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Chapter 78 File

At the moment, the frog is no longer in heat as just now, and there seems to be emotion in his eyes.

I only saw it jump towards the distance suddenly.

although the distance of each jump is not far, the frog is like a clockwork perpetual motion machine.

jump in one direction.

finally, just when this frog jumped onto a stone on the bank.

what happens to the frog suddenly.

I only saw the frog open his mouth and suddenly spit out a stream of smoke.

'Peng! !'

a white fog burst.

then a illusory figure holding a steel plug appeared in the fog.

what is more peculiar is.

there seems to be no breath on the illusory figure.

it's like a dead thing.

but amazingly, at this moment, the virtual shadow held a steel fork and flew towards the cloudy direction of nahoushan.

Hu ~

stayed for half a column of incense.

that virtual shadow came to the forest of the ancient battlefield of houshanyin army.

I only saw him turn left and right, as if there was a special road inside.

that's it.

in a moment.

that illusory figure suddenly disappeared into the forest of the ancient battlefield of Yin soldiers.

the other side.

Wei Yi, who has completed the practice of worshiping the moon, couldn't help smiling.

'ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!...'

'finally exposed.'

look at Wei Yi.

I only saw a shallow water curtain on the table in front of him.

what appears in the water curtain is the whole process of just emerging from the frog and disappearing into the ancient battlefield in the shade.

Wei Yi waved his hand lightly.


the water curtain on the table suddenly becomes a common water stain.

'I have always wondered why there is a red light in the ancient battlefield of Yin soldiers.'

'it is indeed a coincidence that a chess piece that was originally random unexpectedly found the behind the scenes.'

speaking of this, Wei Yi's face became serious:

'let me see who is behind you!'


Wei Yi suddenly splashed his tea on the ground.


under the control of Weiyi mana.

that cup of tea actually formed a big circle with a diameter of nearly one meter in the whole courtyard.

'the flower of the Taiyin protects my body and breaks with the moonlight!'

Wei Yi pointed his sword at the sky.

only one visible moonlight is seen, which is suddenly projected from the moon in the sky.

turn the whole water surface into a bright and clean silver plate.

at this time.

just now, the scene that can't be seen is gradually becoming clearer.

only see.

the illusory figure that has just disappeared appears again in Shuimu.

however, this time, it seems that you have entered one of these arrays, and even opened another space in the ancient battlefield here.

no wonder he can live here.


as soon as you enter this space, the illusory figure immediately bows down.

at this time.

Wei Yi can carefully observe the whole strange space.

only seeing this space, it's ten feet around, and it's only one mu of land.

and in such a space.

a Taoist wearing a light purple robe and a strange crown on his head suddenly appeared in front of him.

look carefully again.

although it is not red lips and white teeth, it seems to be very young.

however, in the spiritual world, the most impractical thing is to judge age by appearance.

and now.

this Taoist is sitting on a big stone.

there is a large table in front of him, on which are placed water bowls, tokens, canopy rulers, French seals and flags.

white candles are burning on the left and right respectively.

in the middle is a strange peach wood sword.

on the yellow paper on the table, there are ghost symbols drawn with vermilion.

and in the four sides of this space, there is a big flag respectively.

each flag is a foot high, and the yellow silk cloth is hung on it. It seems that the red rune is drawn on the yellow silk cloth with a finger thick brush.

suppressed the evil spirit of the four parties.

this is not the strangest thing. The strangest thing is that behind this table, there is a tall Dharma altar.

above the Dharma altar, there are dark memorial tablets. Each memorial tablet has a different name, dense hemp, which makes people countless.

live cold, eat raw, eat hot, disheveled, travel to the mountains and hunt, collect souls and set a ban...

although it is only a glance.

but Wei Yi instantly combined all his knowledge to judge what kind of Dharma altar this is.

'lower the altar of soldiers and horses, and slay ghosts and gods.'

'five rampant soldiers!'

it's a long story, but it's only for a moment.

hear the report of the phantom.

the Taoist whose plate was on the stone slowly opened his eyes:

'Yasha, but what did you detect?'

hearing the Taoist's inquiry, the illusory shadow clasped his hands and said:

'report back to the Dharma Master. According to what his subordinates detected, there are monks practicing in the Sanchuan River Basin.'

'being able to refine generals with water and fire, it seems that he is also an expert with great powers, subordinates...'

however, he hasn't finished yet.

the Taoist who sat on the big stone suddenly stood up and interrupted his report.


only saw him turn over with a kite, directly came to the front of the Dharma altar, grabbed the peach wood sword and patted it on a rune paper on the table.


the flame ignited the rune paper in an instant.

at this time, the Taoist sprinkled the ashes of the rune paper into the water bowl in front of him.

the paper ash melts when it is put into water.

at this time, the Taoist pinched the Dharma seal in his hand, Zi, Chou, Hai, Wei... The Dharma seal changed five or six times in an instant.

finally pointed to the water bowl and drank:

'a bowl of water!'

under his spell.

the water bowl began to become calm gradually. It seemed that a hazy figure was shining in it.

just when the picture is about to become clear.

when you only see the virtual shadow in the water, you can see the water bowl. The water surface that has just calmed down suddenly becomes wavy.

'hum ~

when the ripple calms down again, there is no just figure in the water bowl.

only muddy wastewater is left.

seeing this scene, the Taoist couldn't help but know what happened, so he sighed:

'it's really an expert!'

'and he is also an expert in water law.'

when talking about this, the Taoist gradually showed a smile on his face:

'there is no so-called authentic breath on his body, it should be the same as my Xuanmen Sanxian Dharma pulse.'

'the world's Sanxian is a family, Taoist friends, we are your natural allies ~

Wei Yi doesn't know what happened later.

however, seeing the front, he knew that there should be no major interest disputes between the two sides.

so he fell asleep safely.

however, God doesn't seem to want to see him idle.

the next morning, he was invited to a study by Zhao Yue, the county magistrate.

looking at the Yamen servicemen who are carrying files in stacks towards the study, Zhao Yue said:

'Taoist priest, this is all the weird files that may be involved in the whole Qingyang City in the past three years.'


Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.