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Chapter 72 Excuse Yang Qi

However, the action is still a little slight.

in a state similar to convulsion.

then Wei Yi saw that the time had come and patted the bottom of the coffin with his right hand.

'Peng! !'

great power shook the coffin.

the body lying in the coffin with more than 100 kilograms flew out of the coffin in an instant.

the most coincidence is.

when you fall into the ground, you land on your feet first.

just when Zhang claimed to open his mouth to remind him, the body suddenly flashed red.

the talisman of dense hemp appeared on his limbs and torso.

visible to the naked eye.

there is a yellow light in the earth, which is constantly absorbed by these special runes.

as the light continues to be inhaled.

the color of the body, which was originally a little pale, gradually became a little dim.

like bronze!

by this time, the body had stood up and became a little ferocious because it absorbed too much power.

'roar ~

a roar.

the eyes that were originally closed are now open.

as the first living person in front of him, Wei Yi naturally bears the brunt, and the zombie turns around and wants to bite him.

however, after all, it was Wei Yi who made him. How can the zombies he temporarily refined backfire?

the right hand in the sleeve hits the Zombie's forehead.


a corpse calming talisman drawn from cinnabar was pasted on the forehead of the zombie.

seeing this scene, Wei Yi nodded with great satisfaction.

'it still looks good.'

although he can easily draw runes on the forehead of zombies, he doesn't feel as friendly as sticking a rune.

see this thrilling scene.

Zhang Jia, who is in the distance, is soft on some legs at the moment:

'really... Really there are zombies ~

this is too evil.

I used to think that zombies are deceptive. Now it seems that others are stupid and ignorant.

Lord Wang is worthy of being Lord Wang.

is visionary!

since the matter has been completed, Wei Yi naturally has no need to stay here.

put the prepared black robe on the zombie, and then specially put a black hat on it.

if you look at it now, it will be much more normal.

'monk Zhang, it's time for me to go.'

'we are destined to meet again.'

after that, Wei Yi took out his little bell.

ring the bell with a flash.

the zombies behind him also jump with the sound of his bell.

'Yin people cross the road, Yang people avoid ~

' Yin people cross the road ~ Yang people avoid ~


in such a short time, he gradually disappeared at the end of the path.

sent away Wei Yi.

Lord Zhang slapped the housekeeper's head beside him:

'Leng what Leng, don't go and get a coat for my master.'

he moved his feet and vaguely saw that there were water stains under his feet.

it was a little late when he came.

so after he drove the zombies out, he followed the path directly, and then took a short cut and left towards the distance.

few normal people come out at night.

and it happens that he can be used to hurry up.

this is also the habit of many walkers.

'there is a long distance between Taiyuan city and Pingyang city. There seems to be a county city in the middle, and the road seems not easy to walk.'

'fortunately, the general direction is still towards Baiyun Mountain in Jizhou.'

separated by a big county city.

for people now, it is definitely a long distance.

Wei Yi has a good footwork.

can drive the body all night.

one body per person is very fast.

so when they walked until midnight, they had left this town.

the next few days.

the two of them lie on the road day and night.

every time I go to the nearby small villages and towns, I will change some food, so the speed of moving forward is also very fast.


on the 15th day of their journey.

they have arrived near Qingyang City, the Grand Canal peak.

coupled with the good development of the city.

outside the whole Qingyang City, there is even a grass market at night. From a distance, there are lights shining.

so long.

Wei Yi also had a whim, restrained his breath, and then hid the zombie.

a person came to the night market outside.

'selling candied haws ~

' wonton, just made wonton, hot ~


just entered the night market.

then there is a very lively smell of fireworks.

always eat dry food on the road.

even if you can drink some northwest wind and swallow some moonlight at night, it's of no use.


he sat directly on the chaos stall, and then shouted to the boss:

'the boss wants a bowl of large wonton.'

'add more vegetables.'

Wei Yi has restrained his breath, so it seems that he is not so ethereal.

the boss on the other side also shouted:

'OK, large wonton will be ready soon.'

'my guest, please wait a moment ~

the boss is very skilled, and soon a bowl of wonton came.

Wei Yi tastes like a fragrance.

'well, delicious ~

after nearly half a month of driving, he was a little tired physically and mentally. He also wanted to find a place to repair.

it happens that Qingyang City is also a big city.

although it is slightly inferior to Pingyang city in political status, it is also one of the best cities in Qingzhou.

more importantly.

the small jar in his sleeve seems to have gradually lost Yin Qi.

the Five ghosts should be restored.

so he also wants to take advantage of this period of good practice to add his own Taoist magic.


in the dark where the light doesn't shine, a figure appears slowly.

he sat slowly beside Wei Yi.

at this time, Wei Yi, who was eating, looked aside.

only see.

it was an old man dressed in hemp, looking a little pale.

just stare at Wei Yi.

'old man, what can I do for you?'

'if there's nothing wrong, don't keep staring at me.'

'the younger generation you see is a little nervous.'

originally eating wonton happily, suddenly an old man came and looked at you without saying anything.

who is in a good mood?

hearing Wei Yi's words, the old man looked at Wei Yi with quiet eyes, and then said softly:

'young man, can you lend me Yang ~

after saying that, Wei Yi found that the old man's eyes became green.

look at Wei Yi's mouth.

what's wrong with you?

is the bottom line of being a ghost so low these days?

so, he pointed to his Taoist robe, and then questioned the old man:

'are you sure you didn't say anything wrong?'

just saying so, Wei Yi gradually leaked a trace of breath.

sensing the breath on Wei Yi, the old man who had just returned to Yin changed his face and was about to leave in the twinkling of an eye.

'Hey, stay!'

with a stroke of empty fingers on the right hand, an exorcism symbol appears out of thin air.

then there was a scream.

'hiss... Ah!'

looking at the old ghost turned into smoke, Wei Yi couldn't help shaking his head:

'it's worthy of being a big city comparable to Pingyang City, and even this ghost is a little unusual.'

'well, it seems that there will be no peace in the past few days when I repair here' ~


Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.