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Chapter 69 A late funeral

In the next few days, Wei Yi finally lived his peaceful life again.

practice every day.

worship the moon when it's time in the evening.

although the weather is still hot, his courtyard is always mild.

for him, such precious resources as ice cubes are simply things without money, which can be made casually.


in his spare time, he also studied some cold dishes.

don't mention it, it's really a very good meal.

chant scriptures during the day.

recite all kinds of scriptures back and forth every day.

reading a hundred times is self-evident.

compared with the mechanical forced learning of later generations, learning with great initiative is obviously different.

plus special effects with mana.

in a trance, I seem to see the legendary immortal.

I have to say.

compared with other cultivation channels, daomen is really the best for shape management. As long as the cultivation is high, it is absolutely ethereal and immortal.


haven't waited for him to relax for a few more days.

someone has already informed him to attend Wang Shoude's funeral.

'I understand. I'll prepare for it. I'll go and worship it now.'

'it's time to give Prince Wang the last ride.'

responded and invited his little servant girl. After a while, Wei Yi still wore his green robe and walked out.

he went, but there was nothing else.

the biggest thing is sitting.

when he walked out of his yard and came to the public area of the Wang family mansion.

he really understood the status of Wang Mingli.

looking at it, it's really a great scholar, and there are no white people. Everyone here has no low status at all.

either the general or the Sima.

the military and political circles almost filled the whole courtyard.

those big businessmen and the like can only be worshipped outside the courtyard.

I have to say.

in such ancient times, the status of merchants was indeed a little embarrassing.

the mourning hall is set in the hall.

it's just that there are more white damasks in the hall this time than those few days ago.

all the servant girls and servants in the Wangs' residence were dressed in plain white.

there are no bright colors in the whole mansion.

a feeling of sadness suddenly appeared.

follow this road towards the hall.

when he came to the side of the hall, he saw the owner here.

Wang Mingli and his wife!

at this time, I finally saw this lady for the first time.

compared with other women, Mrs. Wang has an indescribable noble spirit, which makes people know that she is of extraordinary status at a glance.

although she was dressed in plain clothes, she still couldn't hide the temperament formed by staying in a high position for a long time.

in the past, Wang Mingli lived in Pingyang City, while his wife lived in his hometown and controlled the whole family.

the reason why I came back this time.

is to hear the news of their only son's death.

this time, the noise is really loud.

the great scholar participated in this large-scale worship activity.

the prince of the capital also sent condolences.

even many big people in the court are not polite.

there are many people now.

but if you look through those gift books, you will find that all these people here are brothers!

white silk sheds are built around one after another, and countless people are busy, adding an atmosphere of funeral.


seeing Wei Yi coming forward, Wang Mingli, dressed in plain clothes, said slightly sadly:

'disturbing the Taoist priest, disturbing the Taoist priest's long and clean cultivation, is really the sin of Wang.'

see this scene.

Wei Yi shook his head, and then slowly said:

'there's nothing annoying.'

'I really should send my son the last journey.'

after finishing.

the guard picked up three incense sticks and lit them, and then inserted them into the incense burner emitting smoke.

in this way, his part is over.

then, under the guidance of his servant, he sat under a tent set up by white-collar workers near the hall.

no one was there when he walked over.

it happened that he also liked quiet, so he sat here, sipping tea slowly and observing all directions.

none of the noble children in other places came forward to disturb and beg for fun.

no matter who, in such an occasion, what kind of contradiction, will not be shown.

of course, Wei Yi is also happy alone.

'Mrs. Wang is really a single eyelid.'

'look at the strong weather on Mrs. Wang's forehead. No wonder she is noble. She turned out to be the daughter of a rich family.'

'so many dignitaries and dignitaries have sent gifts. It's hard to imagine Wang Mingli's connections in the court.'

'however, if you really get involved in the battle for the dragon, this network may not be easy to use.'


he hasn't thought about anything yet.

he saw several people coming slowly towards the table he was sitting at.


seeing this scene, Wei Yi was a little surprised.

after all, Wei Yi understands that Wang Mingli is a very proper person.

at any time, it can handle all kinds of human and worldly sophistication very subtly.

that's why he was a little surprised.

he dares to assert that the relationship between this group of people and Wang Mingli is absolutely extraordinary.


the servant brought them over.

that is a middle-aged man who looks a little similar to Wang Mingli.

however, the temperament of both sides is somewhat different.

behind the middle-aged man is a young man who is as old as Wang Shoude.

just compared with Wang Shoude, this young man has a gentle temperament like jade, which makes people feel good at first glance.

and he looks a little similar to the middle-aged man, which may be the relationship between father and son.

let them come to Wei Yi.

the middle-aged man walking in front bowed slightly and saluted with his hands clasped:

'Wang family, Wang Minghui met the Taoist priest.'

at the same time.

the young man behind him is also slightly polite, and his movements are flowing, and he can't see any restraint:

'younger Wang Ziyi meets the aisle chief.'

seeing that the two of them were so polite, Wei Yi also raised his hand in return:

'I've seen two monks.'

'please take a seat, you don't have to be so polite.'

with Wei Yi's greeting, the big one and the small two also sat down.

the servant who led them over was very Winky, slowly stepped back, and stood in the distance looking out.

Wei Yi looked at Wang Minghui in front of him, and asked with some curiosity:

'I don't know what the relationship between the lay and the lay, but I feel very cordial looking at this face.'

hearing Wei Yi's inquiry, Wang Minghui smiled for a few minutes, and then opened his mouth and said:

'as the Taoist priest saw, Wang Mingli is my brother, and we are two real twins with the same father and mother.'


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