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Chapter 5 First step

He found that he could see the Qi on the head of the little servant girl across the street,

although he could only see the white column of Qi.

from this, he can infer his own fortune through the luck of the people around him.

after all.

in general, although he has got his own golden finger, he is just an ordinary person who has just obtained magic.

at most one more exorcism charm.

now it seems that he has another ability to observe Qi.

of course.

just for a moment, he reacted, then opened his mouth to the servant girl and said:

'where is your master?'

'I want to meet him.'

at this time, he also adapted to the identity of the world. Even the memory of the noumenon was obtained. Naturally, he recognized his Taoist identity.

Moreover, the imperial court still exists, so it is natural to regulate identity information.

however, it seems that this body has never been in contact with strange people and scholars, and there are only ordinary memories.

generally speaking, it is a feudal court.

hearing Wei Yi's words, the servant girl nodded and led the way:

'Taoist priest, please follow me.'

'the master is eating out at the moment.'

two people came out of the wing room. Looking around, it turned out to be a big house.

watching one servant after another pass by.

Wei Yi has also observed one after another.

most of them are white.

this shows that they are ordinary people, and there may be few further opportunities in the future.


the two of them walked through the courtyard for some time and finally came to the hall of the house.

at the moment, there is a middle-aged man in the hall who looks very elegant but has bright eyes.

'master, Taoist priest has come.'

the servant girl owes herself, takes Wei Yi to the hall, and then leaves slowly.

at the moment of seeing Wei Yi, there was an imperceptible light in the middle-aged man's eyes.

then get up quickly:

'Taoist priest, please sit down.'

'Taoist priest came so early that he must have not used breakfast. In that case, how about after eating breakfast?'

see that the other party is so sincere.

Wei Yi also thanked:

'Blessed is the boundless heaven.'

'since the Buddhist is so enthusiastic, I would rather obey orders than respect them.'

as he spoke, he also sat down, and then continued to say:

'you don't have to be so polite.'

'I'm xuanzi. You can call me xuanzi.'

the name of this body is xuanzi.

'it was Taoist xuanzi.'

'I have the surname of Wang and the character of Mingli. I used to be a capital official in the capital of the Daqian court for several days, but now I also want to be free at home.'

'if you don't mind, Taoist xuanzi can call me a clear ceremony.'

wangmingli was also very polite and greeted Wei Yilian.

hear this.

there was a flash of clarity in Wei Yi's heart. I don't think he felt a strange feeling when he saw this Mr. Wang.

I used to be an official.

however, this imperial court did not appear in Chinese history. Obviously, it was in a different world.

when two people eat, they don't talk much. After all, it's the rule to eat without speaking and sleep without speaking.

what's more, it's more polite to face former officials.

after breakfast.

two people drank tea in the hall.

naturally, he talked about something. Of course, while talking, wangmingli looked at Wei Yi's very normal right shoulder.

there seems to be something in mind.

'yes, Mr. Wang, I have an ungrateful request. I have to trouble Mr. Wang.'

'I was robbed on my way. I was not familiar with the surrounding environment for a while. I wonder if I can borrow it again for a few days?'

'it's only three to five days. When I know what's going on outside, I'll move out immediately.'

when I first came here, the first problem naturally was the problem of living.

'Taoist xuanzi doesn't have to.'

'the Taoist priest studies heaven and man, is proficient in astronomy and geography, and even has a deep understanding of state affairs.'

'Taoist priest lives in my royal residence. That's his trust in our royal family. Mr. Wang is such an expert. If I throw him out, what will others think of me?'

'Taoist priest lives here first. There is no need to go around looking for a house. As long as I am wangmingli, I will never allow anyone to disrespect Taoist priest.'

wangmingli's language is very firm.

although the Taoist in front of him looks young, he can say anything.

what's more, he clearly remembers that the Taoist priest's arm was seriously injured yesterday. At this time, his arm would be better.

can he be an ordinary person?

this is a noble guest that others can't wait for!

'in that case, I would like to thank monk Wang.'

Wei Yi is very happy.

in this way, he will have enough time to prepare.

think of it here.

he subconsciously wanted to see Mr. Wang's luck across the street. He opened his eyes, and then he saw a red column of luck on wangmingli's head.

the air transportation is very prosperous!

what is strange is that there is a little red and black luck around the red luck.

it seems to be the spirit of blood.

Wei Yi was shocked.

'I'm afraid this is not an ordinary civil servant.'

however, although it seems that he has seen through Wang Mingli's luck, he always feels that Mr. Wang's luck is somewhat strange.

there is a feeling of being drawn away.

but let him say it specifically. He can't say it. Only time can prove it.

in the next few days, Wei Yi has been borrowing books from the library of the Wang family, trying to find useful knowledge.

every time wangmingli saw him, he would talk with him warmly. They seemed to be old friends for many years.

it is very comfortable for both parties to make friends.

there is a feeling that the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water.


Wei Yi, who had been in the palace for several days, could not hold back, so he came out of the room early in the morning.

walk towards the door after breakfast.

the moment he stepped out of the gate, he felt as if he had entered another very busy world.

in the street in front of the door, there are all kinds of Hawking, such as candied haws, New Year cakes and umbrellas.

it is very prosperous.

at this time, Wei Yi really felt that he had come to the ancient times.

while remembering the road, he walked along the surrounding street.

on the one hand, it is to observe the people's conditions, on the other hand, it is to think about how you can earn part of your money.

a penny beats a hero.

he has no money on him.

all the food and drink are in the palace. For a while, people can't say anything. After a long time, they will become freeloaders.

this is Pingyang city.

it can be said to be the largest city with a radius of hundreds of miles, surrounded by some villages and towns. Naturally, it can be said that there is a great deal of noise.

Wei Yi is getting more and more biased.

he wants to turn around, and then he will naturally have a number in mind.

when he was passing a street, he suddenly saw an open tea stall, but there was no one on it at the moment.

this is strange.

'don't you even have a cup of tea here? No matter how bad the business is, there must be at least a few people with such a large flow of people?'

this makes Wei Yi curious.

so he took a few steps forward and came to the tea stall.

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