scruples.

and the mouse is far away.

there are rats gathering on the table, on the wall, on the door and in the rat hole.

squeak! The cry, jump.

in the whole courtyard, countless mice and people stood up and held a grand ceremony as if they were dancing a great God.


'Dong! Dong! Dong!...'


small drums sounded, suona sounded, and even the sound of iron cymbals from two iron pieces.

green eyes stare at the room at the same time, as if it were a light at night.

very strange.

it is also very eye-catching, making people can't help being confused ~

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