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Chapter 73 go to town

Go back after supper.

Wei Yi habitually found a position in the wild mountains, and then sat in the direction of the moon.

take a deep breath.

then a white smoke slowly appeared from Wei Yi, slowly floated towards the sky, and then hooked the moon in the sky.

formed a rope from the moon to people.

absorb the moonlight source and keep falling.

this makes Wei Yi's whole body more transparent and more ethereal.

after a stick of incense.

Wei Yi finished his practice.

open your eyes and feel the small lake in your Lingtai.

I found it was still calm.

it seems that I practice every night, and the effect on it is so slow that I can hardly see any change.


no change compared with the previous days.

there is a little golden light today.

of course, there is only a little bit, which can't be found without looking carefully at the small lake.

think about what you did today.

you can only get these merits by sending the old man whose eyes are difficult to use to his hometown.

thinking of this, Wei Yi sighed:

'Alas ~

' I also want to be a good person. '

but if you kill a kid casually, you can get a little visible benefit.

he gave too much.

kill people and set fire to the golden belt, repair bridges and pave roads without bones. The ancients were sincere and did not deceive me!

shook his head and stopped thinking about this problem.

he found that he had this feeling every time.

it seems that he has no chance with Qingxiu.

gently move your fingers, and only see the small script in the Lingtai. Turn it again.

this time there is no such anomaly as before.

as soon as you see the appearance special effects, you know that this is definitely not a good spell.


Wei Yi gathered his heart and God penetrated the whole spell.

when he opened his eyes again, he had a small Rune paper made of ice on his hand.

crystal clear, as thin as cicada wings.

the above things are like ghost symbols.

Wei Yi points to his right hand.

the ice Rune in his hand disappeared in an instant, and just where he pointed, there appeared a thumb thick and thin, nearly one meter high soil thorn.

it looks like a stalagmite.

it's just too fine.

however, this scene brightened the eyes of Wei Yi, who was just not very interested:

'ground stab?'

so exciting?

he is interested.

compared with gang's indifference, this time he is almost condensing all his mind.

as he concentrated, the movement in his hand became faster and faster, and the ice condensed faster.

fingers are light and forward.

just in a moment.

dozens of layers of ice runes appeared on his hand.

just floating in the air with the cold, the blue light outlines the trace of the rune paper.

it looks very beautiful.


whisper with Wei Yi.

just on the very flat ground, a dozen ground thorns appeared in an instant.

each one is as thin as a finger.

but at the top of them, there are sharp points flashing cold light.

if it stabs people.

especially when it suddenly appears on the ground.

tut! tut! tut! tut! … I just can't imagine.

I'll be good.

this spell is a little careless!

however, Wei Yi, who got another small magic, had a lot of fun.

wait until dawn.

he just sat around for hundreds of meters, and there were dense thorns everywhere.

looked up at the East.

Wei Yi found that the red sun had risen into the sky at the moment.

'it's dawn, and the gate is open.'

'it's time to enter the city.'

squinted, and then Wei Yi went straight down the whole road.

follow his progress.

behind him, there was also an attendant wearing a black robe, who looked rather burly.


compared with Wei Yi, there seems to be an inexplicable flow of Tao rhyme.

then the black robed man is much simpler. Every time he takes a big step, there is no unnecessary action at all.

it seems that it is difficult to walk steadily!

looking back, Wei Yi sighed, and seemed to have some regrets:

'the time to practice corpse driving is still too short.'

'if you only use the simplest jump, you can jump far every time, and you are familiar with it.'

'but unfortunately, if you enter a city with such a large number of people this time, you can only spend more effort to let him walk like a person.'

'fortunately, this corpse driving technique is a puppet flow. If it is the ear orifices method, it can't be imagined...'

as the two people continue to move forward.

the two of them are getting closer and closer to the wall of Qingyang City.

as the two of them left the barren mountain.

the dense stalagmites and pillars on the mountain broke in an instant, turned into countless fine sand and fell into the ground.

there are no more eye-catching strange scenes like that just now.

enter the main road into the city.

there are more and more people on the road.

most people carry some items with them, some carrying a basket of eggs, some carrying a load of firewood.

everyone is a poor family.

they attach great importance to their belongings, but they still have a smile on their faces.

it seems that the future can be expected.

'give way, give way, go to the city for inspection.'

'you, you, you, step back.'

'what is this... Take it out!'

'get out of the way, let the noble people enter the city...'


several soldiers guarding the city kept shouting, and also charged a copper fee to enter the city.


when they see Wei Yi.

the soldier with a spear who took the lead quickly said:

'Taoist priest, you don't need to check.'

'please, please'

looked at the people around him, Wei Yi said thanks, and then slowly walked into the city.

'blessed God!'

at any time, religious figures such as Taoists and monks are generally not embarrassed.

especially in this era when demons become saints.

these soldiers who vaguely know some inside information are more respectful to them.

the city gate crossed.

only at this time can we really know the prosperity of this economic big city.

'tofu brain, tofu brain'

'selling apples, fresh big apples'



there are cries everywhere on the road, which looks dozens of times more lively than Pingyang city.

but this is also very right.

after all, Pingyang city is only the political important place of Qingzhou, and the most important thing is political function.

but this Qingyang City is different.

it is located at the confluence of three rivers, and the Grand Canal crosses it.

water and land transportation are extremely prosperous.

in terms of political strength in the army and cities, he may not be comparable to Pingyang city.

but in terms of the economic level and the number of people, it definitely dumped Pingyang city for more than one street!

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