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Chapter 65 accident

On this day, the whole mansion seemed to be quiet.

the servant girls and servants are very quiet.

they even walk with their heads bowed for fear of making a little noise and provoking the owner to anger.

of course, after a day's fermentation, the whole Pingyang City, but everyone with some status knows that the only seedling of the Wang family is dead.

I also know that wangmingli is going crazy at the moment.

so they all fell silent. Obviously, they didn't want to be the object of vent for this middle-aged father who lost his only son.

it's night.

wangmingli kicked out all the servants nearby and left him alone in the hall.

I can only see that wangmingli is extremely decadent and his hair has fallen off.

red eyes.

it is like a beast that chooses people and eats them.

the hall is empty and white curtain is hung in all directions.

due to the decoration throughout the day, the whole residence has been decorated with white curtains.

I feel sad when I look at it.

'step, step, step...'


Wei Yi walked slowly from the backyard.

he looked at Wang Mingli in front of him, and there seemed to be a trace of difference in his eyes.

but only for a moment.

after that, he hid this little anomaly.

he went to wangmingli's side, patted him on the shoulder, and then said with relief:

'Wang lay a little more open, and I'm sorry.'

'if Prince Wang knew that the lay monk had hurt his body so much, he would not be at ease.'

'I'll leave it to you. I hope you can make friends with him in the next life.'

hearing Wei Yi's relief, wangmingli seems to have recovered.

just when he wants to stand up.

'bang ~

as soon as his leg was soft, the cup next to him was directly broken to the ground by him.

today, he has been here quietly for a day, and his whole body is soft.

so I sat back in my chair again.

seeing this scene, the sweater couldn't help sighing:


this is the love of parents for their children.

when he came to wangmingli, Wei Yi stretched out his hand to spend a little mana for him.

when he got better, Wei Yi let go and walked slowly to the side of the coffin.

he didn't open the coffin.

just sat in front of the coffin and recited:

'at that time, save the Suffering God and cover the ten boundaries. He often uses his divine power to rescue all sentient beings and get them away from the wrong path. All sentient beings are unconscious, such as seeing the sun and the moon...


mysterious scriptures were spitting out in his mouth.

with the blessing of magic, this scripture became more mysterious.

as he recited for longer and longer, the atmosphere in the whole hall became more and more relaxed.

wait until he recites it seven times.

the original sadness was swept away in an instant in the whole hall.


at the moment of success, Wei Yi found that the copy of the Dharma in his Lingtai had been flipped.


a series of book turning sounds sounded.

then a rune flew out of it and entered Wei Yi's mind.

when he opened his eyes again, there was some surprise and doubt in his eyes:

'iron ox body protection.'

he didn't expect that he would be able to get this kind of body protecting skill just by spending time.

this is simply unreasonable.

unless the body in front of me has accumulated resentment and is about to give birth to a ghost.

but it makes no sense.

after thinking for a while, Wei Yi gave up the idea of continuing to think about this problem.

after all, this issue may be sensitive.

he doesn't want to ask Wang Mingli. After all, what if it's a misunderstanding?


he closed his eyes again and continued to recite the superior Sutra.

however, the spirit has fallen into the Lingtai and studied this newly acquired magic.

iron bull body protection, as the name suggests, is a body protection technique.


compared with other spells, this iron bull bodyguard can exist by relying on other things.

his cultivation conditions are very strange.

that is to carve an object into the shape of an ox, whether it is gold, silver, copper, iron, or grass, trees and soil.

you can practice as long as you have shapes.

and once the practice is successful, it is invulnerable, just like an iron bull.

it even has the force of anti earthquake.

this is also an indispensable spell for the current Wei Yi.

'as long as you have the shape of an iron bull.'

'in this case, it's just a spell tailored for me.'

'if all spells are carried by the water method, will the Dharma body become its own in the end?'

at the end of the day, Wei Yi was also looking forward to it.

tell the truth.

in fact, after communicating with so many people in the spiritual world, Wei Yi has no idea that he must cast a Dharma body.

after all, casting a Dharma body is only a way to improve the magic power, but it is not necessary. After all, it cannot live forever.

even if you don't cast a Dharma body, you can still achieve fetal rest. In this way, you can concentrate on polishing the Tao.


no one says that you are weaker than the Dharma body!

anything is possible.

in all schools and schools, the Dharma body is just a standard recommended by everyone, which measures the first step under fetal interest.

but this is also a standard of practice.

Wei Yi is also very happy if he can cultivate normally and forge an orthodox Dharma body at the same time.

after digesting all the information, Wei Yi finds that he can easily use this iron bull body protection technique.

it seems to have been learned before.

it's amazing!

thinking of this, Wei Yi suddenly stretched out his right hand.

I only saw an iron ox made of cold ice, which appeared on Wei Yi's hand. It was as lifelike as life.

then Wei Yi put his hand down and looked at the coffin in front of him.

this is really a magical corpse.

I didn't expect to find a special spell, but I got a new spell from the dead man.

it is also a skill to protect the body.

this is really a little sad.

'can it be said that the body protection technique was formed because the Wang family kept on thinking when they died?'

Wei Yi guessed the reason why the spell appeared.

however, due to the lack of sampling data, he is still unable to determine.

although the mind changes several times.

however, Wei Yi, who has long been used to one mind and two uses, is still reciting scriptures at this moment.

of course.

the scripture recited at this time has no transcendental ability, because he is just reciting it subconsciously.

blessings without mana are basically useless.

for a time, the whole hall was quiet, and only Wei Yi's chanting voice was still ringing.

wait until the middle of the month.

Wei Yi turns back and looks at Wang Mingli beside him.

I only saw that the owner of the Wang family was still staring at the coffin. At first glance, I knew it was abnormal grief.

this shakes Wei Yi's guess.

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