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Chapter 57 The method of multiplication

Only the lights flickered in the night sky.

the faint yellow light shines in the whole courtyard.

especially at the beginning of the supply.

on the whole table, there is a breath circling one after another.

for a time, the lights in the whole yard became blue. It was very frightening and frightening.


as the protagonists, there was no surprise on their faces at the moment.

not only that, there is a knowing smile on the faces of adults and children.

Wei Yi can see clearly. This is not caused by magic, but a genuine smile from the heart.

see here.

Wei Yi knows better what is called boiled frog in warm water and what is called sugar coated shell.

some things change unconsciously.

in the strange singing of his wife, the master couldn't help but join in:

'every year, there are March 3 ~ northeast Dagong invites the old immortal ~ invites the immortal for nothing else ~ all want to live in a safe house without illness ~ poor people want to have money...'

the voice is very strange, but it has a flat tone, which vaguely attracted the demon resonance in the courtyard.

humming ~

it seems that the vitality hidden in the heaven and earth has also been pried.

at this moment, there was more smoke and fire on the mysterious altar, and the offerings on it gradually lost their temperature.

abnormal phenomena occur.

the whole room was taken purple.

looking at this scene, the happy look on Mr. Zhang's face became more obvious.

the more magical the scene is, the more reassuring it will be for them.

the atmosphere is here.

the strong vitality of heaven and earth in the whole courtyard is also gradually resonating and mobilized.


the old man is holding the up and down method in his hands.

stamped his right foot on the ground three times.

then he said:

'there are few pedestrians in the deep mountains, the ancient caves are cold all night, the clear springs are winding around with the immortal, the cigarettes are spewing out the truth, the wonderful method is frequent in the high mountains, and the investigation and treatment of diseases shake the spirit altar...'

the magic formula is light and powerful.

while reciting the divine formula, the old man took out twelve incense candles from the nearby incense.

it will be inserted into the censer after being lit.

along with the immortal mantra, the twelve fragrance emitted wisps of green smoke.

the smoke is very light.

instead of floating towards the sky, it hovers around in place, as if forming one circle after another.

hover until the end, and then slowly precipitate around the whole supply table, and finally slowly precipitate in front of the coming censer.

it's like the ancestral altar!

in an instant, it seemed that there were twelve extraordinary gases falling into the red drawing.


even the grey old man, who was a man, had a gas that fell into the position of the great leader.

this is the real entrance.

Wei Yi opened his eyes and saw the red paper that was just very ordinary. It seemed that an ancient yamen had been built inside.

a trace of smoke and anger is suppressed in it.

countless extraordinary smells are swirling in them, as if they are all colliding with ideas and chatting with each other.

it can be said.

with this piece of red paper, no demons dare to invade within tens of miles.

totally suppressed one party's air luck.

the twelve smoke and anger were also clearly seen by Wei Yi.

'the spirit of four beams and eight columns.'

only in this way can a complete entrance be truly formed.

compared with other halls with Hu, Huang, Mang and Qingfeng smoke soul as the four beams, this side is all from the grey family.

others are just a few spirits of the wind and smoke, and most of them are just pioneers of earth exploration.

oh yes, I almost forgot. The male ghost is called Qingfeng and the female ghost is called yanhun. They are all ghosts.

wait until everything is completed.

all the people in the courtyard felt that they were completely at peace.

this is the induction of Ma Xian.

since then, the immortal family and its disciples have also felt a great deal, but the leading subject is the immortal family.

there are many of them.

some things are just your love and my wish.

at this time, a family of six in the courtyard flashed a light in their eyes.

then he opened his mouth in unison, shouted loudly and stamped his feet in a low voice:

'please take it from me'


with this loud cry after another, a gas was attached to the six members of the family in an instant.

in an instant.

the six people who were just ordinary people burst out one green magic power after another.

the surging pressure emanated from the six people, sweeping out all the dust in the whole courtyard.

since then, all people are extraordinary!

obviously, they seem to be familiar with asking God for help.

however, Wei Yi wondered why the six members of this family could so easily ask God for help in just a few days?

'although this method of inviting immortals does not need to be induced by the ethereal gods, it should also open the orifices?'

only by opening the orifices and making them meet the needs, can you really enter the body.

the district will be completed in a few days.

if it is so fast, I am afraid it is also a very fast martial arts method.

this is a lesson.

after all, except for the grey old man, other young people do not necessarily have such a big city.


this tedious invitation to God is just needed at the beginning.

when the two sides become more closely connected after absorbing a lot of incense and fire, they can invite immortals to the upper body as soon as they think about it.

this is also a very quick way.

there are magical powers but no Tao.

can also be classified as the one who practices magical powers but does not practice Taoism.

when all the dust settled, the three people who had been silent were gradually communicating.

however, at the moment, the main force of communication is not Wei Yi, but Mr. Li.

seeing Mr. Li clapping his hands, he opened his mouth and exclaimed:

'the grey man is a good means.'

'although this is only the first time for the disciples to invite immortals, there is not much chaos and evil spirit among them.'

'it must be the method of multiplication in Shamanism. The grey master is not as cruel as he said.'

'according to the old man, I thought you would teach the inferior method.'

as soon as they said that, Wei Yi was a little confused, because it had touched the knowledge blind spot of Wei Yi.

although he has made more efforts in recent months, he has been reading various classics and studying the demon miscellany given by Mr. Li.

but obviously.

the secret of this magic is not recorded in the demon miscellany.

this obviously involves the core of Shamanism, and Wei Yi naturally listens.

at this time.

three people also sat on the ground, and no one bothered them for magic reasons.

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