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Chapter 51 Heel and foot

On the other side, old man Li turned his head when he heard Wei Yi talking.

then he saw Wei Yi.

'Hey, I knew you wouldn't be absent.'

Master Li was not surprised when he opened his mouth, but he looked at Wei Yi with a strange face:

'but you little guy can.'

'originally, I thought you would be knocked over by grey Wulang's golden hammer. I didn't expect you to have such attainments in your dreams.'

'I can't tell. You're a guy who hides deeply.'

Mr. Li tut! tut! Look at Wei Yi with a voice.

hearing what Mr. Li said, Wei Yi could not help but retort:

'you old man, don't you also use this grey Wulang technique?'

'tut! Tut! Tut! Tut!...'

'looking at your old man's gloomy appearance, did you break through the realm and come to this dream when you walked through the yin?'

'it's amazing. It seems that you still have many things to show.'

'Hey, I know that people who walk in the hell are not only capable of walking in the underworld. It seems that you also care about consciousness.'

'this is a bit of a cat eating fish concept.'

listen to Wei Yi's introduction.

Mr. Li was surprised and understood what he meant:

'your explanation is correct.'

'but I also rely on my ancestors. What I have left is profound enough. I am just a middle-aged man, old man.'

'there is nothing to praise.'

'however, this practice field overlaps with each other, and we have only taken a few more paths along the path of yin and hell.'

'not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning...'

although Mr. Li said it was not worth mentioning, he had a light pride on his face.

after all, who doesn't like to be flattered?

Wei Yi is too lazy to listen to the old guy boasting about himself and saying something meaningless.

then he interrupted him and asked:

'don't flatter me, sir. Let's talk about something practical.'

'like this grey Wulang, I don't believe you have lived to this day. I don't know the origin of this man.'

'I'm afraid this heel is also unusual. Otherwise, not everyone can take others away from their dreams.'

'that's the realm of God'

entering other people's dreams is to take them away from other people's dreams to dinner, which is not common.

this involves a kind of sovereignty.

entering a dream is smuggling. It is taking someone away from the dream. It is equivalent to entering someone else's place and taking the owner away. This is not simple.

'that must not be easy.'

Mr. Li followed Wei Yi's words:

'you know, this is a founder God who has achieved nothing but an ordinary spirit.'

'if it's simple, how good is it?'

when talking about this, Mr. Li obviously lowered his voice a few tones.

just let them both hear.

'from the surname of grey, you should also know that his family is a rat.'

'it is said that when the sabre Army started a hundred years ago, this grey Wulang saved tens of thousands of people by himself.'

'after his death, he became a golden hammer, which was why people built temples to worship him all the time.'

'although the Wulang temple is not the most popular incense in Pingyang County, it is a real Centennial temple.'

at this point, Mr. Li pointed to the two people beside him.

'who do you think they are?'

'one was the king who died in the war a hundred years ago and was named King Wu by the emperor at that time. The other was the plant spirit in the mountain.'

'at least three hundred years of practice are required. Although they are silent, they have always been detached.'

'each one is a person of weight level, and is also a real big man in the ghost and God world of several counties near Qingzhou.'

hearing what Mr. Li said, Wei Yi glanced at the two people beside him in surprise.

good guy.

it is no wonder that the first row of seats can be achieved. Indeed, the origin is extraordinary.

however, Wei Yi also noticed a key point in Mr. Li's words:

'do you mean to turn into a golden hammer after death?'

'in that case, this one is a real incense God, not a fairy God?'

the God of incense and fire abandons the flesh and turns into a God in a field. This kind of God is imprisoned.

but Elving is not.

it is equivalent to the spirit who has sought incense. In essence, it is equivalent to a horse fairy.

after all, there are fox spirits in the yellow skin. Don't they also come out to deceive people and build temples to seek mutual fire?

this is the standard elvish God.

once there is something wrong with the temple, you can ask for help at any time.

while listening, Mr. Li showed a teachable look:

'I didn't grasp the key point correctly.'

'surely he asked you to come because he asked for something?'

Wei Yi was also a little surprised when he heard this. After all, Mr. Li didn't come to Wulang when he just returned to talk with him.

seeing Wei Yi's expression, Mr. Li couldn't help smiling:

'do you think he told you?'

'to tell you the truth, he said the same thing to me as the old man.'

he paused here.

'he is the local god of incense and fire, but the incense and fire territory is not in Pingyang city. That's why he asked for help with a golden blow.'

'you and I are the only people in the audience who are suitable for going out to do business. That's why I guess he's also looking for you.'

it seems that this is a matter of experience.

intelligence is indeed the primary productive force.

however, this involves a problem, that is, the reason for inviting them.


before Wei Yi asked, the whole hall was full of happy music.



many elves came out from all directions, and then jumped to show their dancing figures in front of the crowd.

good wine and food are usually sent to the upper level without money.

the whole magnificent hall becomes very festive in an instant.

all the decorations are hung with red silk, which looks very majestic.

wait until all the voices subside.

zhangwulang led a bride with a red veil into the hall.

all the people present are practitioners.

naturally, it can be seen that his bride is not human.

although the big gray mouse looks decent when standing up, it is far from gray Wulang.

'distinguished guests, today Wulang is getting married. Thank you for coming.'

'Wulang is here to thank you.'

after that, grey Wulang saluted with his fists, making people clap their hands.


'grow old together and have a baby...'


a series of cheers were soon suppressed by grey Wulang.

'you must also see that there is something wrong with Wulang's bride.'

'to tell you the truth, Wulang doesn't believe that this kind of problem will occur on the wedding day.'

'maybe this is God's will ~

'... '

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.