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Chapter 49 People come at night

The end of the day's practice.

Wei Yi lay in bed as usual and fell asleep slowly.


while he was sleeping slowly, an inexplicable force slowly invaded his dream.

it's like a special rune, which turns into a small golden hammer, and then knocks it on Wei Yi's forehead in his dream.


a small blue clock suddenly appears.

mountains, plants, insects, fish, and even ancient ancestors worked on the small clock.

point sound wave ripple.

as if they were alive.

'Dong! ~

'... '

an inaudible bell sounded suddenly in the void.

the golden golden hammer from the seal script was directly nailed to Wei Yi's consciousness.

at this time.

a scarecrow whose whole body is 90% covered with golden light suddenly appears in the subconscious.

hold out your palm against the golden hammer.

he directly pulled the gold hammer made by the Zhuan culture and swallowed it.

'Baji, Baji, Baji...'

a series of chewing sounds appear.

then, the Dharma, which had been silent in the sea of consciousness, seemed to be stimulated by something.

a golden light was ejected in an instant.

directly enter into the soul of Wei Yi.

at this moment, the blue and translucent light threw the words on the script:

'wandering eight pole method!'

Wei Yi has awakened.

however, he found that he did not get up directly in his sleep and then stood up.

at the moment, he seems to be in a hazy dream, and everything around him is confused.

it is strange and has countless colors.

look down.

through the dim light, Wei Yi seemed to see the fireworks in the world, and also saw the sleeping figure.


he didn't wake up at the moment, but his consciousness had been separated from himself.

what did he finally realize:

'is it because of inexplicable reasons that the wandering eight pole method has stimulated the mechanism of the original method?'

'what kind of power does this wandering eight pole have?'

'is it similar to the legendary Yin God out of the body, or is it just a dream?'

before he finished thinking, what kind of power does this wandering eight pole method have.

you can see the light in the distance.

originally, only stars can be seen.

but with the passage of time, that light is getting closer and closer.

Wei Yi finally sees it clearly.

'it's a carriage burning with fire. Who has such ability?'

'about the magic of dreams?'

after thinking for a while, he didn't think of anything. Wei Yi just kept this state and watched the change.

of course.

the small clock with shimmering light on his forehead also gave him confidence.

only when the carriage came near did Wei Yi really observe the carriage carefully.

the whole carriage is very luxurious.

the shape is completely made of red Wutong wood. The dragon and Phoenix seal characters are painted on it. It looks very beautiful.

silver white silk is embroidered with rich cloud patterns, which flutter slowly in the night.

an invisible flame is burning.

the two wheels of the car are like flaming fireballs.

two horses pull the cart side by side.

every time the two horses fell off their hooves, a red flame was born.

it seems to be walking in the air.

there was a man dressed in black, driving a carriage towards the sweater.

just like the legendary sun car in Jinwu.


the carriage stopped in front of Wei Yi.

then the man in black jumped out of the car.

at this time, Wei Yi found that this was not a man in black, but a big grey mouse in black.

it's just that they act too human.

from a distance, he mistook it for a human driven carriage!

'Dear guest, my adult is invited.'

'my host was very happy today, so he sent me to invite customers to a big banquet.'

'please get on the carriage.'

after that, the big black mouse directly stood aside.

seems to be a personal servant.

Wei Yi narrowed his eyes slightly, then nodded gently, and then got on the carriage under the service of the big mouse.

sit in the carriage.

he felt that this was not a carriage at all, but a luxurious palace.

the space inside is very vast.

all kinds of decorations are made of silk, gold, silver and jewelry, and even the top is inlaid with some shining agate and jade.

'please take a seat, my dear guest. The villain is about to leave.'

the rat reminds Wei Yi.

then swing the whip with force:


the two horses changed their direction at the moment of the sound of the whip.

then walk towards the way of Laishi.

the rat did not try to talk to Wei Yi, and the series of movements were very skilled.

it seems that it has been done countless times.

the flaming carriage runs from the hazy space to the deep.

every time a horse runs, a flame is born under his feet, his feet are in the void, and a series of ticking sounds are heard.

follow the horses' running.

the surrounding hazy space becomes strange and gloomy in an instant.

the colorful light is distorted, and even the whole space has become a variety of colors.

it's like walking in the space-time channel!

at this time.

Wei Yi gently lifts the curtain on the carriage, and then thinks about looking at it from a distance.

the carriage seems to be walking in the magnificent space, and there is pure darkness all around.

only one huge bubble after another is generated.

the colorful bubbles seem to have innumerable thoughts, which are always producing, but also dying.

in this bubble, there are one disordered idea after another, and even fragments are intermittent.

obscenity, greed, fear, confusion...

it's like in a dream!


Wei Yi seemed to understand something. At this time, his eyebrows slowly stretched out:

'this may be the dream banquet in various myths and legends ~

' after all, the protagonists of the stories in the legends were brought to the scene in a dream by others in a carriage, and then they woke up. '

'now that I am so sober, I'm afraid this method of wandering eight poles may be a sleepwalking method.'

'in this way, I have no intention of inserting willow trees into the shade, but what is the constitution of the banquet?'


can build such a big shelf, and can take the friar away in a dream.

this is not what ordinary people can do.

even in myths and legends, only the gods of that day can do this.

but since it's a banquet, you can also go and see it.

after all, this posture.

it doesn't look like a revenge seeker.

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